India is heading for a Revolution
Posted on April 13th, 2017

 Former Judge, Supreme Court of India The article was originally published on The Huffington Post.

India is inevitably heading for a revolution. Why do I say so ? Let me explain

India is potentially a highly developed country, but actually a poor and backward country.

It is potentially a highly developed country because it has two of the basic requirements to be a highly developed country, viz. a huge pool of technical talent, and immense natural resources.

This was not the position in 1947 when India became independent. The British policy was broadly to keep India backward, feudal and largely unindustrialized, so that Indian industry may not emerge as a big rival to British industry. So we were not permitted by our British rulers to set up a heavy industrial base, but were permitted only some light industries like textiles, plantations, etc which, too, for a long time were mainly under British ownership. So till 1947 we had very few industries and very few engineers

The position today in 2017 is very different. Today we have a heavy industrial base, and a huge pool of competent engineers, technicians, scientists, managers, etc. Our I.T. engineers are manning Silicon Valley in California, and American Universities are full of our mathematics and science professors.

In addition, we have immense natural wealth. India is not a small country like England or Japan. It is almost a continent.

So we have all that is required to be a first-rate modern, highly developed country, like North America or Europe.

And yet the reality is that we are an underdeveloped, poor country, with massive unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare, good education, etc for our masses.

We can consider some facts :

1. the level of unemployment can be gathered from two facts (a) 1 crore ( 10 million ) youth are entering the Indian job market every year, but only 1.4 lac ( 140, 000 ) jobs are being created every year in the organized sector of the Indian economy. So where do the remaining 9.86 million youth go ? They become hawkers, street vendors, bouncers, criminals, the girls often become prostitutes, and many end up as suicides.

(b) In 2015 the U.P. govt. advertised 358 jobs of peons ( chaprasis, i.e. class 4 employees ) for which there were 23 lac ( 2.3 million ) applications. 250 of the applicants had Ph.D. degrees, 2500 were M.Sc., M.B.A. engineers, etc all begging for a peon’s job.…/story-OqHzHbvo16gUN2DfTkfYl…

Something similar happened when police constable’s jobs were advertised in Madhya Pradesh, and peon’s jobs in West Bengal

2. 50% Indian children are malnourished., which is a situation far worse than in sub-Saharan countries of Africa like Somalia.

A UNICEF report says that one out every three malnourished child in the world is an Indian child.…/malnutrition-in-india-stat…

3. Poor people in India have hardly any access to healthcare. There are no doubt some excellent hospitals in big cities of India, but they are exorbitantly expensive. Poor patients simply cannot afford good doctors. AIIMS, ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, ) looks like a railway station, with thousands of people sitting there, and no one caring for them, unless one is rich or powerful.. So where do the poor people go when they fall sick ? They go to quacks. Quackery is rampant in India.

4. The govt. spends a huge amount of money on I.I.T.s and elite institutions like JNU, but hardly anything for primary schools in villages, where the foundation of knowledge is laid.

5. 57 individuals in India control 70% of India’s wealth…/57-billionaires…/

6. Far from there being any ‘vikas’, the Indian economy is lying stagnant, with chances of genuine growth remote. Whatever ‘growth there has been has only benefited a handful of crony capitalists, but not the Indian masses.

According to Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Statistics is such a wonderful thing that with its help one can manufacture any figure one wants, like a conjuror pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

The latest figures given by the government of India authorities claiming 7.9 percent growth in GDP in the last quarter is an excellent example, and reminds one of Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce), or the Nazi propaganda minister, Dr Goebbels, who kept proclaiming on radio to the German people right till the very end that Germany was winning the Second World War – when in fact it was losing.

According to this claim, the Indian economy is the fastest growing economy of the world, outstripping the growth in GDP of the Chinese economy, which grew by only 6.9 percent in the same period. Evidently, according to this figure, we are heading for an El Dorado sometime in the future, and as Dr Pangloss would say (see Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ ), quoting the German philosopher Leibniz, this is the best of all possible worlds.

But a scrutiny of these figures throws up several doubts. Are the figures true or dressed up, like a Potemkin village? Also, assuming they are true, is this GDP growth benefiting the Indian masses, or only a handful of big businessmen?

