Local Indian Sponsored Hitmen Gone Bonkers Following Sangha Statement
Posted on July 8th, 2017

Dilrook Kannangara

Local Indian sponsored hitmen have launched a vicious attack on the Maha Sangha claiming that 6.2 million voters outnumber the Sangha. This was stated by Citizens’ Movement (Puravesi Peramuna”) – a Yamapalanaya suckling. In doing so, they have shown acute disregard and disrespect to the Sangha. That is sufficient for most of the 6.2 million voters to reject them. However, it is not their fault alone they go to any lengths to bash anyone opposed to the Indian agenda they implement. They know very well what India will do to their god father if they fail. And that will be very unpleasant!

Reading a biased article in an Indian newspaper with a creed-tribal name, it is obvious India is behind the assault on Buddhism. India desperately wants to demote Buddhism from its present foremost position in Lanka’s Constitution so that the sham secular atmosphere will allow it to push its Hindu expansionism. Although India (Hindustan) is namesake secular, it is hardly so. India is a Hindu theocracy where killing bovine cows results in the death of Muslims and other non-Hindus. As an Indian woman claimed recently, cows have more respect than women in India! Even making that statement has attracted death threats. Such things can happen only in religious theocracies like Iran, Saudi Arabia and India. The secular and democratic labels cannot cover up India’s shame.


India has contracted Parajitha to carry out its agenda in Sri Lanka by whatever means. He rightfully fears the worst if he fails. Not only will India dump him for someone else who can deliver the goods, but also silence him to keep the matter secret. He is a desperate politician now. It is a do-or-die situation for him facing up to India’s wrath given the hostile local constituency. India used thousands of hitmen over the years and most of them met an untimely end when they failed to deliver.

It is utterly foolish on India’s part to continue its anti-Buddhist campaign at a time when China openly promotes Buddhism as a geopolitical tool. At this very moment India and China are engaged in a low level military clash near the Bhutan and Sikkim borders, separately – two Buddhist nations.


What Indians and their local hitmen must understand in the Sri Lankan context is that India is dispensable, Buddhism is not. If India is so keen about Tamil autonomy, why not do so in India where over 90% of world Tamils live and all Tamil cultural productions are made? Why should Sri Lanka take the Tamil autonomy poison India refuses to take? In another 18 months, it will be a presidential election year. Unpopular constitutional changes are already too late and have a nasty bearing on the election. Yamapalanaya’s end will be as interesting and as dastardly as its birth.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Dilrook! AGreen with ALL you have said!

    Indeed, India and RAW is urging it’s puppets in Sri Lanka to attack and undetmine Buddhism, lest the current REVIVAL of Sinhala Buddist PATRIOTISM UNRAVELS their best laid plans to COLONIZATION Sri Lanka and IMPOSE their HEGEMONY on us!

    Sinhalayeni! DO NOT BE FOOLED by this Indian Strategy! Gird your loins and move to OUST this PATA-GATHI ROOKADA Yamapalana government that DOES THE BIDDING of its Indian PUPPER MASTERS!

  2. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dilrook and Ananada;

    At last you see what I have been saying for so long.

    Please read carefully and comment or ask:

