No one can change the destiny of the Tamil people
Posted on July 7th, 2017

V.Anandasangaree   Secretary General- TULF

This is an urgent invitation, coming from one who is one of the most senior Tamil politicians, of 84 years, still active in politics, to all the Sri Lankan Tamils living in Sri Lanka and elsewhere spread all over the world. The invitation is to know the truth, without being moved by sentiments and false reports. This is a desperate call to all young and old, students, teachers, undergraduates, professors, lecturers, doctors, engineers and above all every Tamil citizen. This need arose, due to the indifferent attitude many of us showed in the past  to the ethnic problem, which after several years of  non violent agitation, arms struggle etc, ended up with the death of several thousand innocent people men women and children, youths of both sex and destruction of billions worth of property. All of us must admit that leaving the responsibility in the hands of a small group of persons had been our serious mistake. When we woke up we saw so much of destruction had taken place in our midst.

The country and the people, more particularly the Tamil people, are still in a confused state. It is my duty as far as possible to pull out the country and the people from the present confusion that is prevailing in the country. It is very unfortunate, although over a period of time I had been trying hard to impress on the Tamil people as to why this confusion arose, most of them don’t seem to have understood the problem properly. The route cause for the confusion is due to the trust and confidence the people still have on the TNA and the Federal Party and their leaders without realizing the extensive damage that had been caused to the Tamil people that cannot be valued in terms of money.

To start with the TNA, the people are still made to believe that the TNA is the savior of the Tamil people. I have made it very clear that it was neither founded by the LTTE nor by Taraki as people had been made to believe. At the most appropriate time in Feb 2004 Taraki made it clear that:-

  1. The Tamil National Alliance has been made out to be more than what it actually is. If not for a variety of external pressures, it would have imploded at inception.
  2. It is a myth that it is managed by the Liberation Tigers.
  3. That some of the leading politicians have had no scruples in running with the hare and hunting with the hound and smartly exploiting the LTTE for their own political advantage.
  4. That some of them wouldn’t even care two hoots for the struggle and the aspirations of the Tamil people.
  5. He had also said that even the name TNA was imposed by the Tamil media when the TULF and the All Ceylon Tamil Congress preferred to call it the ‘alliance of Tamil political parties’.
  6. That the dominant image of the TNA as the political paw of the Tigers is deceptive.
  7. That several interest groups in the North East should be brought under one Tamil National Umbrella regardless of their deep divisions and regardless of their long association with the military and allegations of rights abuses.
  8. That when the matter was discussed with the Tamil United Liberation Front stalwart who strongly objected to the TELO and the EPRLF joining the proposed alliance claiming that the Tigers were completely opposed to the two groups.
  9. That it was Karikalan a senior Tiger leader in the East who had said that the LTTE had no objection at all to the TELO and the EPRLF joining the alliance but also very keen that the two groups and the PLOTE should be brought under the Tamil National umbrella as soon as possible. (This was at a time when PLOTE,EPRLF and TELO were officially working with the Sri Lanka army in intelligence and counter insurgency operations)
  10. That it was only at the eleventh hour that ACTC was persuaded to contest under the common ‘Rising Sun’
  11. That the Federal Party gave up its long established ‘HOUSE’ symbol when the ‘Rising Sun’ was adopted by the Tamil national unity that emerged at the Vaddukoddai Conference that year, subsuming the ACTC and the FP by the new political identity of the TULF.
  12. That is why one time ACTC stalwarts like M.Sivasithambaram and Anandasangaree continued their political carriers with the new political identity that they accepted with the forging of the TULF. Federal party leaders gave up their established political identity when the TULF was launched. Today the FP exists only on paper.

The above list is comprised of several extracts from an article of Taraki published on the 11th February, 2004. The contents of this article cannot be ignored. At the same time certain matters need some explanation. At that time in 2004 the people were made to believe that the TNA was a creation of the LTTE, that the LTTE had full control of the TNA and some other minor matters like some politicians making use of it for their personal benefits, that they were not much bothered for the struggle and aspirations of the Tamil people are matters that has shocked everybody. It is now very clear that under the name of the TNA the innocent people had been taken for a ride at heavy loss to them including loss of life. It is also clear that the TNA was formed by the TULF but named by the media although the TULF and the ACTC wanted it to be named as Alliance of  Tamil Political Parties.

Although much effort had been taken for over two years by a group of Tamil organizations to bring all Tamil political parties under one umbrella, those who were in the forefront did not whisper even one word about the unity of all political parties. If only they had made it known that unity of all Tamil political parties was sought, I don’t think ultimately the struggle would have ended in the death of several thousand men women, children and total eradication of a freedom movement with several thousand brave youths and their leaders.

