Current govt. should be held responsible for Uma Oya, not previous govt. – Mahinda
Posted on August 6th, 2017

By Roosindu Peris Courtesy Adaderana

Former President, Mahinda Rajapakse stated that the current government should be held accountable for the consequences of the Uma Oya project.

Rajapakse added that no consultative report had been submitted regarding the damages caused by the implementation of the project.

Addressing a crowd in the Beruwala area, Rajapakse stated that the there was no point in blaming the previous government for the problems that have arisen due to the Uma Oya project.

Furthermore, Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekara stated that those who did not follow protocol, leading to the catastrophic effects of the Uma Oya project must be punished accordingly.

He added that problems have arisen in the equipment used for the construction of the Uma Oya project as well.

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