    Namaste: The 2015 Sri Lankan Presidential election: How it happened? What it means for Sri Lanka (Ceylon)? What it means for the Indian Empire (Indian Union & its colonies)?
    How it happened? Another Indian job. The former President called an early election. The Indian imperialists (Indian Union) were ready to correct its mistake in 2005 when it backed Mahinda Rajapaksa over Ranil Wickramasinge. Then, Indian imperialists advised Indian block vote in the island to abstain from voting. The reason for the preference was Indian imperialists thought it will be easier to negotiate with Mahinda an unknown matter for India. When profiling Mahinda they did not take in to account his brothers, in particular Gotabaya who was in the US at that time. Unfortunately for India, Mahinda did not follow Indian directions as former Sri Lankan leaders did since 1956. In 2010 India enrolled General Sarath Fonseka as a presidential candidate against Mahinda and failed. So behind the scene as Indian imperialist always do they were planning for years and had got former governor Chandrika Bandaranayake-Kumaranatunge to do the job and succeeded with doing a repeat of what India did with her father Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayake in 1951. India did not have to wait for four years this time. India managed to divide the non-Indian vote and got the Indian block vote for Maithripala Sirisena the new Indian governor of Sri Lanka who may be the proxy for the real governor Chandrika.
    What it means for Sri Lanka? Nothing much. It will be the same as what the island nation had from 1956 to 2005 and before from 1792 to 1948. The Indian minority will run the country with the privileges they enjoyed since their arrival under the cover of the British fire power and their own nonviolent aggression and oppression. They will claim they are the victims of Majority Sinhala Chauvinists; the same claim that they make in other colonies from Fiji to Guyana. For example; finance and justice; most important ingredients in the world and heads of these two institutions in the island now are from the victimized minority and one of them has been brought from another colony.
    What it means for the Indian Empire? It means a lot to the Indian Empire. The former partner of the British-Indian Empire from Fiji to Guyana that is all former tropical colonies of the British-Indian Empire. India lost its control over the island nation since 2005 as the new government of the island nation managed to wipe out the Indian terrorist arm; trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by India. Since the election of the new governor Indian cars and food have become cheaper with reduced tax on Indian products. Indian Imperialists have already indicated massive investments and projects in all sectors of the economy. This will not be a hard act as the island nation’s economy has been in their hands for more than two centuries and the business language in the country is an Indian language spoken by more than 75 million of them in India. The wealthiest in the island are Indian though their wealth is not stored in the island but most of it in India. Reclaiming the control over the island nation will supplement its control over the Indian Ocean and Indian Ocean countries. With its unchallenged military power; with ICBMs, Aircraft Carriers, Nuke Subs, Nuke (Peace) bombs and purchase of hundred billion dollars’ worth of military hardware the island nation provides the best step with Mauritius a third State of India to lay a drag line across the Indian Ocean.
    Jai Hind. Contact: xyceliao@gmail.com

  3. Christie Says:

    What did Modi do when he came to celebrate Veask.

    He told Indian Colonial Parasites that you can fly direct to Varanasi to visit Lord Vishnu.

    Wake up Sinhalese understand. realize, unite and stand up to the Indian Empire.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Totally agreed with Dilrook, Ananda and Christie.

    Our worst enemy is this ancient Chola, Pandya and Paragethi Indian parasites who were eyeing for this precious Island for 1000’s or years. The majority of occasions we failed when we were divided or nor focused.

    As a nation we were united to support the MR regime to eradicate the LieTTE menace from our soul. After that we relaxed.

    This time, the issue is not a national issue from the view point of many people. They put the current issues into Political baskets and just ignore.. The only force to bring it into surface for it to be palatable to ignorant majority is Maha Sanga.

    When Maha Sanga moves forward, the likes of Hon. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith will not keep quiet and I have a strong feeling that he will also join force with Maha Sanga. For Christianity to survive, this country should remain a Buddhist country. So opening their eyes is also important for a land slide victory to Mother Lanka.

  5. Wetta Says:

    quote “India has contracted Parajitha to carry out its agenda in Sri Lanka by whatever means. He rightfully fears the worst if he fails. Not only will India dump him for someone else who can deliver the goods, but also silence him to keep the matter secret. He is a desperate politician now. It is a do-or-die situation for him facing up to India’s wrath given the hostile local constituency. India used thousands of hitmen over the years and most of them met an untimely end when they failed to deliver.”

    I love to see that day arrives sooner than later !

  6. RohanJay Says:

    I agree, besides the west. India’s interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs is a major cause of Sri Lanka’s problems. India instead of genuinely helping its southern south asian neighbour. Which shares so many similar things with India. Is always prepared to undermine it for its own benefit. Yet still fails to realise that by hurting Sri Lanka. India only hurts themselves and loses a possible ally in the process long term as they can’t be trusted. It is a shame that India’s govt is very arrogant and wants to be a south asian regional bully to other neighbouring South Asian nations. I agree fully with this article. India’s foreign policy in Sri Lanka is definitely a major cause of Sri Lanka’s problems for the last 45 years. Last 45 years of Sri Lanka’s history is definitely dominated and majorly shaped by India’s unwelcome and negative interference in Sri Lanka’s affairs.

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