Lasith Malinga says Sports Minister is a joke
Posted on June 22nd, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeyskera

Fast bowler Lasith Malinga made a scathing attack on Sports Minister after the Minister had questioned the fitness of Sri Lankan cricketers. After Sri Lanka’s disappointing Champions Trophy campaign last week, minister  addressing the media had said that Sri Lanka’s players were the most unfit in the world.

 Yesterday Malinga responded making a scathing attack on the Minister in an interview with the Hiru website.When parrots are on cage, monkeys outside are making noises. Only the parrots know what’s going on inside the cage. Parrots make cage and parrots need cage. When monkeys get in and try to answer (on behalf of the parrots) there could be issues,” Malinga said.

Comment …………………

We have selected a cricket captain as an MP and he is now a minister .Same SPORTS minister abused fat players and Arjuna was spared because his belly was not a problem when he won the world cup .If Sri Lanka won the cup in UK Malinga would have been CALLED differently. They may call him and PEA COCK (Sometime his hair makes him  a peak cock )

My opinion is that Malinga should be selected by JO as an opposition national MP so that he get parliamentary privilege, so that almost all ministers are monkeys or donkeys !

Why only Sports Minister ?

Today we see many ministers who behave like monkeys ( once PM was commenting that JO MP’s chatter like animals in the Zoo! }

We have voted for the monkeys in place of humans ,and we also should called asses ?

Dr Sarath Obeyskera

2 Responses to “Lasith Malinga says Sports Minister is a joke”

  1. Christie Says:

    Did Rilasiri loose bets because India lost to Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

    We beat India and it must hurt the current regime installed by India.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Well spoken Lasith Malinga.The Hiru Gossip interview was fascinating.It was an honest and outspoken response from one of Sri Lanka’s proudest cricketing sons who have given so much to the game. Very justifiable and to the point.It also drove home the reality that interference by political appointees have no place in dictating terms to dedicated cricketers as they know little or nothing about the game as opposed to the players themselves. Cricket Sri Lanka should never be at risk of interference or discrimination on similar lines as West Indies cricket, in a shambles today for this very reason. Cricket Sri Lanka should be administered by cricketers and personnel who know and understand the game without bias and favouritism. Keep politics out of cricket!

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