Upul Jayasuriya resigns as BOI Chairman……..  News Item
Posted on July 14th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I am not surprised!

We change the pillow as a means to cure your headache ? I am sure that Upul is a honest person but he failed to deliver .We have been dealing with BOI since the inception and we have seen how the dynamism has deteriorated .There was a time during MR when BOI was run by a Tycoon owning Casinos .Then it was run by a chemical engineer who had no clue about industries in Sri Lanka.Even now there are DG’s .and plethora of directors who have no power to push any government agency to  provide help to investors ,They used to call a Stop Shop ,but lately we call it Non Stop shop .

I remember the case when I approached BOI to expedite the approval to recommence the Ship Repair Yard in Galle which was delayed due to Saudi Investors bolting away after Aluthgama Fiascos by BBS .UPUL called a meeting and invited SLPA Director to investigate and assist where they agreed to consider recommencement. BOI did not  followed up at higher level to instruct the minister at that time to assist the investor .SLPA took a unilateral decision and cancelled the project .Today Galle Harbour is overgrown with weeds representing a bush land in Africa with no tangible project getting off the ground  .I kept pressing BOI and once called the Female DG who had no clue about such an important project .When I called her secretary ,I was asked to wait to give her the call and I overheard her blasting  the secretary Who is that ? I told you to tell everyone that I am not in !”

This is how overpaid extravagant BOI top brass help investors.

I wonder who will take the helm of BOI ,but I can guarantee that unless President and PM holds by weekly meetings like Premadasa and follow up action to speed up investment in Sri Lanka nothing will happen .

BOI should be placed under the President Directly and appoint a dynamic Private Sector CEO who does not have strings attached to his own business activities .All the top brass from BOI should be sent on compulsory retirement with the whole board and revamp the structure.


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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    You say that once BOI was run by a chemical engineer who had no clue about industries in Sri Lanka. You are sadly mistaken on your observation.

    That Chemical Engineer you have mentioned was one of the top entrepreneurs in Australia.

    After graduating at the people’s friendship University in Moscow (same time as you) he has worked in the Salt corporation in Sri Lanka.

    Then, when he was doing his PhD in Australia, he discovered an industrial process to extract gold from mining by-products. After applying for the patent, he successfully introduced his technology to the mining industry in Australia and then successfully developed processing plants all over in Australia.

    He is a millionaire now and also a patriot who accepted a personal invitation by Mahinda Rajapakse to lead the BOI and help Sri Lanka to develop its emerging industries.

    He is not a con engineer like you who came back to Sri Lanka after British chased you out and then got hold of Premadasa to get a job in Sri Lanka. Since then you were with him doing all the dirty work for him and also for your personal gain.

  2. Senerath Says:

    Upul was a huge Ranil fan and you can see many youtube clips in which they praise each other. He was former prez of bar association. I suspect his resignation should be something got to do with Chamipka’s involvement. He was also pressing hard to punish the wrong doers which never happened under Ranil.

  3. Senerath Says:

    Reading all the regular letters by this writer, I tend to agree with the commentator above (Neela) and I specially do not like the writer’s recommendation to destroy Muthurajawela.

  4. Dr. Sarath Obeysekera Says:

    Neelamahyoda seems to know the background of the writer ,Actually writer was never chased away but returned to Sri Lanka and he is not a Lumunba Graduate.Worked in Oil and Gas Fields and came back to Sri Lanka to live ,Premadasa hand picked him to run SLLRDC which was made a pioneering institution duringn his time . He was used by Premadasa who never called him a “baas ” and respected him as a professional Then He joined tha Dockyard owned by Japs ( by the way Japs hand picked him ) Developed to a world class shipyard and now trying to contribute to Ship Building .
    .Neither Casino owner nor Chemical Engineer started a new invetsment project in Sri Lanka .They may be good business people but Sri Lanka need more dynamic people who have no personal interests .
    The way Sri Lanka is moving now there may not be hopes unless our mindsets are changed .
    Another writer who has no clue about garbage issue need to understand that 10,000 acres of Muthrajawela was ruined by colonial powers and now politicians are raping it

    Goverment is trying to install garbage inceneration plants and yet want to transport the garbage to Aruvakkalu by train
    They have have by new trains and locomorives and build soem rail, extensions It will never work as politicans want a large peice of cake .
    Neela and Senrath may not be living in this country but should try to be more constructive and contribute .Leave our personal opinions and come with tangibel solutions .
    They should read all the opinions which Lank Web published and highlight whether there were senses in what was written
    This is why we Sri Lankan can never go forward as readers and writers do not express sensible solutions to the corrupt politicans

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