Reconciliation with Tamils is a never ending exercise.. Part I
Posted on April 4th, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

Reconciliation with Tamils is a never ending exercise. It is the story of the Arab and the Camel, at least the Camel would have been satisfied occupying the whole tent.  But the Tamils are worse than the Camel, give them all and they will still want more. They will invent  things they would like to have, when they have been given everything.

They refused to accept the Mahavansa, they invented their own history.  The old wizened ungrateful Tamil man, who lived with the Sinhala, studied with the Sinhala, played with the Sinhala, ate the same ration of the Sinhala , got his sons marry Sinhala, went onto  invent the story of genocide committed  by the Sinhala against the Tamil since the Independence !!

The Tamils in the North may have suffered under terrorism perhaps more than the Sinhala in the South. They may not have had  normal lives, if they understand what are normal lives. They lived in fear not knowing  when their children would be forcibly taken away either to be terrorist fighters or live bombs. They had to pay what little they earn to terrorist money collectors. They may not have had the time to have their meals in peace and quiet, not knowing when the terrorists would force themselves into their houses.

But yet today they seem to have forgotten all their nightmarish lives, and call for the blood of those Sinhala Soldiers who risked their own lives to  gave them a new life term, taking them away from the hell hole of suffering they were living in under the ruthless terrorists, to peace and security. Ever since the destructive Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika Yahapalanaya the Tamils have all their idiosyncrasies satisfied.

There seems to have no end to their desires and the most incompetent unintelligent Yahapalanaya  led by Maithripala Sirisena-Ranil Wickramasinghe and Chandrika give into  even the most  insignificant  demands of the Tamils without any reflexion as to what an extent and for how long, they could  go on  satisfying the Tamils .

The worse is  that the Yahapalanaya Government  accommodates all demands of the Tamils over and above those of the Sinhala Majority Community without giving a thought  to the Sinhala majority community who also have their grievances. The  Yahapalanay it appears conveniently sets aside the demands of the Sinhala majority Community,  as pampering to the Tamils  is more important  as it is the means to win over the Western Governments and their continued existence in power until 2020 and more.

Yesterday Nobert Lammert the Speaker of the Parliament of Germany had said , the January,8th  2015 verdict of the people of Sri Lanka has brought in a new orientation to the country, as the government has taken effective steps to strengthen democracy and improve human rights  and reconciliation.”

Does this mean any thing to the people on the streets of Sri Lanka ? Do they want Democracy or reconciliation  or an affordable cost of living ?

The desire of the most hypocrite Governments of the West is to create the difference of haves and have nots amoung countries and keep the undeveloped poor countries  poor have nots, while allowing  the rich  the Western countries –the haves, to lord over the poor have nots.  That is the sort of decadent  democracy they want in Sri Lanka.

The moment there is a political leader  from  one of the developing countries rise up and call for freedom, civic and political rights away from Western influence, the rich Western countries pounce upon him using their secret services CIA,MI and now the Indian RAW, to stop his call for freedom and independence from the West to be heard by the masses.

This happened in Iran where Mossadeq th edemocratically elected  Prime Minister of Iran  was ousted by American CIA Operations in 1950. A similar operation  by the American CIA in Guatamala in 1950 ousted its elected President Jacobo Arbenz. In 1973 Salvador Allende the elected President of Chile was ousted by an American CIA Operation .  The first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo Patrice Lumumba was murdered by the CIA Secret Service in 1961. They were all leaders of the people who wanted to develop their countries independently from Western interference.

Similarly  in 2015  in Sri Lanka a similar operation led by CIA, British MI and Indian RAW ousted a people’s President Mahinda Rajapakse who wanted to develop Sri Lanka independently from Western interference. History is repeating itself. The West wants to keep the developing countries poor and dependent on the West.

The west continues to  buy the local politicians that are willing to stooge for them by giving them various incentives such as invitations to the White House in America or Buckingham Palace in UK. They give awards to the journalists and politicians from minority Communities  such as Mano Ganeshan, or political activists like Pakiasothi Saravanamuttu.

Even the  Finance Minister-Ravi Karunanayake  who is detested by the people of the  country is  given a best Finance Minister in Asia award. All that is to keep their stooges loyal to them and attract the naive. Even Eknaligoda’s Wife had been made an International Woman of Courage.

The West will not waste their money funding any development projects in developing countries, but buy few individuals  who have some influence amoung the people to stooge for them and become their informants, agents. Ranil Wickramasinghe , Chandrika Kumaratunga , Mangala Samaraweera are certainly in the pay of the Western political mafia.

UNO was established by its founding fathers to stop wars and political conflicts between countries. But today UNO has been completely taken over by the Western Political Mafia. UNO is no more an independent Organisation it has become  an agent of the Rich Western Countries and work according to their Agenda. It started falling into the Western trap since Kofi Annan and it was  completely taken over by the West when it came under Ban Ki Moon. The Human Rights was since taken over by the UN first as a Commission and subsequently as a Human Rights Council in 2006.

West did not like the election of Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka  because he is in the line of the great political leaders of the calibre of Mossadeq of Iran, Jacobo Arbenz of Guatamala, Salvador Allende of Chile, Lumumba of Congo, Chavez of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba. These are leaders who did not seek dependence under Western political leaders, but sought to develop their  countries independently respecting the countries social, cultural  and religious values.

When Mahinda Rajapaks’s election as President of Sri Lanka was announced the Western media called  him a hawkish President”. Western  anti-Sri Lanka campaign began since then. The West took on board the Tamil Diaspora residing in their countries to enhance their anti Sri Lanka activities. The West believed that the Terrorists in Sri Lanka would be able to divide the country and helped the terrorists, by  demanding Sri Lanka Government not to resort to a military solution but to a political solution.

