Lanka-India finalise MOU for mega development projects
Posted on April 2nd, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Lanka-India finalise MOU for mega development projects

  • Joint investments to develop Trinco port, set up oil refinery, LNG plant and piped-gas projects
  • Hambantota deal to be signed soon; AG’s Dept. says Ranatunga’s objections not valid
  • Massive SLFP youth convention today as Sirisena prepares to give mid-term report at May Day rally
  • Cabinet changes soon after National New Year; test of popularity at three PC elections this year

 Sunday times news item…………

We have been listening to such promises for the last two years . We heard about 1 million jibs to youth and the economy to be in over drive .We have  seen  that under Yahaplana concept ,many committees chaired by the Prime Minister have been actively trying to get many projects off the ground .Then joint opposition and even some Buddhist clergy trying to stir the public opinion and stall the projects .Super agency under a super minister for strategic development cannot get off the ground .GMOA is also getting into politics hand in  hand with three wheeler drivers and private bus drivers .  Many corrupt elements who were holding reins are walking around freely and a new breed is hovering over ministries where some development projects are being mooted ,with ulterior motives to get a chunk via kick backs  from investors .

Main reason for the country in a state of standstill is because ,there is no decisiveness within the ruling top echelon .When PM wants to take projects forward ,subject ministers run to the almighty Head of State and complain ,citing party differences .

Now they want to have referendum and waste money and time .People will go to political meetings and listen to what we heard two years back but the words coming from a different lot .

We had an orange revolution and now what ?

It is high time HE Mathree Pala Sirisena drops Mathree part and get on with governing the country with iron rule .

We will never be able build highways ,refineries ,LNG plants and piped Gas projects unless HE The President take the rein and appoint few to Bureaucrats like Premadasa had who should administer the projects .

Officers who are not prepared to work effectively to be sacked

Put the Auditor General’s activities on hold

Cease the functions of Bribery Commission and CIABOS in abeyance for two years .

I can guarantee that people will want Maithree Pala (without Maithree of course) back in power second time.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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