Special appeal to the Tamil
Posted on August 31st, 2017

V.Anandasangaree Secretary General – TULF

The Tamil United Liberation Front having gone through all aspects of the present Political situation have decided, to take a positive decision as regards the ethnic problem, that is getting dragged on indefinitely. During the last 60 years in politics, I have seen our ethnic problem coming very close to a solution and slipping away without reaching the goal.  I am strongly of the view that the inordinate delay in finding a solution is mainly due to the disunity prevailing among the Tamil people. The TULF had on several occasions brought to the notice of the TNA the urgent need for united action in this matter. The TULF, in-spite of the fact that it had not recognized the TNA as a legitimate body, in the interest of the Tamil community, tolerated all its activities and even went to the extent of offering full cooperation of the TULF. But the TULF is thoroughly disappointed with the indifferent attitude of the TNA towards the TULF.

As a result of this the TULF had decided, at the general body meeting and also discussed at the convention of the party held recently, to stake its claim over all the other Tamil political parties to contest all the elections to be held in the future, without going for any alliance with any party, but to form a coalition with all political parties that wish to contest the elections, on a common symbol, a common policy and under one umbrella.    Each party can provide suitable candidates at the forth coming election and once the election is over all elected members come under one umbrella. This is exactly what the various Tamil organizations, Political Parties, University students, Academics and many such others wanted to do at the General Election held in 2004. This proposal was fully backed by all Political Parties, people like Taraki and also the LTTE which wanted only one Party to contest the elections. In other words the LTTE had indirectly indicated their desire to give up fighting and to enter into negotiations with the government. Unfortunately for the country and for the Tamil people, due to a sabotage planed by somebody, implementation of this scheme failed in 2004. It is my ambition that it should succeed at all elections in the future.  By this scheme the interest groups in the North and the East had been working hard for more than two years, to bring under one Tamil National umbrella, all Tamil parties and groups in the North and the East, regardless of their deep divisions and regardless of their long association with the military and allegations of rights abuses. By adopting this policy, there is no need to keep out any organizations willing to come under one umbrella. The redeeming feature in this scheme is that the LTTE had agreed to accommodate the militant  groups EPRLF, TELO and PLOTE regardless of their deep divisions.

At least now let us concede, as pointed out by Taraki, a very pro LTTE journalist, that the Tamil National Alliance has been made out to be more than what it actually is and also it is a myth that it is managed by the LTTE. He had also said that some of the leading politicians have had no scruples in running with the hare and hunting with the hound and smartly exploiting the LTTE for their own political advantage. The TNA was never the political paw of the LTTE. It is high time now for the people of Sri Lanka to challenge the authority of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), to act and speak on their behalf, on various matters be they political or otherwise.

It is not necessary now for the people to find out who should be blamed for the grave crises the Tamil community is facing today. Everyone makes mistakes but no one should be allowed to meddle with human life. Every political party in Sri Lanka had made mistakes some of which are very grave. However let all of us seek divine pardon for our sins, forget our differences, refrain from showing greed for power, forget everything bad and determine to serve the people honestly.

A close study of Taraki’s article clearly reveals how foolishly the TNA leaders had handled the ethnic issue which is the main stumbling block for the progress of the country. We had several opportunities that came on our way, all of which failed on flimsy grounds. A very rare and a good opportunity was made available to us to reach a solution in 2004. Whether we succeeded in it or not is a different matter but the question is whether we tried it honestly?

In conclusion I humbly appeal to everybody not to betray Thanthai Selva who founded the Federal Party and virtually wound it up after forming the TULF in 1972 and died as the President of the TULF which office he shared with Hon.G.G.Ponnambalam and Hon. Sowmiyamoorthy Thondaman. He did it to strengthen the TULF.  Neither S.J.V.Chelvanayagam nor G.G.Ponnambalam ever wanted to revive their respective Political Parties the Federal Party (ITAK) and the All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC). Mrs.Mankayarkarasi Amirthalingam before her demise issued a statement condemning the revival of the Federal Party, 28 years after the demise of the founder S.J.V.Chelvanayagam. The statement says, It is a pity that some of those who have been groomed by him (husband), have attempted to misuse the name of the Federal Party and are trying to revive it. They have only breached the trust he had placed on them”.