Exports have fallen from $187.29 billion in the period April -October 2014, to $156.29 billion in the period April-October 2015, ie a drop of 17.6 percent. So if exports have fallen, and manufacturing has grown by 9 percent, as claimed by the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, where have the increased quantity of goods manufactured been sold? In the home market?

But India is a poor country, with 80 percent people holding little purchasing power. And with the sharp escalation in food prices, real incomes have really gone down.

According to the statement of Raghuram Rajan, the RBI governor, most factories are running at 70 percent of their capacity, while in 2011-2012 they were running at 80 percent of their capacity. This apparently shows manufacturing decline, rather than growth. According to a Business Standard report, corporate profitability is below one percent on an average.

Bad loans by banks continue to mount. According to CARE, non-performing assets during July-September, 2015 stood at about Indian Rs3.37 lac crore, an increase of Indian Rs71,000 crore. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, the number of stalled projects – the bulk of them in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors – went up. Small and medium enterprises are having a difficult time trying to survive. The real-estate sector, which provides a lot of jobs, is down in the dumps, with the construction of new buildings going down, and the number of unsold homes going up.

An article by Andy Mukherjee published by Reuters states that the GDP growth of the Indian economy is one-third a statistical mirage, and real GDP growth is more likely to be about 5 percent rather than 7.4 percent as claimed by the Indian authorities. Mukherjee says:

The illusion comes from a recent supposed improvement in the way India calculates its Gross Domestic Product. In theory, Indian authorities claim that Indian GDP is close to international standards. In practice it has become utterly unreliable.”

What is the real GDP growth of the Indian economy? answered that question by looking at three indicators: corporate earnings, auto sales and imports of computer software (since retained earnings finance new investment projects, auto sales are a proxy for consumer demand while software imports reflect productivity gains). Mixing the three in a simple index suggests that growth in the most recent quarter was closer to 5 percent.”

But let us assume that the 7.9 percent figure is correct. The further question that still remains is: is this GDP growth benefiting the Indian masses, or just a handful of big businessmen? Is the rich-poor divide growing? Dilip Shanghvi, Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, Aziz Premji, Pallonji Mistry, etc are worth billions of dollars, while the majority of Indians are struggling to make both ends meet, as prices of food soar.

What has happened to the slogan ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikas’? It seems it was only a ‘jumla’. The communal fire is being stoked up again in UP and elsewhere. When there is an economic crisis which the govt. cannot resolve, it resorts to fascist methods, as it happened in Germany and Italy with the rise to power of Hitler and Mussolini

India stands at 135th in human development out of the approximately 200 countries in the world. For more on this:…/2014/07/25/article2348215.

To abolish all this, and raise the standard of living of our people – that must be the goal of all patriotic modern minded people–. we have to create a modern, highly industrialised country in which all our citizens are getting decent lives.

But what has this government done in this direction? The answer is: a big zero, and only jumlas and dramas.

The test of every government or system is one – and only one: is the standard of living of the masses rising under it or not? If not, the government or system is a failure. From this standpoint (and it is the only correct standpoint), the Modi government, like the previous Manmohan Singh govt., is a total failure on all fronts

The question naturally arises that when we have all that is required to be a first rate highly developed country, why is India still poor and backward ?

The answer is that apart from the two requirements to become a highly developed country mentioned above, viz. a huge pool of technical talent, and huge natural resources, there is also a third requirement, which unfortunately we do not have, and that is a modern-minded, patriotic political leadership. Let me explain this in some detail.

India borrowed the parliamentary system of democracy from England, and incorporated it into our Constitution. Now parliamentary democracy is based on majority vote, but the truth is that the vast majority of people in India are intellectually very backward, their minds full of casteism, communalism and superstitions. So when most indians go to vote they do not see the merit of the candidate, whether he is a good man or bad, educated or not, etc, but only see the candidate’s caste or religion ( or the party representing a caste or religion ). That is why there are so many people with criminal antecedents in our legislatures.

Our cunning politicians take advantage of this, and have learnt the skill of manipulating caste and religious vote banks.

