Is the Tamilnadu State Government more pro -Lankan and more pro-Sinhalese and better Buddhists than the President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
Posted on May 23rd, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara 22.5. 2017

 I am prompted to pose this million dollar question to all Sri Lankans in the light of the following news item that appeared in May 22 NDTV.

Chennai Police Warns of Action against Protesters who wanted to light candles on Marina Beach to commemorate Sri Lankan LTTE casualties in the war (News Item, May 22 NDTV)

While, Sri La Government provided police protection for those who commemorated LTTE casualties at several places in the North.  At the same time Sri Lankan Government also baned Ranaviru commemoration organizes by the Joint Committee of National Organizations at the Independence square

It appears that the Tamilnadu is more concerned about the threats from the LTTE to India at least and its security. Not that they love Sri Lanka or Sinhala people more but the fact remains they love India than the LTTE whereas our so-called Sri Lankan leaders love LTTE, because they are Tamils. They also Tamils and Muslims as their vote is more important in Sri Lankan politics than the vote of the Sinhala fools who fight among themselves, divided in to UNP, SLFP and JVP completely not realizing that they are together taking the Sinhala nation to a world of no return.

None of them seems to understand that it was divided party politics planted by the British that has ruined this country and the Sinhala nation for the past 70 years since 1948. Our leaders even provide platforms for Indian leaders, as they did recently by taking Modi the Indian Prime minister to Dikoya, to lay the foundation for the future Mlayanadu, right at the heartland of the Sinhala nation and indirectly tell the Tamils eluthu Tamils” as Vigneswaran the mad hatter Chief Minister NPC is doing in the north.

The latest is Sivajilingam warning the Government to withdraw all army units and personnel from the North within two years as it he has decided the date for the establishment of the EELAM dreamt by his Brother in law Prabhakaran. Every time  I hear frequently this  type of extremist communal calls I begin to ponder whether there is a Government at all in this country at the moment? And if there is one where does it exist?

4 Responses to “Is the Tamilnadu State Government more pro -Lankan and more pro-Sinhalese and better Buddhists than the President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Perfect article Sudath for these stupid politicians to know what is going to happen if we go on likes this fighting between parties and colours. Actually Indians love their country more than our people. Our uneducated politicians love votes, money and power they hardly care about the people or the country they were born. While Indians ban LTTE activities in India our stupids allow them to dance as they please and say it’s ok no harm will come because they are all our citizens. These fools never understand how we as a nation suffered because of this Tamil terrorism for thirty long years. Now not only Tamils but Muslims also started to demand power and lands and many more. So now we see politicians fighting each other to get their votes by giving even their mothers. This is the truth and that’s what happening to our Motherland. Minorities becoming majority and majority becoming minority. These stupid unreliable vulger politicians cannot see or hear the citizens voices or damn care to hear or see. We cry for our Motherland. We don’t see any hope in the future as it is with this yamaballos. Political dogs who eats the poor to fill their stomach and enjoy the luxury without any shame. Let’s hope a new day with lots of hope will come soon ending this horrible, horrible Yamapalanaya.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Is the Tamilnadu State Government more pro -Lankan- Correct We-Ilankai Tamilar not TN Tamilar We are Eelavar in Sinhela Hela who speck Tamil as Our Mother tang also We have other majority community living in Our Mother Lanka who speck Sinhela

    Machang why this kolaveri !!!!

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe

    6 month why not 6 weeks or 6 days ? after that what he will do , break cocounnt in Nallur Temple ???

    Sivajilingam & Wimal W are our Jockers (Tom & Jerry ) of Mother Lankan !

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