What vicious intension the so called TULF stalwart had in telling the Tamil groups that the Tigers will not accept the EPRLF and the TELO joining the alliance we don’t know, but it was not done with good intension. Perhaps they were trying to promote their own political party, the Federal party.

On the whole it is very clear that all arrangements had already been made for the TNA to contest under one symbol the ‘Rising Sun’, a common policy and one party. It is very clear that the Federal Party successfully sabotaged this move.

If the 2004 election had been contested as planed by the Tamil groups with full backing of the LTTE there is no doubt that a party common to all with a common policy and the symbol of the TULF the ‘Rising Sun’ would have contested the 2004 general election and would have won all the 22 seats in a democratic way, the war would have stopped and talks would have started with the government. Above all several thousands and thousands of lives would have been saved. Today the country would have become prosperous with all problems the ethnic problem in particular, also would have reached a solution or at-least talks would have commenced with the government with hopes of a fair settlement. The defeat in the war, large scale loss of lives, the eradication of the freedom movement, if compared with the activities of the  TNA will clearly show that the TNA did not work in the interest of the Tamil people but only worked in the interest of some individuals. The activities of the Federal Party that functioned as a partner of the TNA, will be brought to light soon.

V.Anandasangaree   Secretary General- TULF

20 Responses to “No one can change the destiny of the Tamil people”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Unless and until TULF denounces the 1976 Vadukoddai resolution passed by TULF men and federalism, there is no difference between TULF and TNA. They are one and the same. Then current TULF general secretary contested from the TNA in 2013 and lost! How can he blame the TNA now for what went wrong in 2004?

    The other problem is this tribal mentality. Why Tamil people? How about the others? Tamil people cannot have their own destiny in Sri Lanka or India. No one allows that peacefully. This must stop. In Sri Lanka, people of all ethnic groups have one common destiny.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Anandasangaree should STOP trying to rally Tamils to Tamil Nationalism.

    That will only ALIENATE the Sinhala people who are more than willing to live in AMITY with Tamils as Sri Lankans.

    Like the late unlamented SunGod Prabhakaran and the LTTE, Anandasangaree is a Pied Piper of Hamlin trying to lead the Tamil people OFF THE CLIFF ONTO THE ROCKS BELOW once AGAIN!

    Where are the Tamil Leaders who will let their people live in peace in Sri Lanka without PITTING THEM AGAINST the Sinhala people without STOKING their FEARS and RACISM?

    Where are they? The SIMPLE AND CORRECT ANSWER is that they DO NOT EXIST.


    As AMPLY DEMONSTRATED since INDEPENDENCE there is AMPLE ROOM for the minorities to ENJOY THE SAME BENEFITS as Sinhala people in a National governed by Sinhalation Buddhist Principles.

    That is why Sri Lanka has an ENVIABLE RECORD for SOCIAL EQUITY and WELFARE of its citizens UNMATCHED by most Asian Nations, and is HEAD & SHOULDERS above India still mired in ENDEMIC SOCIAL INEQUITY and DISCRIMINATION.

    In the light of the LESSONS we have been TAUGHT in the last 30-years we should REMEMBER to NEVER LET MINORITY Communities take hold of power in our Motherland and become KINGMAKERS by DIVIDING the Sinhala people. We should NEVER let the UNPATRIOTIC Party, aided and abetted MOSTLY by TREASONOUS minorities who never rallied to the Lion Flag to rescue our Motherland from the Separatists, to become the KINGMAKERS in Sri Lanka or to ACQUIRE and EXERCISE any REGIONAL POWER.

    Only the Sinhala majority of Sri Lanka can DEFEND & PROTECT Sri Lanka and TRANSFORM it into ONE Indivisible Nation of ONE In separable People, sharing ONE Indomitable Nationsl Destiny.

    We should NEVER LISTEN to the Siren Songs of our Internal and External Enemies singing their SIREN SONGS to DIVERT us from that SACRED Nationsl Goal that we OWE to the memory of our hundreds of thousands of dead sons and daughters, and our ancestors from times immemorial!

    There is a dignified and safe place for our minority citizens in a Sinhala Buddhist led Sri Lanka, but the MINORITIES should NEVER BE TRUSTED to ensure that for us. Our recent and ancient National History provides AMPLE PROOF of that INDISPUTABLE REALITY!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The DESTINY of Tamil People in Sri Lanka is to be a SMALL LAW-ABIDING PATRIOTIC MINORITY Community of Sri Lanka SUPPORTING the Sinhala majority community who DEFINE what Sri Lanka is and will be, without DEMANDING a SEPARATE EELAM all UNTO themselves, just BECAUSE there are 65 million Tamil Indians EGGING THEM ON from just across the Palk Strait!

