Posted on April 21st, 2017

by, Professor Nishan C. Wijesinha

Long time ago, India consisted of many countries. Vanga was one of the countries in India at that time. The king of Vanga (present-day Bengal) married a princess named Mayavati of the Kalinga country (present-day Odisha). The couple had a daughter named Suppadevi. She was thought to be in the Hindu culture as an extremely beautiful goddess. As an adult at sixteen those-days, Princess Suppadevi left Vanga to seek an independent life. She joined a caravan headed for Magadha; but it was attacked by Sinha a beastly jungle outlaw as of Robin-hood of the Sherwood Forest. Sinha was attracted to her, and she also caressed him.

All effort to find the Princess failed. Years later, the princess had twins, a son and a daughter. The son was named Sinhabahu” and the daughter was named Sinhasivali”.

The King of Vanga announced a reward for anyone who could kill Sinha; through a general of the Vanga Kingdom. Sinhabahu killed his own father to claim the reward.

But, by the time Sinhabahu returned to the capital, the King of Vanga had died. Sinhabhau was made the new gship to his mother’s new husband, the general.

Sinhabhau founded a city called Sinhapura and married his sister Sinhasivali, They had 32 sons in form of 16 pairs of twins. Vijaya was their eldest son, followed by his twin Sumitta.

Vijaya was made the prince-regent by his father, but he and his band of followers became notorious for their violent deeds of looting and rape. After repeated attempts to stop Vijaya’s acts failed; the prominent citizens demanded that Vijaya be put to death. Then King Sinhabahu decided to expel Vijaya and his 700 followers from the kingdom. The men’s heads were half-shaved and they were put on a ship that was sent forth on the sea.

Vijaya and followers were harbored at Thammanna coast in Lanka; and was held as prisoners in the first ever recorded banishment prison of those days, been located in Lanka, where law and order and social justice was upheld; by King Maha Kalasena’s most beautiful queen and general of the forces Kuweni Lanka.

She was also considered to have magical musical touch and was supposed to have created the YAAL which is a musical instrument as of the harp and was also considered to have influenced South Indian Musicians and therefore its immigrant headquarters was named as YAAL PATHAM by order of King Maha Kalasena; who also in honor of her started the first ever chariot races directly from Nallur to Paranthan. This is actually the best ever location in modern SRI LANKA to implement the Longest International Airport.

Thammanna kingdom is considered as the first kingdom of Lanka.

The prehistory of Sri Lanka begins at this point too.

Kuweni was supposed to be boomingly beautiful and being just sixteen; apparently fell for the malicious charm and seduction of Vijaya.

Vijaya was then able to defeat King Maha Kalasena and get the crown and rule the country of the Theravada Buddhist Sinhalese with the help of Kuweni who became the wife of Vijaya.

Vijaya and Kuweni had two children, Jeewahaththa and Disala.

During this time Vijaya’s Ministers build cities by their names and also propagated Hinduism; because they were of Hindu origin.

Minister Anuradha built Anuradhagama which later became Anuradhapura.

Ministers Uruwela, Vijitha and Upatissa built villages and named them after their names. (Upatissa Gama later became Panduwas Nuwara).

Vijaya’s Ministers herewith now obtaining popularity thus wanted Vijaya to become a Hindu King; and as the time was ripe to regain lost Indian identity.

Vijaya’s ministers, therefore, sent emissaries with precious gifts to the city of Madhura; which is Madurai State of South India as of today, which was then ruled by a Pandu king.

Madhura is identified with current Madurai State in South India.

Vijaya betrays Kuweni; and eventually kills her; and the Pandu king’s daughter becomes his queen; as Vijaya gets coroneted as a Hindu King; and reigns for 38 years.

[With this coronation, Eastern and the Northern Maritime Provinces of Sri Lanka becomes one Hindu Dominion.]

