99% Tamils want to live in peace with Sinhalese, 1% Tamils want a piece of Sri Lanka
Posted on November 2nd, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

Can you really divide a country and tell a group of people to live on one side and declare the other side newly ‘independent’? What a preposterous suggestion. Prey tell us how this can be an ideal situation when majority of Tamils are living peacefully among Sinhalese outside of the area that ‘independence’ is being sought? Are the people living among Sinhalese to be forced to move into this new mono-ethnic enclave? Will they want that? if not what a silly notion to even promote? Have those mavericks promoting these ideas ever wondered what the 99% want or are they only listening to the 1% who simply want to have a means to reign over a small number of people?

Is there any solution as preposterous as that of creating a line demarcating and dividing it and claim it is out of bounds for x and belonging to only y? This is the crux of the mono-ethnic solution being now promoted completely disregarding the fact that more Tamils are living with and in peace with Sinhalese than the Tamils living among themselves. More importantly it is the Tamils who are not living with the Sinhalese many who are actually domiciled overseas with no intention of ever living in Sri Lanka or a newly created mono-ethnic enclave who are making the demands for self-autonomy. This is the hilarious part of the story.

There is stoic silence whether these Tamils living with the Sinhalese will have to go and live in this newly created Tamil only area? If that is not part of the solution then why should Sri Lanka agree to creating a mono-ethnic separate area just because a handful of Tamil people are begging for this option while the 99% Tamils are simply asking to lead a peaceful life, educate their children and earn a decent living. None of this 99% want federalism, new constitution, or any of the political solutions now being brought to negotiating tables.

All of these solutions are simply political solutions meant to benefit the politicians – those in government or even opposition. None of these political solutions have any relevance to the needs of the people or even the wants of the people. A good example of this was made by Tamil youth in May 2016 We want homes not merging of North-East’ Why is the voice of these people being purposely ignored?


TNA is not the voice of the Tamils. With just over 500,000 votes at the 2015 General Elections this is clearly established.

TNA remains uninvestigated for links to LTTE. Ignoring this means that every Tamil that fell victim to the LTTE are ignored. Lets not forget that regularly there are ammunitions and arms emerging from different places in the North. The arrest of a TNA youth leader Sivakaran is just one reason why police & land powers should never be devolved.


The other factor not to be ignored is that people who are supposed to be ‘missing’ or ‘dead’ are suddenly appearing very much alive too.

The most important reason to nullify the self-determination claim is that there is no historical basis for self-determination. The same ethnic group cannot evolve in 2 different countries as Tamil Nadu self-determination began before Sri Lanka and there are 72million Tamils in Tamil Nadu while there are less than 2m Tamils in Sri Lanka.

There is no argument that can hold the discrimination by Sinhalese campaign either. Examples of what Tamils enjoy have satisfactorily nullified this bogus claim.

All of the lies spread through LTTE-oiled propaganda are now falling flat.

However, the politicians are relentless in their quest using the Tamils as scapegoat.

When TNA took over the Northern Provincial Council we expected them to put their actions where their mouths were and develop the area from the funding they sought annually from the Centre. But look at the records and they will reveal that the funding allocated is not spent and returns to the Treasury. Wigneswaran became the NPC Chief Minister in 2013

Of Rs5,831 Million allocated by Govt for North, the TNA Provincial Administration utilised only 25.17% up to Sep 30th 2014. This allocation of Rs.5.831m was the highest allocation of all the provinces in Sri Lanka.

In addition to the Rs5.8m allocation to the Northern Province, the GOSL from its national budget has spent

Rs.89,031m on Jaffna District

Rs.60,529m on Kilinochchi District

Rs.34,407m on Mullaitivu District

Rs.39,500m on Vavuniya District

Rs.62,804m on Mannar District

The GOSL has spent from its national budget Rs.290,271 million for the Northern Province alone from 2009 to September 2014.

But the TNA and Chief Minister are very busy ranting racism and travelling the world with non-stop complaints. How has the TNA and Chief Minister uplifted the lives of the Tamil people can be revealed by the growing unpopularity of the TNA in the North, the increase in the drug menace and the rise in liquor consumption, domestic abuse and many other social factors plaguing the people of the North none of which blame can be put to the Sinhalese or even the Military though that is the easiest route to take.

Anyone who has been arguing in favor of devolution must explain what Sri Lanka has achieved in 30 years from the 13a?

Those who say that 13a should be given in full minus police and land powers must be asked where were they living all these years? Do they not know that for 30 years we have been having 13a minus police and land powers and yet it is a complete failure.