    As long as Tamils TRY TO SEPARATE themselves as a separate nation ENTITLED to SPECIAL RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES UNAVAILABLE to other Sri Lankans, and DO NOT SHOULDER any of the RESPONSIBLITIES of Sri Lankan citizenship, they will ONLY DIG THEMSELVES a DEEPER HOLE in Sri Lanka.

    If they CONTINUE to be SEPARATIST, all I can say is: Disce aut Discede”

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Disce aut Discede.- Either learn or leave
    Ananda Anna, in your language We-Ilankai Thamilar last 2,500 years or more either learn or leave .
    so why this kolaver ???

  5. Wetta Says:

    The fundamental problem of the Tamils is that they are mainly of “race” driven primitive mentality. I guess this is due to some sort of an inferiority complex in them than anything else. Due to the inferiority complex they feel insecure and therefore tend to flock together, act with suspicion and avoid mixing with outsiders and avoid adopting to the external world.

    This primitive behaviors takes them to their self-destructive “destiny” just like what will happen to those “insecure feeling” Islamic extremists around the world one day. They don’t realize that the rest of the world sees them as some type of odd and dangerous specie and one day will act very harshly against because their flocking and separating behavior will be seen as threatening.

    Tamil people generally are not willing to consider themselves as an integrated part of the territory they live in, be it India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada or anywhere else they always act separately, think separately, talk separately and almost always try to carve out their own little land separate from others in the world. India is just managing to stop this separatist movement since their independence, Sri Lanka is already suffering and very soon this decease will spread to Canada, Singapore and Australia too. As soon as their rat-speed population growth give some sense of flock-strength they turn to all sorts of violence.

    Tamil racist leaders in Sri Lanka never realize that every time they cry “we tamil, we tamil, we tamil” rather than “we Sri Lankans, we Sri Lankans”, then there will be an opposite resonance mass calling of “we Sinhalese, we Sinhalese, we Sinhalese” will be heard. More and more Sinhalese people will tend to talk “we Sinhalese” rather than “we Sri Lankans”. This is the unavoidable result of the foolish primitive “we Tamil” behavior.

    No point of blaming the bitter and painful medicine, it is only the reaction, just blame the germ for the trouble.

    Good examples of this scenario are showing currently in the Europe where anti-Islamic attacks are growing by the day. Did we hear a single word saying “we non-Islamic people” or “we Christians” or anything against Islam in Europe 20 years ago, but how did this current change came about? Now we can hear “we Christians” everywhere in Europe, all because they are feeling threatened from the flocking and exclusive behaviors of Islamic people. They want to be seen different, work different ; well, it is ok but as long as the others don’t feel threatened or forced.

    The same will happen to the Tamils too if they don’t want to change their mentality to keep “Tamil” inside the house and to be an integrated part of the territory they live in. Otherwise their so called “destiny” will be nothing but destruction.

  6. Nihal Perera Says:

    I agree with Wetta. Tamils have nobody to blame but themselves for blindly believing in their Racist, Tribal, and opportunistic leaders, who have been brainwashing Tamils for generations.

    Until they get out of their racist, tribal mentality and call themselves as Sri Lankans – not Tamils, they will never have peace or prosperity for their people. Every Tamil leader who comes to power in any of their so-called Tamil political parties always exploit and ignite the Tamil racism against Sinhalese and Muslims – in the name of Tamil nationality, heritage and other load of bullshit, for their own benefits. Case in point Wigneswaran, Anandasagaree, etc.

    Sinhalese are not the enemies of Tamils. The enemies are their own dysfunctional Tamil leaders. and their tribal mentality.

  7. Dilrook Says:

    Wetta’s diagnosis is correct but prognosis is wrong. This tribal mentality of Tamils actually favours them politically, economically and culturally. In Sri Lanka and India, Tamils only vote for Tamils in general elections. As a result their clout has increased. Tamils at all times possible patronise Tamil shops which helps their businesses. Culturally Tamils throughout the world are glued by Tamil Nadu.