Terrorism is the greatest ill from which a country could suffer. But as the terrorists in Sri Lanka did not attack Western Countries and their interests,  the Sri Lank terrorists  were  not treated as such by the West.

Any wise, democratic and a humanist country would have applauded Sri Lanka for elimination of terrorism single handed. But it was not to be so. Instead USA with its allies brought resolutions against Sri Lanka in the UN Human Rights Council  in Geneva for violation of human rights in the course of the elimination of terrorism. Accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for War Crimes !!

This is the culture the west had created in classifying countries as  haves and have-nots . Haves can commit any crime but will not be criminalised by their acts. but the have- nots( the poor developing countries) may kill in defence and for that  they will be declared criminals by the rich Western Countries –the haves.

The armed forces of   USA, UK, France and Germany   kill large numbers of civilians in their hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc., but those deliberate acts of  civilian murder are not even taken in to consideration by the UN Human Rights Councils, or numerous Human Rights activists.

Hence Sri Lanka did not only suffer under terrorism for 30 long years,  but when terrorism was finally eliminated the world Haves – the West are terrorising Sri Lanka accusing  its Armed Forces  for  war crimes.

Now Sri Lanka has not only got to reconcile with an unreconcilable Tamil Community, prevent damage being caused to its environment and forest reserves by the  Muslim Community  setting up  new Muslim settlements, but also prove to the UN Human rights Council that its Armed Forces did not Commit war crimes.

This Yahapalanaya Government stooging to the West has accepted that the Sri Lanka Armed Forces should be adjudged by a tribunal proposed by the UN Human Rights Council. And continues to accommodated continuous demands by the Tamils for an IMAGINED reconciliation.

Should Sri Lanka continue to give into the West and the Tamil Diaspora, and make our Armed Forces face a tribunal accused for  War crimes, and accept  further the demands of the Local Tamil politicians for devolution of power, and write a new Constitution to please the Tamils ?

The answer should be NO….

To be continued………

8 Responses to “Reconciliation with Tamils is a never ending exercise.. Part I”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    In fact, there should be NO RECONCILIATION with unrepentant Racist Terrorist Separatists! NONE WHATEVER!

    Has the West RECONCILED with the murderous Nazis?

    Have Cambodians RECONCILED with Pol Pot’s Khmer Rogue?

    They have NOT!

    Neither should the People of Sri Lanka. A CLEAR SEPARATION should be maintained between MURDEROUS TERRORISTS and a PATRIOTIC GOVERNMENT that FOUGHT to SAVE IT’S CITIZENRY from the
    clutches of a murderous terrorist group.

    Don’t pander to WESTERN HYPOCRITES who never practice what they PREACH!

    Treating the Tamil Terrorists as co-equal victims now is a surefire prescription for perpetuating divisions and motivating them to persist in their RACIST SEPARATIST ACTIVITIES!


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    At last Singhala modayas are realizing it SLOWLY. (Sorry for the word but what else can I say to FOOLISH Singhalese who think Tamils want peace or reconciliation!!!).

    Thank you Charles for your boldness in SAYING IT AS IT IS. I like it.

    You have shone the torchlight on the king’s crown jewels so that every idiot can see the king is NOT wearing some exotic expensive dress but is STARK NAKED!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Swine flu and dengu should affect these racists and their voters!

    These racists put REAL peaceful Tamils’ (less than 10,000) lives in danger.

  4. Christie Says:

    Reconcile with High Caste Indian Imperialists and colonists; that will be the day.

  5. Christie Says:

    Mr Perera’

    Please get off the telescope you are looking through at the West and far places.

    Go for a walk in Fort or Pettah and listen to the talks. If you understood what they are talking about please tell me what it is.

    Lorenzo; Indians and Indian Colonial parasites refer to Sinhalaya as modayas; natives in Fiji as Fijian fools, Malays as Malays are Stupid and native Mauritians and mad Mauritians.


    Sorry I had to mention names.

  6. Sarath W Says:

    Why do our Sinhala idiots talk about reconciliation when the ungrateful, selfish, unpatriotic Tamil parasites talk only about the merger of the North and East leading to their dream of Tamil EElam. If the Tamils want reconciliation, let them talk about it and tell us how to achieve it as united Sri Lanka.

    It is the fault of all the Sri Lankan leaders since independence for this crisis. D S Senanayaka did his bit to populate Sinhalese in the East, but could not finish his work due to his sudden demise. Mahinda had every opportunity to finish this Tamil dream, but instead tried to please them and develop the North and the East at the expense of poor Sinhala Buddhist patriotic masses.

    The only possible way to achieve reconciliation is to ELIMINATE RACISM by banning racially named racist political parties. Do the Sinhalese have any SINHALA RACIST PARTIES? This shows who are the racist scum and a barrier to reconciliation.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ask US, UK, and the EU to RECONCILE with Al-Quaida and the Islamic State!

    If they do, and embrace and envelop them in their arms, to DEMONSTRATE to us Sri Lankans how the PREACHERS PRACTICE what they PREACH!

    Until then, let us IGNORE these UTTER HYPOCRITES!

  8. Somapala Senerath Says:

    When did we first hear the word “RECONCILIATION” ? 2015 ?
    Who in the parliament accept that “Reconciliation with Tamils is a never ending exercise” ?

    What we need is removal of 13th A and “REHABILITATION OF TAMILS” not “reconsilliation with Tamils”

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