Polythene manufacturers to stage protest today..  News  Item The Island’’’’’’’’
Posted on August 21st, 2017

Sarath Obeysekera

Pan Malla manufacturers’ should demonstrate and ask for subsidy ?


Yahplanaya has become a joke ?

Motorcyclists were demonstrating against full face ban though the criminals were using them to rob people.Railway Guards went on strike because of bugs ,Three wheeler drivers and Private bus owners on also against heavy traffic violations , Samurdi demonstrating for amending rules to avoid unqualified people getting money, Ex-soldiers demonstrating against none  payment of full pensions. Uma Oya residents shouting against a national project Etc etc and we can have a never ending list .

Only people who may not demonstrate may be sex workers for being harassed by Police ( like in India) , and beggars who work as gangs under a leader robbing money from people ?

We need to popularise our village based Pan Malla ( bag made of staws) ? It reminds me of the old saying Kohheda Yanne? And answer being Malle Pol not  bag ekke Pol

Polythene manufacturers did know about this rule already a year ago and they could have come into Pan Mallu” Industry and sells to people.

They waited after government delayed implementation and restarted after identifying that  garbage menace ( and Meethotamulle carnage ) was due to Polythene which does not decay.

Sri Lankans do not like changes ,They want to keep all habits .We have to change ,other wise we cannot go forward

Every woman in Sri Lanka carries a bag and let that be a Pan Malla

Sarvodaya can help to promote …….

Let us use paper recycled paper bags or Man Malla

Sarath Obeysekera

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