    Absence of allegiance and a base have helped the community go to wherever there are resources. This flexibility is the most important factor in human survival. Sadly, this behaviour is shown by fellow living beings of notorious reputation. Parasites don’t die with the host. In fact the carcass of the host is a bigger feast for parasites! Thereafter they fly away to the next host.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Their tribal mentality is the problem. You all are 100% correct. They want separate state exclusively for tamils only
    while living in all the other parts of Sri Lanka. Sinhalese in their own country not supposed to live in the north and the
    east. Then they want to write in tamil and get into universities (unis through back door?, medicine preferred and
    get it) while Sinhalese student are not supposed to go to the unis in the north and the east. While uttering national
    question, national question they get more than fair share of the cake. Still not happy. Then they have the cast
    problem ingrained in their system. Along with that came religious element which made most of the discriminated
    catholics. What these discriminated people do? They become terrorists or terrorist supporters and fight the
    government. Hey bingo! All these lower caste people get respect from the high caste people.

    Then they have this ridiculous came they were natives of Sri Lanka. While there isn’t an ancient brick to
    substantiate this ridiculous claim they still keep living the lie. Perhaps if they follow a true religion which makes
    lying a sin, they will shake off this tribal mentality and get along with their lives and the Sinhalese. Sinhalese haven’t done anything bad to you. They have bent over backwards to please you. They never killed 100,000+ of your people like the catholic buddy hitler mala paharan did.

  9. vyasan Says:

    Mr. Anandasangaree seems to be speaking out of frustration, that he is unable to do anything positive, whether it is good or bad for the Tamils, and that he has lost his place of pride (among the Tamil people) to late comers of politics.

  10. Christie Says:

    No one can stop the Genocide of the Sinhalese with 80 million Tamils world wide.

    Colonial Parasites will wipe out the Sinhalese within another two generations as they have done in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Insist on PATRIOTISM from ALL Citizens of Sri Lanka.

    Non-PATRIOTS can leave the country and go to any other place they owe alligiance to.
    That would be the honorable thing for them to do, isn’t it ?

    Activate the 6-A.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar,

    “DISCO AUT DISCEDE” applies to EVERYONE who cannot accept that Sri Lanka is a nation that will be defined and governed by the Sinhala Buddhist community, and tries to create ethno-religious fiefdoms opposed to the preponderant Sinhala Buddhist majority community of our Motherland.

    Indeed, they should either LEARN to CO-EXIST in PEACE & AMITY with us, or they should LEAVE for wheeler they will be treated better.

    The Yamapalanaya said it will bring RECONCILIATION, but ALL IT HAS DONE is to INCITE and AGGRAVATE discord to an EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL between the constituent communities of Sri Lanka.

    There is NO MAJORITY COMMUNITY in ANY COUNTRY of the WORLD that has TREATED the Tamil people as FAIRLY & JUSTLY as the Sinhala Buddhist community has in Sri Lanka, especially at the end of s vi ious 30-year war of separatist terror. That is why Sri Lankan Tamils have received a MORE THAN EQUAL SHARE of EVERY BENEFIT during our existence as an Independent Nation.

    But they are INCURABLY GREEDY, and NEVER SATISFIED with METE CO-EXISTENCE as EQUAL CITIZENS of Sri Lanka. They DEMAND Tamil Majority Areas to be SEPARATED OUT and given to them for THEIR SOLE BENEFIT expelling all other non-Tamil communities, while getting an EQUAL SHARE of EVERYTHING elsewhere in the country.

    The Sinhala Buddhist Community of Sri Lanka will NEVER ALLOW THAT to happen. EXCESSIVE GREED & RACISM will be severely PUNISHED in due course of time.

    I, who have advocated greater TOLERANCE towards the Tamil.Community in the past, have now HARDENED my position, convinced that Tamil people simply cannot overcome their RACIAL & COMMUNAL PREJUDICES and can NEVER BE TRUSTED to be PATRIOTIC Sri Lankan citizens and discharge their DUTY to DEFEND, PROTECT and FOSTER Sri Lanka as a whole.

    In the past, I have TRIED TO DISTINGUISH between brainwashed EELAMIST RACISTS and innocent law-abiding Tamil citizens. But, in view of what the Tamil Leaders have done since May 18, 2009 AFTER they were rescued by Sinhala troops at great cost in blood and treasure, I NO LONGER BELIEVE in that.

    Therefore, because as Sinhala Buddhists we are BOUND to be just and fair, I advocate giving EQUAL BENEFITS to Sri Lankan Tamil citizens as their right as Sri Lankan citizens, but to create a form of patriotic government that will be IMMUNE to every communal strategy they will deploy to gain their seoaratist aims.

    I CAN TRUST the Sinhala Buddhists to be FAIR & JUST in how they treat Tamil citizens under a Sinhala Buddhist government.

    But, I CANNOT TRUST a National or Regional Government with a preponderant TAMIL INFLUENCE to deliver FAIRNESS & JUSTICE to us Sinhala Buddhists. That will NEVER HAPPEN!

