Posted on July 1st, 2017


Whether you wish to be a vegetarian or not, is entirely upto the individual.  Muslims close their shops on Fridays during mid day, to attend Mosques.  Muslims open their shops on Poya Days to grab market share of non-muslim businesses.

On the question of Fresh Pork, some Muslims were annoyed with me after reading my previous article on 25 June on CARGILLS FOOD CITY- SCARED TO DISPLAY AND SELL PORK:

After passing Wadduwa, you cannot buy fresh pork in down south Sri Lanka.   Even frozen pork are not displayed at Cargills at  Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Matara etc.  If you want to buy pork at Cargills, you need to approach the staff, then they will tell you:  We have frozen pork but cannot display because of Muslims protest”.  The sales assistant will bring pork from the chillers in a closed bag and sell.”

We as Sinhalese are not frightened to Muslims or any other ethnic groups to divulge the truth.   In fact your threats will only further resolve our commitment to expose extremist religious groups in Sri Lanka.

Why noT Rauf Hakeem and his MR CLEAN MUSLIMS”  travel to world largest Muslim populated country, Indonesia.  He can and his team can see for themselves how Fresh Pork sellers are conducting business alongside the same traditional markets in Java, Sumaratra, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan etc.  Normally they are located in the order of:  Fish Sellers, Chicken Sellers, Beef. Lamb ( or  Goat) and then Pork Sellers.  Pork sellers are usually Indonesian Chinese. They conduct their businesses in a peaceful manner under one roof with others . Frozen Pork is also freely available at Transmart ( Carrefour), Matahari, Ramayana Robinson Supermarket, Gelael in all parts of Indonesia.

Sellers conduct their businesses in Shopping Malls and Traditional Markets (Pasar) selling Pork daily.

Dear Mr Hakeem, Do you really think Muslims do not eat Pork?  I disagree with you.  I have several Muslims, they love  Deville Pork and a Bir Bintang ( Indonesian Beer).  Of course they do not cook Pork in their homes, but these Muslim Indonesians of all walks of life, have enjoyed Pork meal at friends places, including at my place. 

They do follow Lebaran (Holy month of Ramadhan), they do go to mosques on Fridays, but they will never miss a delicious Pork Dish in the company of their friends.

Dear Mr Hakeem, if you do not believe this, please come to Surabaya or Jakarta and I will show you how Muslims are enjoying Pork Develle, Pork Satay, Pork Curry, Nasi Hainam (chicken rice with Fried Pork), quite openly.  I cannot pay for your air ticket, you are a filthy rich Thambi, please accept this invitation and join me at a date and time mutually convenient for both of us.

In  the meantime, you eat what you like, you live with as many spouses as you like (if you have), but allow other Muslims, Sinhalese etc  in Sri Lanka and Businessmen in Sri Lanka to enjoy their lives as well.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    It is a bigger sin and a crime to disrupt beef and pork production and sale in Sri Lanka. A very large number of people and under 5 children suffer protein and iron deficiency. The solution is not food Nazis telling them to eat what they should. The solution is to have plenty of variety.

    Thank you Dr Dissanayake for bringing this up. A controversial topic. Various extremists try to restrict people’s food choice. If allowed, malnutrition will increase. Then they will blame the sufferers and politicians for not doing their food Nazi policies.

    Sri Lanka had a historically developed beef, pork, venison, game bird, etc. industry before European invasion. Newcomers are trying to impose their alien fatwas on what people in this island have been eating throughout history. People also have the right to eat non-halal food. Although there is no difference, it is a choice.

    People’s right to food choice must be included as a fundamental right in the Constitution.