The interest of the nation is to rapidly modernize, for which it is necessary to destroy feudal forces like casteism and communalism. On the other hand, the interest of our politicians is to win the next elections, and for that they have to appeal to, and therefore perpetuate, casteism and communalism, which are feudal forces. Therefore the interest of our country, and the interest of our politicians are diametrically opposite to each other. How, then, can our country progress ?

Most of the Indian politicians are rogues, rascals, gundas, criminals, scoundrels, looters and gangsters. They have no genuine love for the country, but only seek power and pelf. They are shameless and incorrigible, and cannot be reformed. They are experts in manipulating caste and communal vote banks, and they polarize society by spreading caste and communal hatred. Don’t such people deserve to be shot, like mad dogs, or like the aristocrats in the French Revolution who were guillotined?

It is thus obvious that parliamentary democracy is not suited to India. Our Constitution has exhausted itself, our ‘democracy’ has been hijacked by feudal minded people, and all our state institutions have become hollow and empty shells.

On the other hand, the socio-economic distress of our people keeps mounting.

I submit that the solutions to the massive problems of India lie outside the system, not within it. No amount of reforms will do, what is now required is a revolution. What form this revolution will take, and how much time, cannot be predicted, but what certainly can be predicted is that it is coming.

It is only after such a revolution, which will be led by some genuinely patriotic, modern minded persons, that a just social order will be created in India, in which our masses get decent lives, and a high standard of living.

Disclaimer: The article was originally published on The Huffington Post.

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18 Responses to “India is heading for a Revolution”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HONOURABLE SIR, Your description of the Indian Politicians and the adjectives used, perfectly fits the Politicians of Sri Lanka too. With great deference, I will use a qualifying Adjective **BLOODY** to all the adjectives reflected by you. It is a shame that Politicians stoop so low to thrive in life. DISGUSTING.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Strange and pitiful how earlier Colonised countries are NOT allowed to prosper ….

    ALL earlier Colonised countries ought to get together and help each other, using ONLY their own PATRIOTIC brain power and NOT imported brain power ….
    Will INDIA oblige Lanka in a sincere manner, or will they sell off Lanka to ex-Colonial countries ?

    Lanka at crossroads now – choose wisely. Do we follow INDIA’s present pathetic path, or will Lanka give her citizens Hope and Progress & Peace, together with other progressive countries around the world ?

  3. Christie Says:

    Trust an Indian what ever he is.

    British are behind the massive development of India. British and Indians were equal partners in the British-Indian Empire.

    How much wealth did the Indian Colonial Parasites brought to the Indian union from British-Indian Colonies like Ceylon, Burma, South Africa tell me Mr Judge,

    The best example is Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma Gandhi) the most celebrated Indian Colonial Parasite who made his fortunes from Blacks of South Africa.

    British are behind the current developed status of the Indian Union. They helped with Education by providing cheap science books that were free from copyright levies.

    Industrial and technological inputs from Leyland. Austin Morris and others.

    Indian Union still sucks a lot from its colonies like my land.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    I submitted this article to the LankaWeb editor because I wanted to highlight the DANGER that the services sector faces from the ETCA agreement when millions of unemployed Indians would be free to FLOOD into Sri Lanka.

    Not too long ago, Tamil Kallathonis, eating banana skins thrown away by richer people, were sneaking illegally into Sri Lanka. Once they come to Sri Lanka and somehow acquire all the trappings of Sri Lanka citizens, they become wards of State entitled to government welfare, while the TRUE sons and daughters of Sri Lanka languish on the vine withour full benefit from the fruits of their Motherland.

    With the ETCA, we are setting ourselves up for ANOTHER FLOOD of Indian immigrants, this time pseudo-legally with the ACTIVE COLLUSION of the Yamapalanaya, who will displace our citizens not only from lower level jobs but also from jobs at the highest level of skills.

    Thus, we send our citizens abroad to do menial jobs in the Midle East while IMPORTING Indians to displace and settle down in Sri Lanka? Our own citizen are literate but lack the training and the skilled to fo the jobs that are available and the skilled jobs that are increasingly available.

