Mass exodus of professionals…….. Right to reply.
Posted on January 30th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I read the opinion today written by a retired professional about mass exodus of professionals from Sri Lanka…

I received free school education from a leading school, and proceeded to Soviet Union on a scholarship to obtain a degree in Petroleum Engineering, expecting to come back and contribute to the country. During third year in the State University ,teaching Petroleum Exploration Techniques ,I made a visit to Sri Lanka and visited CPC to get access to the Mannar Oil Exploration Project executed under Russian Aid ,in order  to get an insight of the exploration work .I went on my own by bus to Mannar after getting permission from CPC and visited  the camp where Russians were doing the drilling .They were very happy to see a local student who studies in Russia in the same field  treated me well ( including Vodka!)

During the conversation they mentioned about a Minister of Industries at that time influenced someone to pour some oil into the drilled well ,and gave a wide publicity that Sri Lanka found Oil ! That was a failed election stunt by them PM and Russians were not very happy about it.

Even lately I heard another short sighted politician calming that every family can get a barrel of oil as dowry to give their daughters away. These are the type of politicians we have today who are supposed to guide the professionals to serve the country.

I went back, and finished the degree and met another Minister in the Embassy who implied that I will not get a job in Sri Lanka and that I should try to find greener pastures elsewhere.

So I bolted to the West ,where they embraced me to their industry and  served in Norway and UK for many years .I do not regret that I ran away and  I was not feeling guilty because I had my education thanks to Lenin!!

I learnt engineering, management, planning and how to take responsibilities in the area of my field and, I was ready to take any job afterwards.

I returned to Sri Lanka and ran after ministers, big bosses and asked for a job in the Petroleum Industry and I was ignored Finally due to my sheer luck the President at that time looking for someone without any political affiliation to run a corporation with nothing to do with Petroleum, put me in charge I have leant how to deliver in the corporation and subsequent job in Sri Lanka, I did even better and today I am serving in this country to develop Marine Industry.

What I am trying to emphasize is let the raw graduate go learn how to manage and return back with better knowledge to serve the country.

First of all Politicians should be examples of good citizens, to make the professional feel same way so that they give everything what they can.Imposing rules to retain them will not work ,leaders should cut waste and stop self-serving the national wealth which makes professional disgusted .

Like in India we have to foster the sense of being the true owners if the country .Then they will at least return back and serve.

Give them better salaries and create conditions, recognize them who drive the engine of growth, then they will give something to the country.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Christie Says:

    “Like in India we have to foster the sense of being the true owners if the country “.

    The problem in our country is; our country is owned by the Indian Empire and Indian Colonial Parasites.

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