  2. Senerath Says:

    This is purely imposition of Islam to Buddhists and Christians. This is agression against other religions , if not terrorism.
    If such restrictions are justified, Buddhist should fight to ban ALL KILLINGS, including fish. As 70% are Buddhists, this is the only imposition which is at least 70% justified.
    Hell-ALL tax is already being charged on Sinhala people. This is the ISLAMIC EXTRIMISM in Sir Lanka.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    “People’s right to food choice must be included as a fundamental right in the Constitution.” I totally agree with Dilrook. Although he may be saying it half tongue in cheek, he is making a 100% valid proposal. Due to the stupidity of power hungry politicians (=filthy dollar devouring pigs), certain despicably totalitarian uncivilized laws are slowly but surely creeping into our Constitution instead (e.g. halal certificate, pork ban, islamic banking that only a part of a less than 10% of the population demand). To challenge this, every right thinking Sri Lankan must assert their inherent right of free speech. Dr Dissanayake, thank you very much for standing up for that most important freedom, in fact the foremost freedom among freedoms, by thus broaching a controversial subject in these columns: Freedom of Speech.

  4. Senerath Says:

    Despite these killings, not a single man or an organisation is named as “Hindu Extremists” Why is this Gnanasar Thero or even Champika are called ‘Extremists’

    India PM Narendra Modi condemns murder in cow’s name
    29 June 2017

    Mr Modi has been criticised for not doing enough to condemn cow protection vigilantes

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said murder in the name of cow protection is “not acceptable”.

    Many Hindus believe cows are sacred and killing them is banned in some states.

    Hours after Mr Modi’s comments, a Muslim man was reportedly killed by a mob who accused him of transporting beef in his car.

    On Wednesday, thousands of Indians took part in protests against rising attacks on Muslims and Dalits (formerly untouchables) by vigilante groups.

    The latest victim, a 45-year-old man, was reportedly attacked by more than 100 people in the eastern state of Jharkhand.

    Pictures on social media showed him being beaten as meat lay strewn on the road and his car was enveloped by flames. He died in hospital.

    Many Hindus believe that slaughtering cows is unacceptable

    Nearly a dozen people have been killed in similar attacks. Targets are often picked based on rumours and Muslims have been attacked for even transporting cows for milk.

    On Wednesday, protests under the banner #NotInMyName were held in several Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Allahabad, as well as in London. Gatherings are also planned for later in the week in Chennai city as well as in Toronto in Canada, Boston in the US, and Karachi in Pakistan.

    Are women less important than cows in India?
    Is India descending into mob rule?
    A night patrol with India’s cow protection vigilantes
    Indian leader rebukes cow vigilantes

    Critics of the government say that ever since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014, cow protection vigilantes have carried out numerous attacks on Muslims and lower caste Indians known as Dalits, for whom beef is a staple.

    They have also criticised Mr Modi for not doing enough to condemn the attacks.

    On Thursday, Mr Modi told a gathering in his home state Gujarat that killing people in the name of cow protection was “not in keeping with the principles of India’s founding father, Mahatma Gandhi”.

    “As a society, there is no place for violence,” Mr Modi said, adding that “no person has the right to take the law in his or her own hands”.

    This is not the first time Mr Modi has commented on the cow vigilante groups.

    He had made similar comments in August, but mob lynchings of Muslims accused of eating beef or killing cattle have continued.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka mussies multiplying multiplying and multiplying like xxxx. They used this dirty
    trick to make old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia from
    Buddhist to mussie in a few hundred years of their arrival.

    The mussies have Baby Machine Wives, mostly parked
    at home churning out lorry loads of mussie babies year in year out. Why? Because mussies have no fun in their
    lives. No drinks, no pork, no music, no women, no porn, no gambling etc. etc. So how do you have a bit of fun?
    Go home and bash the old deer skin! (old Sinhalese adage). If it is ‘loaded’ then even better. This is one reason.
    The other is nobody outside the fastest breeding/most peaceful religion, believes this absurdity. So how do you
    convince people? You don’t have to. You just clone yourself. Bingo! The whole place (country) is awash with
    mussies in no time. Sri Lanka is the same. Now the multiplying mussies have multiplied and multiplied and
    all Sinhalese,Tamil deshapaluwan lick the mussie backs for their votes. But these jaathi dhrohee deshapaluwan don’t realise they do this at their peril. But the traitor low lives don’t give a damn!