    The RESPONSIBILITY of our GOVERNMENT is to look after our EXISTING CITIZENS who ate the BHOOMIPUTRAUSA of our country, and NOT TO CREATE and ENABLE A PROCESS that DISPLACES THEM, often PERMANENTLY once they leave our shores, from their Motherland. If this CONTINUES, the Sinhala Buddhist will become extinct in their ancrstral land of origin.

    So, what should we do?

    For starters, LEGAL and ILLEGAL IMPORTATION of foreign workers into the country should be COMPLETELY PROBIT ED by law.

    Every Foreign Company setting up business in Sri Lanka should be FORCED to TRAIN and EMPLOY Sri Lankan workers and pay them an ABOVE AVERAGE wage that would give them the incentive not to leave for work abroad. The FOREIGN EMPLOYEES of these companies should be very few and restricted to only the top management jobs.

    The Government should DEVELOP a CRASH PROGRAM to train our workers/youth in technologies that require a high level of skill and to establish programs to place them in appropriate well paid jobs in private companies. The companies should be rewarded with tax benefits for participating in these training programs.

    The emphasis should be on increasing the level of productivity of Sri Lankan workers through training and through supporting them with computerization and automated equipment. It is only through ZINC TEASING PRODUCTIVITY that Sri Lanka can increase its inflation and cost-of-living adjusted salaries to PREVENT our workers from emigrating abroad to earn a decent income, and ALSO ENABLE A HIGH RETURN to the EMPLOYER that would enable them to compete head-to-head with foreign companies seeking to exploit low wages for profit.


    1. We MUST RETAIN Sri Lankan citizens in their own Motherland, instead of EXPORTING them to foreign lands for unskilled jobs, and PERMANENTLY DISPLACING and REPLACING them with foreign workers.

    2. To do that, we must TRAIN our Workers, suround them with PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCING equipment and machinery, and enable them to earn a much higher income relative to the cost-of-living.

    3. To create Sri Lankan-owned companies to create those kinds of jobs, we must first create a closely monitored Sri-Lankan mutual fund industry with competent and effective mutual fund managers. We should encourage ordinary Sri Lankans to invest in their own country and profit mightily from it with only low level of risk of losing their savings. Mutual-funds spread the risk among many companies and remove the burden of picking companies from the investors, while creating a base of investment funds raised in Sri Lanka itself that both startup and establish companies can tap into to finance growth.

    Someday, ordinary citizen workers of Sri Lanka, unable or unwilling to make the jump to becoming business owners themselves, must get used to the notion of buying stocks as alternative to buying real estate, depositing money in interest-bearing bank deposits which can barely cope with the rate of inflation, and investing the money in gold jewellery as a store of value!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    In Sri Lanka too, a BASTILLE DAY is BREWING as the majority community of Sinhala Buddhists begin to recognize that their Motherland has been ARTFULLY HIJACKED by an UNPATRIOTIC Para-Gathi Kalliya!


  6. Lorenzo Says:

    NO BASTILLE DAY in SL! Those things are VIOLENT, kills people, burns things, destroys things, etc. NO!

    A peaceful MILITARY-SANGHA takeover is all what SL needs.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    According to net information, INDIA’s two top trading partners are China & USA. Britain occupies the 18th place as a Trading Partner.

    Britain owns 70% of the vast Rajasthan Oil Reserves in INDIA.

  8. RohanJay Says:

    Indians of course doing very well and have upper middle class mobility in Countries such as Canada and USA in particular. Maybe the American form of Democracy is better for India and Indians than the British form of Democracy which is not serving India due to the reasosn outlined above.

  9. RohanJay Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo, Sri Lanka has had one too many bastille days already. A peaceful transition to whatever the majority wishes for is whats required. Sri Lankan voters made the mistake through the ballot box last election. Need to fix the mistake via the ballot box at the next election. Lest we forget despite the bad rule of the current govt. Since 2009 Sri Lanka has enjoyed a rare period of peace and stability. Most of the world can’t say that right now. As much of the world especially Europe is racked by terrorism and instability.
    I know there is a lot of dissatisfaction judging by the commenters on lankaweb
    So Sri Lankans count your blessings!
    Things could be a lot worse. If I could I would move to Sri Lanka right now. I would. I can’t I am not financially well off enough to do so.
    But maybe Ananda USA probably could move but I couldn’t even if I wanted to.
    .The rest of the world is becoming more and more unstable. Sri Lanka is now a very stable place in comparison. Just make sure you replace this govt at the next election.