In the Meantime, on advice of Kuweni’s maternal uncle, the two children are secretly sent to Malaya Rata; which is later identified as the Kandyan Kingdom; where the two marries each other and brings the birth of a puritan Theravada Sinhala Buddhist Race which had its first footage through Gautama Buddha on Sri-Pada; which prevailed during its inception of the rain of King Maha Kalasena and Kuweni, their mother and now from their new offspring, and followers; The Theravada Sinhalese”.

‘Meanwile Vijaya had no other children after Kuweni’s death.

And when he grew old, he became concerned that he would die heirless. So, he decided to bring his twin brother Sumitta from India, to govern his kingdom. He sent a letter to Sumitta.

But by the time he could get a reply, he died. His ministers from Upatissagama then governed the kingdom for a year, while awaiting a reply.

Meanwhile, in Sinhapura, Sumitta had become the king, and had three sons. His queen was a daughter of the king of Madda that is of Madra. So, he requested one of his sons to depart for Lanka.

His youngest son, Panduvasdeva, volunteered to go.

Panduvasdeva and 32 sons of Sumitta’s Ministers reached Lanka, where Panduvasdeva became the new ruler.

 King Panduwasdeva ruled the country keeping Upathissagama as the capital. He also needed an Indian high cast princess for his coronation. The princess “Badrakachchana” who came as his wife was a close relative of Gautama Buddha as her grandfather was King Suddhodana (father of Gautama Buddha).

From henceforth was the merger back with the Theravada Sinhalese. And Lanka became Sri-Lanka, with the adoption of the original SRI’ insertion from its offspring Sri-Pada.

At the same time, authors even of the Mahavamsa which was written around 400AD by the Monk Nagasena has used the mythology to oppose Tamil secessionism; and to safeguard patriotism in disguised form; which has eventually diluted the historical truth; of Lanka and her ancestry.

NOW – SRI LANKA needs only the following declaration as set forth by me to end all constitutional gimmicks and all false ideologies projecting the need for Tamil separatism.

It should therefore be declared that ….




  1. Christie Says:

    700 in a ship those days. It beats Titanic.

    By the way Kalasena was here. Our history goes almost one hundred thousand years to be fare according to digging of history.

  2. Senerath Says:

    There was also Dandumonara ( Helicopter ? ) those days. These stories should be treated as storeis.

  3. Lionel Says:

    Sinhaseevali had 32 sons in form of 16 pairs of twins!!! No way ! Does anyone in this modern age believe these myths?

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Mahavamsa mentioned the lion story only as a myth not as a fact. It has no relevance to history. It was written in the 3rd century AD which means between 200-300AD.

    Sinhala Atta Katha predates Mahavamsa; and Deepawamsa too.

  5. Vichara Says:

    Pandukabhaya is missing from this tale.

  6. Dr.K Says:

    What a mythical story this could be?

    Do you know there hadn’t been a country called India during Gauthama Buddha’s time? At the time the country that you call now as India had been named with different names from time to time (Maha Bharatha in Ramayana) and ruled by Persians and Greeks until Chandra Guptha and thereafter by King Asoka.

    Do you know there are a number of documents, Historical and Archaeological evidences that prove the Lord Buddha had been born and lived in Jambuddheepa in Helabima the land that is named as Sri Lanka today?

  7. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dadumonara can easily be explained that if we can find evidence to prove that we had Late Quaternary prehistoric bird species ( enormous peacock like = Dadu Monara )that can be domesticated to use riding in air like in the film AVTAR.

    The relationships of these ancient birds are often hard to determine, as many are known only from very fragmentary remains and due to the complete fossilization precludes analysis of information from DNA, RNA or protein sequencing.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    We are glad that the myth surrounding Singha Bahu’s origins have been laid to rest.
    As children we were told that his father was supposed to be a ‘Lion’ and that made the story unbelievable even then. Later, in our teens in school, we learnt that cross species cannot produce offspring !
    Now we are told that Singha Bahu’s father was a ‘beastly jungle outlaw ….’ and that sounds so right.
    We hope the kids of Lanka are told the correct version of the story i.e. As Prof Wijesinha writes it here.

    Our thanks to Prof Wijesinha.

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