Posted on July 21st, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

That day I was being driven in my car on the back seat trying to do some work using my laptop and noted that a road in Colombo 15 from Tholatanga getting congested due to a trench being dug by a contractor ( by the way it is going on for months and no sign of completion ).A thee wheeler driver did a sudden U turn just before the blocked road and almost hit my car .He started abusing by driver in filth demanding that car should move to the left  where there was drain .I opened the back window and told  him that he should not have done the gangerous  U turn .He looked at me and started firing same filthy words telling me to F –offf !

Another incident where I had to call Governor Northern Province to get his opinion about some transport vessels being built and the council was only asking the Japanese own Dockyard to build it .I wanted to talk to the Governor and inform that other local companies should also be given a chance to tender,He was so rude ,did not even want to listen start firing questions like What do you want ? in a very aggressive manner  and cut off

I stopped my car near a mango seller and asked him the prices . I knew that price quoted are  exorbitant ( may be due to the fact that I came by car ) ,When I confronted him about overpriced fruit he fired at me and said   mahattayo ,onaa  natinam yanna !”

( sir if you do want it just bugger off

Well . another incident near Galle face .I was crossing the yellow line ( now  it has become white)  meant for pedestrians  and I also noted that  pedestrians were crossing from other side of the road .A ( immaculately dressed and wearing sunglasse) policeman was standing in the middle of the crossing and permitted all the people to cross to both directions .I private bus coming fast ( he could see from far that pedestrians are crossing and the police was standing in the middle) and yet did not stop .I braved myself ( with no fear of reprisals) asked the cop why did not you stop the bus? His rude answer was so what ?” I just walked away .

In another event a frequent beggar with no hands ( looks like he lost them when he was making hand bombs ) was pestering money from me and I refused ,He hit the car door with his stump of the  hand and uttered filth and left .

I wrote about a Banglaseshi Monk who  taked  about how uncivilised our society has become and yet our people go to temple and recite chanting with Metta .Karuna .Upeksha .We are becoming a nation of animals and Darwin,s theory may be working backwards ?

Mahnayake theros trying to run the country ?

They should jointly get the country back to Dharmasoka times ?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. Leela Says:

    අංගුත්තර නිකාය 2 – චතුක්ක නිපාතය – පත්තකම්ම වර්ගය
    අධාර්මික පාලනය ගැන වදාළ දෙසුම:
    “මහණෙනි යම් කලෙක රජවරු අධාර්මික වෙත්ද,
    එසමයෙහි රජුට අනුව කටයුතු කරන්නෝද අධාර්මික වෙති.
    රජුට අනුව කටයුතු කරන්න් අධාර්මික වූ කල්හි
    නියම් ගම් බ්‍රාහ්මණ ගෘහපතිවරු ද අධාර්මික වෙති.
    නියම් ගම් බ්‍රාහ්මණ ගෘහපතිවරු අධාර්මික වූ කල්හි
    නියම් ගම් ජනපදවාසීහූ ද අධාර්මික වෙති.
    නියම් ගම් ජනපදවාසීන් අධාර්මික වූ කල්හී
    හිරු සඳු දෙදෙන ද විෂමාකාරයෙන් පායයි.
    හිරු සඳු දෙදෙන විෂමාකාරයෙන් පායන කල්හී
    නැකැත් තරු ආදිය ද විෂමාකාරයෙන් පායයි.
    නැකැත් තරු ආදිය විෂමාකාරයෙන් පායන කල්හී
    දිවා රාත්‍රී කාලය ද විෂමාකාරයෙන් ගෙවෙයි.
    දිවා රාත්‍රී විෂමාකාරයෙන් පවතින විට
    මාසය, අඩමස ආදිය විෂමාකාරයෙන් ගෙවෙයි.
    මාසය, අඩමස ආදිය විෂමාකාරයෙන් පවතින විට
    වසරේ ඍතු භේදය ද විෂමාකාරයට පත්වෙයි.
    විෂම වූ ඍතු භේදයක් වසර පුරා ඇති කල්හී
    විෂම අයුරින් සුළං හමයි. නොමගින් සුළං හමයි.
    විෂම අයුරින් සුළං හමන කල්හී,
    නොමගට සුළං හමන කල්හී දෙවියෝ කිපෙති.
    දෙවියන් කෝප වූ කල්හි
    නිසි අයුරින් වැසි දහර නොවසියි.
    නිසිඅයුරින් වැසි දහරාව නොවසින කල්හී
    ගොයම් විෂම අයුරින් පැසෙයි.
    මහණෙනි විෂම අයුරින් පැසුණු ගොයමින් ලද ආහාර අනුභව කරන මිනිසුන් අල්ප ආයුෂයෙන් යුතු වෙයි.
    දුර්වර්ණ වෙති,
    දුර්වල වෙති.
    බොහෝ රෝගාබාධ සහිත වෙයි.”

    සියලු බෞද්ධයන්ගේ ප්‍රාර්ථනය:
    “දේවෝ වස්සතු කාලේන
    සස්ස සම්පත්ති හෝතුච
    පීතෝ භවතු ලෝකෝච
    රාජා භවතු ධම්මිකෝ”

    කලට වැසී වසී වා
    කෙත් වතු සාර වේ වා
    ලොව සතුටු වේ වා
    නිරිඳු සැම කල් දැහැමි වේ වා.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Poverty, the heat, illness, and insecurities due to strange and seemingly uncaring politics of our times, plus some other reasons such as personal problems, may contribute to abusive language from strangers who may become mentally unbalanced.

    @Leela : We echo your sentiments from the Anguthara Nikaya ! Thank you.
    Adharmishta governance will bring ill luck to the country ….. we pray for good fortune for Sri Lanka.

  3. cassandra Says:

    Dr SO,

    ‘Our society has become uncivilised?’, you ask.

    What took you so long to notice? We have been going that way for long enough.

    BTW, you are not being fair by the mango seller in translating “ mahattayo ,onaa natinam yanna !” to “ sir if you do want it just bugger off”. Frankly, I cannot see how he was rude to you, and there is nothing in what the man said that justifies you translating “yanna” to “bugger off”.

    Now, who, in fact, is guilty of using coarse language?

  4. Leela Says:

    Sarath is wrong and cassandra is right. “Mahattayo ,onaa natinam yanna!” couldn’t have meant a vulgar slang like “bugger off”. In the worst scenario, it could mean nothing more than; “get lost”.

  5. Christie Says:

    In Trinidad and Tobago more locals are in jail and they fight among themselves.

    We are the same.

    More Sinhalese in Jails and we fight among ourselves.

    Indian Colonial Parasites run both countries.

    We Sinhalese should unite and stand up to the Indian Empire.

    Any comments; Please.

  6. Nimal Says:

    Ever since the British left the country and it’s people have lost it values, bring their types back I say.

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