  10. Dilrook Says:

    This is true.

    India is on the verge of collapse and implosion. Slowing GDP growth and widening wealth gap are perfect ingredients of social upheaval.

    The danger of ETCA, etc. is these elements will infiltrate into Lanka we well.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    When INDIA even ‘sneezes’ with their problems, Lanka catches ‘Pneumonia …. ‘
    Add to this that the EU may get weakened after Brexit.

    Lanka does NOT need the Yahap ‘Crash & Sell’ program !

    Lanka should prepare NOW for troubles that may come in the near future.

    * Coast Guards necessary all over Lanka to prevent illegal migration.
    * Tamil Leaders PATRIOTISM TO LANKA a must do, needed to keep local peace. Will they comply and move to help the land that feeds, educates and nurtures them ?

    Suggestions needed to SAVE LANKA.

    I hope I am not unduly causing anxiety here ….

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    According to someone world war will start on May 13 and end on October 13 this year. It is BS at this stage.

    But if a world war starts that will be devastating.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    That would be “astrological fearmongering” to make such statements !

    God/Truth forbid any more World Wars.
    It is said that over 100 MILLION died in WWII.

    Time to take action and give FREE birth control material to anyone who wants them.
    Time to Teach PATRIOTISM & MEDITATION in all schools.
    Time to take care of ALL the local people.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    He is not an astrologer. He calls himself TRUTH SEEKER. (Of course it is BS).

    He uses Christian beliefs to justify his claims.


    But the chances of a NUCLEAR war is HIGH.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    If Nukes are used, then it is M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction).

    Who is foolish enough to acutually do that ?

    Nearly 8 Billion people on Earth do NOT want Wars, Nuclear or otherwise.

    Only a handful of people may consider such destruction ?

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Unfortunately there are enough mad people in the world.

    e.g. Kim, Trump, Modi, etc.

    Even SL had a politician who held elections 2 years early and LOST!

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree with your sentime nth of wanting to keep Sri Lanka a peaceful country; that is my goal also. I am not ADVOCATING a violent BASTILLE DAY, but such a day us BREWING, as the majority community of Sri Lanka is sidelined, and their interests are subjugated to the interests of minorities.

    You are making a MAJOR MISTAKE thinking Katussa (Lorenzo) is a man who RRALLY WANTS PEACE in Sri Lanka.

    This is a man who wants to engineer a military coup-de-etat in Sri Lanka, who AGITATES espousing EXTREME PROPOSALS to cause the MAXIMUM DISRUPTION in Sri Lanka pitting its communities against each other, and who in the past has advocated using white-vans methods to eliminate people, and the most inhuman weapons in ear (such as thermite and thermostatic bombs) to eliminate enemies.

    Above all, he is a man who AGITATED to oust the MR/UPFA govt and bring about the Yamapalanaya. Now he pretends he is anti- Yamapalanaya and calls Aiyoooo Sirisena, his illustrious leader of yesterday, “Maru Sira” … a name he coined.

    ALL of his past and present ANTIS add up to a POLITICAL AGITATOR interested in sowing MAXIMUM CONFUSION and DISRUPTION in the Sri Lankan State. Ask yourself who PROFITS from the disruption of the Sri Lankan polity, and the disintegration of its government into a patheory collection of warring Bantustans, and you will arrive at the answer on WHO Katussa (Lorenzo) serves!

    Well, I’ll give you the answer: he serves the Tamil Eelamists while pretending to be a Patriot, by pitting Sinhala Buddhists against each other!

    To discern that, you have to study his history, his various pseudonyms and avatars, the apparent oscillation and vacillation of his seemingly disparate positions and policies, to unravel the ONE CONSISTENT THREAD hidden in the long grass of his seemingly erratic behavior. I have done so, and many others at LankaWeb have come to the same conclusions as I have.

    Don’t get MISLED by his comments today, which will be dimetrically opposite to his past behavior, and his actions to come tomorrow.

  18. Christie Says:


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