Cabinet rejects moves to decriminalize homosexuality
Posted on January 18th, 2017

 Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The Cabinet is reported to have rejected surreptitious attempts buy some to decriminalize homosexuality.

A new provision has been included, under women’s rights, in the draft on the Human Rights Action Plan seeking not to discriminate anyone on sexual orientation. Some ministers are reported to have protested at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting saying it was yet another surreptitious attempt to recognize homosexuality.

The HR Action Plan was developed through an inter-ministerial process, with the leading role played by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

It contains proposals to address Sri Lanka’s human rights responsibilities under international human rights instruments, on a voluntary basis. The process adopted to evolve the draft ensures that it represents expectations of all segments of Sri Lankan society, in keeping with the mandate received by the National Unity Government to promote good governance, rule of law, democracy, human rights, and reconciliation, and achieve durable peace. (Kelum Bandara)

2 Responses to “Cabinet rejects moves to decriminalize homosexuality”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Sri Lanka is not yet ready for this type of nonsense. Let those who want to practice deviant behaviour do so in their ‘closets’ as most of them have done up to now. We cannot have these behavioural practices out on the streets because Sri Lankan culture is not yet ready to accept such behaviour anytime soon. We have our children and younger generation to protect and bring them up in line with normal human behaviour in society.

    Most important social force in countries such as Sri Lanka is Fear and Shame ; Fear from the Law and Shame of things not acceptable by society. Just because a very small minority have lost any their fear and shame, we cannot expect the rest of the society to readily accept the same and institutionalise such practices as the norm in society.

    The brand of democracy and human rights advocated by the Western Christian countries is just another tool in their arsenal to destabilise and destroy old cultures such as ours! They have messed up their societies – we should not fall into the same cesspit!!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    This is the ONLY DECENT & SANE thing the Yamapalanaya has done since they came to power!

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