Posted on June 21st, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeyskera 

I read  many news items daily about overcrowding of state hospitals and the inability of the government to provide space to ever increasing amount of patients .My wife who  is working in a private hospital tells be about the way her hospital is handling the matter .They have placed many trolley in  the reception and corridors and nurses and OPD doctors ( by the way paid they are  meagre salary compared to government hospitals } armed with intravenous equipment and with full attention and treats them  well immediately after patients arrive. Quick blood test is done and patients are kept on raw of trolleys until beds are found and consultants working long hours ( of course they charge for the service) to save the patients .I suggest that societies like Lions should have a station in the hospital to help patients to pay some bills or even rich consultants of GMOA  should form a special fund like the Sakat” among Muslims to help poor patients .

In UK before a  flu becomes rampant every winter government-run general health  practice  provide flue prevention injection  ( they call if flu-jab) free of charge .Sri Lankan government shall also ask the private hospitals to send the bills of patients who cannot afford for the treatment for reimbursement

My wife tells me that country is going thru a curse ( she says that it may be from Queen Kuveni’s) because of the bad  administration ( little harsh word called Durdantha Palanaya-I do not a agree with her ) .She tells me that many fat politicians take bribes even for garbage removal .

According to her , Garbage not removed from not only in cities but also from areas devastated by floods ,and in her long service life she has never come across such an uncontrollable epidemic in Sri Lanka due to garbage .

Yesterday I again passed Galle Face and saw the same garbage heap and a  scavenging woman  ( who was wearing a uniform  of Port Management t Service ( company under SLPA who is supposed to keep Galle face clean )  sorting the garbage  to pick plastic bottles to sell and throwing all food remains on the ground . I approached her and confronted her and she told me to mind my own business!!”

President came for a walk and gone, garbage heap was removed hastily next day during last week and today I find the same heap.

One was commenting about food waste by many breakfasting Muslims  ,who leave food remains on the Galle Face Ground during this Ramazan period  and suggested that at Davatagaha Mosque before the prayers, congregation should be told by  the Imam about proper garbage disposal  .In  my work place I have a daily tool Box” meeting and we tell everyone to dispose garbage correctly.

If the government cannot take control religious people should help please

Dr Sarath Obeyskera

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