Posted on April 28th, 2017

Malin Abeyatunge

Refers to a report in your 20th April Island by Shamindra Fenando.

Where were these Aluth parapura dollar crows (dollar kakko) when LTTE committed worst crimes on earth against the innocent civilians of the civil society. May be that none of their kith & kilns, siblings have become victims of the brutal LTTE but thousands and thousands of innocent people became victims. With my due respect to writer Shamindra Ferdinando ( a versatile   patriotic writer on human issues) shouldn’t have given undue prominence to these new NGO pack called Aluth Parpaura without verifying the veracity of their stance against our patriotic ranaviruwo who saved the country from brutal LTTE. These guys behind this NGO pack may be enjoying their freedom without  any bombs exploding in public areas and buildings as in the past  and no fear of any more suicide bombers. For that they should be grateful for our ranaviruwo who have sacrificed their lives and limbs  to save the country from LTTE terrorists.

When Kebithigollawa daylight massacre and Gonagala village massacre to name a few  among thousands of atrocities committed by LTTE where unborn babies by slitting pregnant mothers wombs  were removed and massacred  by LTTE, where were these ALUTH PARAPURA kaakkos?. May be enjoying the warmth of their mothers’ laps.

There may be an invisible hand who is supporting these pack and find out more information of the people behind this latest NGO pack as to who is financing them , may be Tamil Diaspora like Global Tamil Forum as we know the popular Sri Lanka NGOs are thriving  on dollars from countries like Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and of course GTF.

Various comments made by this new pack is a carbon copy of those NGOS who have been supporting LTTE while in action and now teaming up with GTF in Geneva.

Malin Abeyatunge


  1. helaya Says:

    Aluth papapura NINCOMPOOPS are created by nincompoo Yahapalana. Brainless scums.

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