Old hag Chandrika plans to kick Ranil out and appoint her underling Mangala as PM.
Posted on July 25th, 2017


Government sources indicate that certain MPs in the SLFP Sirisena faction and some disgruntled MPs in the UNP with the assistance of old hag Chandrika are attempting to remove Ranil Wickremasinghe from the post of Prime Minister and appoint Mangala as the Prime Minister to overcome the crisis looming over the potential rebellion by some SLFP MPs and as a measure to save the government in orer to sustain it till 2020 wth a 2/3rd majority.

Mangala Samaraweera is one of the most ungrateful politicians of Sri Lanka perfectly fitting to the Sinhala adage Kaapu pingaane reepu Ekaa” (the one who has defecated in the very plate that he consumed food).

Following his father Mahanama Sammaraweera’s betrayal of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike for Ranil Wickremasinghe’s father Esmond Wickremaasinghe’s Rs, 50,000 bribe to topple her government together with C.P.de Silva, this ungrateful and despicable egoist Mangala has betrayed everyone who helped him and the country since the day he entered politics.

When he returned to Sri Lanka as a fashion designer Mr. Anura Bandaranaike took him to Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike on the recommendation of former Fisheries Corporation Chairman Mr. Dickson Silva of Devinuwara and got him appointed as the SLFP co-organizer of the Matara electorate in 1988 as at that time Mr. Wijesiri who was from  a staunch and dedicated SLFP family of the electorate was functioning as the orgaanizer of the Matara  electorate and in the midst of JVP threats SLFPers being killed by JVP hooligans he had established more than 100 SLFP branch offices in the electorate.  When he came to Matara he did not have a vehicle to travel in the electorate and he travelled in a bicycle and used Ruhunu Kumari train for his travels to Coolombo.

When he came to Matara at the very beginning he did not even have a place to stay, stayed in a house said to be belonging to one of his relations and also did not have sufficient funds and party stalwarts even went to trading community people to collect funds.  It is indeed surprising to find from where he got funds to build a palatial mansion facing Bolgoda Lake in Panadura? It is also reported that he is also building a multi-roomed guest house in the Talalla area facing the sea.

There was a story circulating at the time he came to Matara that Madam Sirimavo Bandaranike has told her confidantes that Anura brought to her a Male Prostitute (Pirimi Vesiyek) to be appointed as Matara organiser.

The first victim of his political journey was Mr. Wijesiri and through various manipulations he got Mr. Wijesiri removed and got himself appointed as the SLFP organiser of the Matara electorate,

At that time Mr. Mahinda Wijesekera, who was the SLFP organiser for the Devinuwara electorate was extensively involved in the SLFP organising activities of the Matara district.  Mr. Mangala Samaraweera came forward to contest elections for the first time in 1989 and he had a great disadvantage in the caste conscious Matara district as majority of the people in the Matara district belonged to the Goigama caste followed by Karawa caste of Mr. Mahinda Wijesekera.  People of his Durawa caste, perhaps the third in the district lived only in certain areas of the Matara electorate.

At this time it was Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa who came to help him to overcome from this caste inferiority syndrome.  Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa highly respected by the Goigama people of the South and born in Paalatuwa in Matara as his mother was from Paalatuwa, neglecting his own campaign work in the Hambantota district visited Mr. Samaraweera’s house in the mornings daily and took Mangala in his own vehicle to prominent Goigama people in the district and canvassed for him. It is merely because of the dedicated campaign carried out by Mr. Mahinda, even neglecting his own campaign work, Mr. Samaraweera got elected to the second place out of the three SLFP members elected from the district in that election. Mr. Mahinda Wijesekera was first with a massive lead.  The third was also a candidate from the Goigama caste with a minor difference of votes between Mr. Samaraweera and him. If it was not for the generous and magnanimous canvassing of Mr. Mahinda, Mr. Samaraweera would have never seen even the corridors of the Parliament complex.

Then he became very jealous of Mr. Mahinda Wijesekera due to his massive popularity in the district and all efforts were made to bulldoze him from the SLFP with the assistance of the old hag Chandrika when she became the President.

There is no doubt that this purported move to oust Ranil may have initiated by Mr. Samaraweera himself as he does not allow anyone to cross his path in whatever party he remains.  A very good example is Buddhika Pathirana being kept cornered in the UNP although Buddhika is senior to Mangala in the UNP and in the last few elections he has become first among the Matara district UNP candidates wih significant leads.

All Sri Lankans should be very cautious about this move to make Mangala the Prime Minister for the following reasons:

  • He is an utterly pro-western, pro-Tamil, irreligious and a confirmed homosexual.
  • He is an anti-Buddhist and this antipathy to Buddhism was clearly displayed when the Buddhist Commission Report was released when he was a Minister in the Chandrika government. By ridiculing the said report he said that it deserves only to be dumped into the wastepaper basket. Against this mockery Buddhists leaders throughout the country held Bodhi Poojas and smashed coconuts cursing him..
  • He is a staunch pro-Tamil and the people of Matara say that he is in this stance because his aunt (father’s sister named Malani who functioned as his Private Secretary was married to the swimming legend Mr. Anandan of Velvettithurai who created a record by swimming across the Palk straight, and through this Anandan he is also related to the megalomaniac Prabhakaran.
  • Sri Lankans in London say that he was a frequent participant in functions held by Tamils (diaspora elements) in London and they suspect that he was involved in facilitating them in money laundering activities during the war period.
  • He also displayed Tamil bias by being strongly involved in old hag Chandrika’s Sudu Nelum” movement committed to serve the Tamils and financed by Norway.
  • It is this Tamil partiality that made him to betray this country by co-sponsoring the American sponsored anti-Sri Lankan resolution at the UNHRC in Geneva and making all efforts to get its conditions implemented.
  • And it is also due to Tamil favouritism that he is extremely aligned with despicable and treacherous elements that are committed and determined to enforce a federal constitution for Sri Lanka.
  • It was in further consolidation of his slavishness to the Tamils he signed an agreement with Sumanthiran in Singapore in 2012 for the regime change in Sri Lanka.
  • He is also said to be a confirmed homosexual which is a despicable habit against the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka. The shameless public kiss given by him to Ravi Karunanayake recently is something anathema to Sri Lankans

Let us now revisit Mr. Mahinda Raapaksa’s period to find out more about his cut-throat activities and treachery.

In 2004 just after the general elections under old hag Chandrika’s presidency together with JVP hooligans he attempted to prevent Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa getting appointed as the Prime Minister as anticipated by the people of this country and to get Mr.Lakshman Kadiragamar as the Prime Minister.

When Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa became the President of this country in 2005 everyone expected that Mr. Mahinda’s old friend Mr. Anura Bandaranaike will get appointed as the Foreign Minister of this country as he was the most qualified and suitable person to hold that post at that time.  Despite that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed Mangala as the Minister of Shipping and Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Shipping was assigned to him hoping that he will initiate the Hambantota Port construction activities.  But it is claimed that Singapore authorities who are being alleged to have financed his mother’s treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore persuaded him not to proceed with Hambantota harbour construction work and his cohorts sold the machinery that had been brought for construction work as scrap metal.

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa was the President of the Sri Lanka Friendship Association from the very day of its inception until he became the Prime Minister.  Sri Lanka had a history (tradition) of voting in favour of Palestine at the UN.  For the first time Mr. Mngala Samaraweera made Sri Lanka to vote against Palestine even without the knowledge of the President.  This action infuriated Mr. Mahinda and that was the main reason for dismissing him from Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s cabinet.

After that he became friendly with Ranil whom he extensively criticized previously, particularly during Chandrika’s time, as a person who cannot do anything with the notorious slogan Ranilta Bae” and started working against Mr. Rajapaksa kicking out the ladder which helped him climb into the political arena.

He adopted a Goebbels’s role and started telling various lies gainst Mr. Mahinda and his family members.  The former Minister Mr. Johnston Fernando once said that when they were in the UNP Mangala advised them to tell lies as much as possible about Raapaksa’s and keep on repeating such lies several times so that the people will start thinking that there could be some truth in such allegations.

His lies about Mr. Raapaksa included that he has deposited U.S.$ 18 billion in foreign banks, bought properties overseas, etc.,etc.  None of these allegations have been proved although it is almost three years now since these blatant allegations were made.

There was a video being circulated recently in face book accounts about Mangala’s lies. In this video Rajitha says that Rajapaksas did not earn money through politics and they only earned people.  He says that Goebbels Mangala Samaraweera who alleged Ranil as a thief in the past has become friendly with him intimately.  He points out that when a pick pocketeer steals a pocket from someone and people shout Horaa, Horaa, the pick pocketeer also runs with them shouting Horaa, Horaa and Mangala is like that pick pocketeer.  Rajitha has made this statement when he crossed over from the UNP to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government.

The damage he could make to the economy of this country as the Minister of Finance is unimaginable, let alone being the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, there is a saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. This saying fits very well to the old hag Chandrika in respect of her incessant enmity towards Mr. Mahinda Raapaksa because he scolded her for destroying the Sri Lanka Feedom Party and now she has utilized the current uncertain situation in the government to direct her enmity towards Ranil and kick him out from the PM post since she angrily accused Ranil on many occasions that he was responsible for denying her son admission to the Royal College.  (niz)

3 Responses to “Old hag Chandrika plans to kick Ranil out and appoint her underling Mangala as PM.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    JO should SUPPORT her to appoint MANGALA as PM!!

    Then the UNP govt. will COLLAPSE.

    We should do ANYTHING to DESTROY this UNP govt.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    MANGALA as PM!!- Pro Federal man than RW – Mother Lanka Kaput ?

    Indian flag is flying in Jalpanam not Our Puli kodi or Your sinha kodiya !!!

    Support us We will kick out them like what we done to IPKF than we will start our Eelam war V to balance our mulli vaikkal accounts .

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


    We will support :

    * Official Revocation in Parliament of the Vadukoddai Resolution (VR) – Eelam through Violence – 1976.

    – This is what brought in the LTTE, trained in Tamil Nadu by INDIA, during Cold War times.
    – This is what brought in the IPKF into the North.
    – Today, Lanka has a strange Yahap Fascist/Sadist style govt with an Exec PM who has never been elected/approved of by the People to the post.
    Now we have : Mangala as a possible PM.

    The VR must take a large slice of responsibility for all that.


    PS: Is the world entering another Cold War type period ?

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