An important question that could be asked is, whether some leaders of the TNA who paved the way for the total eradication of a strong force like the LTTE, are going to find a solution for the Tamil people, who are undergoing severe hardships.  The TNA must also accept responsibility for the undue delay in finding solutions for some of the serious issues. One glaring example is the structure of the state. We should agree that the country came very close to a solution in 2005. At the Presidential Election, the UNP’s (UNF) Presidential candidate Hon.Ranil Wickramasinghe offered a Federal Constitution as a solution to our ethnic problem which was supported by 48.43% of the voters against 50.29 % who voted for the UPFA candidate, Hon.Mahinda Rajapakse who was opposed to Federalism. The TNA that had been boasting itself as the Political wing of the LTTE could have advised them not to be boycott the 2005 Presidential Election and could have easily got 2/3 of votes for a Federal solution. Furthermore my proposal for an Indian Model received good response from all communities. The TNA did not bother about it. Realizing the incapacity of the TNA, the TULF calls upon all Political Parties to get together and form a common front.

V.Anandasangaree      Secretary General – TULF

4 Responses to “Special appeal to the Tamil”

  1. Christie Says:

    Tamils should give up their baggage and be part of the Sinhalese.

  2. Wetta Says:

    Federal system is a need only for the power hungry racists. Other than the desire to be holding some power and high positions by few individuals there is absolutely no justifiable reason to demand for Federal system for Sri Lanka. I like to know what problems it would solve other than creating few positions of power to some ethnic oriented racists who can see everything only through race.

    Mr Anandasagaree has mentioned about a “tamil problem” at few places but conveniently forgotten to elaborate what actually this “problem” the tamils have, that the rest of the people in Sri Lanka do not have.

    Race is being used as a tool of living by the weak people even if they are being hailed as leaders by a mislead few. As soon as the “race” is taken off the table those people simply becomes useless deflated balloons.

    None of these racists have any desire to develop Sri Lanka, they do not want to be part of Sri Lanka, simply they only want to sell “race” for their living.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Sakothara(n) Wetta

    “Saiva tamil problem”- is same as “Bhuddist sinhela problem” .

    “problem”- We had Demila Baila since 1956 to 1983 than Chignkala Theepavai since 1983 to 2009 . Now cooling period to start Eelam war V.

    the “race” is taken off the table those people simply becomes useless deflated balloons.- it is applicable to both parties Modayas & Sakkiliyas.

    We both never learn that is our Karma !!!!

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    There is no reconciliation – Sanhindiyawa in this call to arms! Still the call is for a federal solution – which we all know is the stepping stone to Eelam. If one looks at the physical boundaries of this mythical Eelam – nowhere in which we see any Tamil exploits let alone a properly constructed toilet – the boundaries have moved Southwards in a pince move to encircle the balance of Sri Lanka.

    How about forgetting this unholy dream altogether and learn to live as Sri Lankans – simply as Tamils who live in the South live – in a LIVE AND LET LIVE SCENARIO. From the time of independence and even before Tamils have been on an exercise to drive the Sinhalese away from the North and the East.

    The Tamils must understand if the likes of Eelamist ever come to fruition, then it will be not be second to “partition of India” – all Tamils in the South will have to move out!

    I am wholly disaapointed in Aanandasagaree for I though during the Tamils Terrorist Racist War days that he was even suitable for the Prime Minister post of Sri Lanka, for he was such a pacifist while under the threat of the LTTE. Now thanks to Mahinda and Gotabhaya he has reverted back to his “Traitor Chelvanayakam” skin. His son is doing the LTTE stuff in Canada.

    I doubt whether the son and the father are any different – both Tigers donning different skins to suit the occasion!

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