    If the Tamil people don’t like that, I DO SAY “DISCEDE AUT DISCEDE”, to wherever they will be treated better than the locals and can DEMAND & RECEIVE more than they are entitled to.

    Although, I recommend to join their cousins in the Tamil Valhalla of Tamil Nadu to them, so they can WALLOW to their hearts content in Tamil Racism, I very much DOUBT that they will be happy with the ENDEMIC DISCRIMINATION that will be practiced upon them in that CASTE-RIDDEN HELL HOLE!

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    I, who have advocated greater TOLERANCE towards the Tamil.Community in the past, have now HARDENED my position- please do not do that !!!

    Unless you Sinhalese thing differently not like who cannot accept that Sri Lanka is a nation that will be defined and governed by the Sinhala Buddhist community, sorry to say You never ever stop our TE dream . this is not our challenge or any other way of your thinging against you sinhalese but this is our Eela Thamilan life & dead.

    but it is very very sad that You Sinaheles know very well one day We-Tamil begin our Eelam war V AND We Tamil know very well that will end up in Nanthi Kadal 2.

    What can We do ??? only We both can blame our Karma !!!

    live & let’s live in OUR Mother Lanka until Eelam war V.
    FYI, We both are fighting but Indian BJP have different plan know , like Christie said above that will wipe out the Sinhalese & We- Ilankai Tamilar .
    Sorry to say my sinhala sakodaraya that may be correct and long term permanate solution for our Sinhela island (Chignkala Theevu) .
    to whom we can blame apart from ourself ( we both community).

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! Should read “DISCE AUT DISCEDE” in my comment above.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamils of Lanka find Sri Lanka politicos a push over, after CASTE controls & PM Nehru Anti-Secessionst Law in INDIA !

    It appears that Sri Lanka is used as a piece of garbage to use and throw away, or acquire parts totally, using the V’koddai Resolution (Elam through Violence), and the Tamil Language as a tool, by Tamil Leaders of Lanka to get favors from/for foreign countries, using the Tamil citizens (& illegal migrants) in Lanka !


  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil People of Lanka,

    Best and most honorable action is to be PATRIOTS of Sri Lanka, the country that has nurtured you all.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    We-(I)Lanka(i) Thamilar are as always Patriots of Mother Lanka ( Sinhela Island) for last 2,500 years or more & will be another 3,000 years or more BUT never ever to be Patriots of Bhuddist Sinhela Lanka !!!

    Our (We both) living example We-Demila kicked out IPKF even though they have offered NEP in gold plate with A condition Indian forces (IPKF) stay in for ever. We-Thamilar said to them No Thanks .

    So Fran Diaz , Are We-Tamils not Patriots of Our Mother Lanka.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    Now Indian flag is flying in sky of Jaffna and Hambantota ( not worrying about in Colomo that is Indian embassy) .

    Who allowed this , Not We-Tamils.

    So Please tell us who are not Patriots of Our Chignhela Theevu !!!!!

    Live & Let’s live in United Mother Lanka & fully implement 6A & 13A together over night than logu Banda & Sinna Thabi will never have any problem for ever not short cut !!!

    if not Eelam war V will start than that will finish in Mulli Vaikal again and so on……..

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    The IPKF came to Sri Lanka because of the LTTE, which was formed due to the V’koddai Resoln (1976), and to cap it all, the LTTE was trained in Tamil Nadu by INDIA !
    So, the IPKF is a Tamil matter embroiling the rest of Lanka.

    The VR is the cause of all the troubles.

    NO PATRIOTIC TAMIL will follow the VR.
    NO PATRIOTIC TAMIL will allow Eelam formation either.

    Also, if, as you say, Tamils are PATRIOTIC to Mother Lanka, then Tamils of Lanka have to accept ALL the Others of Lanka as their Brothers & Sisters, including the Sinhala/Buddhists.

    Otherwise, whither PATRIOTISM ?

    PATRIOTISM includes the caring (degree may differ, but caring a must), for all the People of a Country.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    The IPKF came to Sri Lanka because of the LTTE- Agreed but The VP/ & VR came to (power) Sri Lanka because of the 1956 to 1983 Demila baila( Head Master Cyril Mathew) .

    1956 to 1983 Demila baila is the cause of all the troubles.- VR (1976) born between this period .

    We-Demila are as always Patriotic to United Mother Lanka last 2,500 Years or more but never ever to Bhuddist Sinhela unitry Lanka !

    No sort cut !!!

    live & let’s live in United Sinhela island !!!!

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