Ravi Karunanaayake became a convict in the People’s Court – Fomer President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Posted on August 14th, 2017

Translated by :A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA

Although Rqvi Karunanayakr can get acquitted through the Courts on the advice of efficient Lawyers, he has become a convict in front of the People’s Court.  This was stated by the former President Mt. Mahinda Rajapaksa at Divulapitiya participating at the occasion of establishing the Gampaha District branch of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Lawyers Organization.  Mr. Rajapaksa said thst Ravi Karunanayake had to resign because he became convicted before the People’s Court.

He said that a convict will not become a hero merely by resignation or making a speech in the Parliament.

At tis function on the unanimous decision of the Sru Lanka Freedom Party Lawyers’ Organization of the Gampaha District it was transformed as the Gampaha District branch of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Lawyers Organization

At this meeting office nearers of the organization were appointed.  Accordingly, those who held positions in the previous Association including Attorney at Law Tissa Jayawardene was appointed as the Patron, Attorney at Law Sarala Karunaratn was appointed as thee Chairman and Attorney at Law Saraana Karunaraatme was aappointed as the Assistant Secretary.  Other positions of the organization were also filled at this meeting.

Speking further the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa said this government came to power speaking loudly about yahapalanaya and establishing Law and Order. They emphasized that these aspects should be protected and safeguarded.  But it is not necessary to explain to you whether the action taken by then immediately after coming to power to remove the Chief Justice and appoint a new Chief Justice was an act of safeguarding democracy and protecting the Law and Order.

It was from this point they started manipulating the judiciary and the people to gradually lose the trust reposed on the judiciary by them..

They are making use of various mechanisms to avenge their political opponents and to get their political objectives fulfilled.

Remanding of persons has become a form of punishment.  The Police has become successful in tying the hands of magistrates by preventing them granting bail to people by even presenting cases relating to private properties alleged as properties belonging to the State.  Police actions have become mere political actions.  As what we know, initially a complaint should be made to the Police to carry out an investigation but now investigations are being carried out without any complaints.

The Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID) was eatablished to investigate complaints made by the Prime Minister and carry out investigations ordered by the Prime Minister.  What are the Police powers that are vested with the Prime Minister? The crux of the whole judicial system has collapsed now. This is the situation that has arisen today.  It is said that the FCID has completed more than seventy cases.

What are these cases?   Distribution of iron pipes to Pradeshiya Sabhas,  Distribution of ‘Sil’ clothes to Meditating mothers. These are the major cases, But there are no cases for the calenders printed by the Ministers of this government.  But there are cases for printing ‘Liths’. .A ‘Lith’ is an almanac that contains our New Year horoscopes and telling predictions relating to falling of a ghecho onto our body and aspects of our Sinhala culture.  Calenders are not like that. But the cases that have for ‘Liths’ are not there for Calenders.

One Minister was telling that I have 17 Million U.S.Dollars in my foreign bank accounts.  To find out the Rupee equivalent of  17 Million U.S.Dollars it has to be multiplied by 154.  Another one says that there is 250 Million U.S.Dollars under Namal’s name.  If that is so they coulf have got those mney of mine and refrain from selling the Hsrbour. Isn’t it? I will give my alleged money free of charge.

These are the types of lies they are telling.  They think that if they say in millions and billions the people will get fooled.  The false teeth of those who tell lies have got exposed.  The Treasury Bond Scam is the biggest ever robbery carried out not only in Sri Lanka but in the whole of Asia.  While investigating about that plunder details of other people who got money from person nvolved in the robbery also came to light.

Although some people attempt to score points for them it was the pressure exerted by the opposition that compelled to appoint a commission to investigate about this robbery.  Its honour should be passed on to the Opposition.  I remember that Mr. Bandula Gunawardene continuously talked about this.  The whole opposition raised their voices about it.  It was as a result of those agitations a Commission had to be appointed.  It was because of that Ravi Karunanayake had to resign.

Tilak Marapanaa also resigned.  He resigned because of legal advice taht had been given by him.  The Lawyers provide legal opinions.  But when such opinions come under suspicion as to wheter such opinions are right or wrongMr. Marapana resigned as a gentleman.  Did he make statements in the Parliament?  Was he acknowledged as a hero after his resignation? Nothing like that happened.

Actually it is Mr. Marapana who should be acknowledged as a hero. Not Ravi Karunanayake, who had to bow down to the people’s opinion! He became a convict in the people’s Court. Because of the opinion given by leading Lawyers he had to pass the ball.  Therefore he said that he does not know and he does not remember.  Since, it is not possible to bring the wife to give evidence against her husband.

Therefore a prominent Lawyer adviced him to say like that.  Regardless of the Court of Law he has become a convict in front of the People’s Court.  He came out and challenged the Attorney General and the Attorney General’s Department.  Members of Parliament who do not know even the alphabets of the Law  expressed opinion against the Attorney General’s Department.

Even there are a few in the Attorney General’s Department.who act to uphold their political views.  By saying so, if we degrade the Attorney General’s Department as a whole It is a wrong act.  What would happen if we degrade Attorney General’s Department and the judiciary.  We have a responsibility to protect and safeguard the rule of Law.  All of you too have that responsibility as distinguished Lawyers.  (niz)

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