Food For Thought for Sri Lanka Cricket
Posted on April 7th, 2017

Top Spin by Suni

It certainly appears as though the Sri Lanka Cricket Board needs a complete cleanup and res-shuffle..

There definitely is  a felt need for good honest and dedicated people to run it not self centered egotistic deadbeats out to reap the benefits available, line their pockets surreptitiously and go on ego and other trips while settling personal, vendettas and carrying grudges shamelessly and playing shuffleboard with the selection process while the good name of the country and past reputation suffers. This is being done while deserving players and bright stars for the future are sidelined at times.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel though with the new introductions of administrative and managerial staff and the removal of a few who should have been given their marching orders long ago. Wonder when the likes of Arjuna Ranatunga will throw in their services towards uplifting Sri Lanka Cricket and when the pull of greed related choices towards playing in foreign premiere leagues will cease if ever? Should it not be country first?

Hopefully a new era for Sri Lankan Cricket is on the horizon.

The  Bangladesh series is certainly an eye opener where many shortcomings and loopholes were exposed. With all due credit to the Bengalese this was a series which should have been  relatively easy pickings for the Lankans but what did they do but almost muff it up?

Thanks to a few stalwarts and few brilliant young blood who came of age Sri Lanka’s face was saved.

Hopefully the vast number of players out due to injury will return also to boost the team and the challenges which lie ahead in the not too distant future !!

These are lessons for Sri Lanka to learn.

Top Spin by Suni

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  1. ranjit Says:

    It’s true Arjuna won world cup for us but he didn’t do it alone it was team work. That time he was a cricketer but now he is a politician who change colours Very often so we cannot depends on him to do the correct thing for our cricket. We should keep politicians out of cricket board completely if we want to have decent cricket in Sri Lanka. They are medling too much on our cricket. The best of best don’t get chances to play instead they give chance to political favourites of theirs. It’s not good in my view.

    We should have indipendent minded best of best alrounders who played cricket and who contributed immensely to cricket in Sri Lanka. Cricket is an international game. Politics is a very bad and dirty game so chose the best and help our cricket to go forward.

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