Corruption Eradicated After Ravi? Are You Serious
Posted on August 25th, 2017

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Aug.24th, 2017

It has been asked by some with a certain degree of naivette perhaps  “will corruption go away after Ravi?” but they can’t be serious as the corruption Sri Lanka has been subjected to goes back many generations as the discerning observer with a good memory is bound to attest to and a malfeasance that has afflicted Sri Lanka Politics for time imemorial. There seems to be a disgusting assumption  starting from as low as certain ordinary members of parliament to the higher ups in public office that to gain access to the Government is an opportunity to reach out to  available finances and  line their pockets with no remorse and no compunction.

It may be a bold and brazen statement which unfortunately can be and has been proven as one recalls the many  cases of bribery and corruption brought against certain politicos which were eventually proven true and some of them incarcerated during the long history of politics in Sri Lanka but thankfully there have been impeccably honest politicians  over the years who have who have upheld integrity and honesty to the letter and thus reprieved the rest of their ignoble colleagues who have unabashedly indulged in the art of misappropriating and the latter hopefully in a minority albeit being in the category of a social disease  which has plagued the country for years!!

I may be emboldened to say further that the case of the Former Finance Minister certainly attests to this irregularity given some of the related issues  subject to the proper interpretation but he is no exception as there have been others whose case histories toward the subject of misappropriation have been ignominiously exposed although some have got away scot free while others have paid the price.Needless to say the ones that got away purportedly were shielded by powerful Governmental backing.

Dwelling on the same distasteful theme it may be quoted from a media report that “It was Ravi Karunanyake, who resigned on August 10 as Foreign Affairs Minister, who paved the way for the dismissal of Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe from the post of Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister on Wednesday. Finally two leaders of the UNP, the very party that vowed to eradicate corruption, had so far to go to the guillotine, while those who had been accused of large-scale frauds by them are still at large. (A grim irony indeed!)

It was the public opinion that had been created after the exposure of his close relationship with and the benefits he received from Arjun Aloysius – one of those accused of the Central Bank bond scam- that Karunanayake was compelled to step down as Foreign Affairs Minister. The Attorney General’s Department might have inordinately been swift in taking action against him. But it doesn’t mean that he was innocent. If the UNP had been angered only by how Karunanayake was treated and not by what he had done, that cannot be a genuine motivation against corruption.”  End quote

But sadly the story of corruption in Sri Lanka does not end there! Its the mere tip of the iceberg being exposed. In reality It has spread like a cancer to all Government Departments, Ministries and agencies from the lowest to the highest levels where a panacea to the malady will be hard to find unless stringent measures are taken and an all out effort to wipe it out  done completely and post haste. The misguided concept that being elected to office is carte blanche to rob the till needs to be debunked and the perpetrators subjected to draconian measures taking an example from countries which show non tolerance if necessary to discourage others of similar ilk as otherwise Sri Lanka could easily descend into being a beggars’ paradise whose assets were robbed by indiscriminate politicians!

2 Responses to “Corruption Eradicated After Ravi? Are You Serious”

  1. Christie Says:

    “beggars’ paradise “. The Sinhalese are already the beggars. Indian Colonial Parasites are the richest in the Paradise.

    Most of the Administrators under the British were Indian Colonial Parasites. The Sinhalese had to pay bribes to them to get anything done but they went out of the way to help their own.

    That is how the Sinhalese became corrupt.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    The man is still around like a bad smell thanks to the efforts of the “Yakapalanaya” leaders Maithripala and Ranil who will endeavour tp protect him to the death.They too surely are culpable of all the scams Ravi K was involved in and are now covering up for him probably with motives towards protecting their own exposure.The Sinhalese became corrupt as their leadwership encourages corruption as it appears, at the highest level.

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