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution made all the religions with god concept a farce. Buddhism is the only
    religion which tallies with the Theory of Evolution. People following these god-based religions still scared to admit they
    are going on the wrong road. Also we should not forget the fact that nobody has ever seen a god. He didn’t bother
    to save millions who died in WW1, WW2. He is nowhere to be seen in mussie land syria where millions dying. Still
    they going on the wrong road. Mussies should study Theory of Evolution and it will do a world of good for them.
    Also Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection explains why so many mussies dying since they multiplying too much.
    Fastest breeding religion, religion of utter peace followers should study the theory. Also try to stop bashing the
    old deer skin when you go home after work.

  6. Nimal Says:

    I do not eat pork because as a student, before I went to collage I had to make over 75 bacon eggs every morning in my job where I earned additional money and was fed up of it.
    All Christians and Jews were discouraged only to eat animals that chew their cud.There was a valid health reason like the pig carried a worm, pigs carcases rot very fast in the hot weather,etc.
    Christians respected the writing and accepted the reasons and in the modern world but all the reasons for not eating pork had diminished and the Christians have reversed the teachings in the bible to suit this day and age. Some Jews I knew to have accepted the new standards and even anglicized their name.
    It’s high time the Muslims follow the Christians and absorbed the modern world and it’s progressive culture, lacking which they are left behind and despised…
    All religions bring divisions, conflicts and hold back progress and we could do without it..

  7. Leela Says:

    An article in ‘Mail on line’ a few weeks back reported; “Fury in Germany over Syrian Muslim refugee who gets state hand-outs for his FOUR wives and 22 children”. The article says that although Germany does not officially recognize polygamy it is footing the bill for that man’s clan nonetheless.

    A German financial manager released his calculation on his facebook of what the German state is paying to the entire family annually. He estimated that such refugees are getting roughly 360,000 Euro per year.

    Back in his home country the man used to earn money with his car sharing and car service business and he covered raising his extended clan. But why work in Germany when social benefits provide much much more than one can earn by hard work.

    Fortunately, Sri Lanka cannot afford and thereby does not have welfare system like in the EU countries. Otherwise, Muslims would have become the majority in Sri Lanka long ago just like in Indonesia.

  8. samurai Says:

    I am not going to debate this since I explained my stance in a lengthy comment in response to those who justified animal slaughter in connection with a related issue a few weeks ago, suffice to say that I belong to the group which considers animals are not chattels born to provide protein for humans but have a right to life just as we are.

    However I wonder whether anyone can quote AUTHORITATIVE sources on the following:

    THAT, in pre-colonial Sri Lanka after the introduction of Buddhism, there was indeed a meat industry (rearing animals, especially cattle, for food/animals farms) – NOT hunting.

    THAT it is a falsehood to say the five kings (Amanda Gamini, Voharika Tissa, Silakala, Agga Bodhi and Kassapa) banned completely the killing of any animal in the kingdom by enforcing the Maghata Rule, as the Venerable Prof. Walpola Rahula has stated in ‘History of Buddhism’ in Ceylon (First Edition p.73)

    THAT the Buddha did not stop at merely saying that consuming meat or not is a personal choice but went further and encouraged/ justified slaughtering animals for food – instead of saying to avoid killing and indirectly causing to be killed far as possible.

    THAT there is a consensus opinion among the medical fraternity worldwide and confirmation by organisations such as the WHO that meat (especially beef and pork) consumption is absolutely essential for human health.

    THAT vegetarians, vegans and semi-vegetarians are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, bowel cancer, obesity etc. than meat eaters are.

  9. RohanJay Says:

    Leela well said. As you say fortunately Sri Lanka cannot afford nor have a welfare system. Otherwise we would see in Sri Lanka like what you see in UK and Europe these days. Non-Muslim South Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka as a result are some of the best equiped nations in the world I believe to deal with this rising encroachment.

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