Why are they trying to fool the masses to agree to 13a minus plus and middle path as some smart alecs are now advocating.

Why is everyone demanding the implementation of 13a (minus/plus or middle path) only with 2 provinces in mind. Are they pushing for asymmetrical federalism, found in federations/confederations where different constituent states possess different powers: one or more of the states has considerably more autonomy than the other substates, although they have the same constitutional status. This looks to be the real objective. But why?

With 36 of the 37 subjects already devolved we should be taking out the performance sheets of all the provinces to see whether they have actually served any purpose. If not, is there any requirement to continue it. Let’s not forget that 13a and the PC system was introduced as a solution to the supposed ‘ethnic conflict’ with 36 subjects devolved, are those advocating the full implementation of the 13a telling us that the ‘ethnic conflict’ is not solved because land & police powers have not been given? That is really something to laugh about if so.

The video clipping of Tamil youth asking for homes and not merger of north-east very clearly brings homes some key facts


  • ‘TNA wants to divide the country, merge the north-east’ WE DON’T WANT THIS, it will only lead to another conflict”
  • If another conflict starts we will again go backwards”
  • We can’t allow our children to be sacrificed again. Many children have died. Another lot can’t suffer same fate”.
  • We want to live in peace with the other communities in Sri Lanka”.
  • Sinhalese from Colombo should be allowed to come to the North. We must all eat, drink and live happily together”.
  • We also like to go south and eat, drink and be with the other communities. We must all live together”.
  • Sinhalese & Tamils must unite & be happy. This is what we want”.
  • For 16 years the TNA has fooled the people and won elections”.
  • Just look at the state of affairs in North after TNA took over in 2013. Ganja, drugs, murder, rape all types of violations have increased”.
  • TNA is linked to these culprits and doing business dealings with them”.
  • TNA Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran doesn’t mind having Sinhalese for in-laws but he prohibits other Tamils to marry Sinhalese”.

Sadly the voices and sentiments of the above people rarely get heard or is given attention in pubic and by the media because it doesn’t provide the sensationalism that separatism, self-determination, self-autonomy calls muster.

Nevertheless, what needs to be said is that an ‘ethnic problem’ cannot be solved giving land and police powers as the 13a has devolved all of the 36 subjects excepting these 2 and 13a has existed for 30years so it clearly establishes that 13a is a failure and should be repealed altogether.

What we need is not political solutions but administrative solutions that reduces red-tape in service mechanisms and stops political interference in public administrations. These are the areas that the bulk of issues give majority of problems to the general public. The people are clueless or are least bothered about the nomenclatures and terms that are being thrown into constitutional discussions. All of the political solutions being placed on the table are not to solve problems of the people but to distribute powers among politicians and expand their political enslaving of the masses.

Shenali D Waduge

10 Responses to “99% Tamils want to live in peace with Sinhalese, 1% Tamils want a piece of Sri Lanka”

  1. Nimal Says:

    This is exactly what I have been saying people and officials here that Tamils live peacefully with us the Sinhalese in most part of the island. Most of the businesses in the high street in Kandy is run by the Tamils and I have shown this to numerous people from here who visit me or my family in Kandy and two of them were politicians who were on a private tour.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    TNA does what Tamils want. Otherwise Tamils will not vote for the TNA. Tamils in the north and east have also rejected multi-ethnic political parties. TNA has been winning elections since 1951. It contests elections as ITAK (Lanka Tamil Kingdom Party).

    Having a Sinhala or Muslim in-law or a spouse does not matter at all. Senior LTTE leader Nadesan was married to a Sinhala woman.

    Tamil civilians can prove they want peace by allowing Sinhala and Muslim IDPs resettle in Jaffna and by releasing their land. Until then, election results are conclusive evidence that Tamil people are firmly behind TNA (ITAK) policies.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Shenali how much valuable information you give to the readers on daily basis on this forum? Is it worth your time? You write in detail what is going on in this country in a very simple manner but nothing is happening because no one in this Yamapalanaya listen or understand any of these regarding the people, regarding the country, regarding the judiciary, culture etc. They simply interested in money and power. Parliament has become a Jokers paradise. There isn’t a single day without mentioning Mahinda Rajapaksa’s name in the parliament or in political rallies. He is the villain to all political Stooges in the government but a hero to the ordinary people. When Maha Sanga says”NO” to anything we must respect their decisions as they were the saviours of this country for decades. The current rulers make fun of Maha Sanga and abuse them with unacceptable bad words in public. This is the situation we are in today. When country’s rulers acts like that what kind of lesson they can give to our youngsters? Nothing, this country has become a drugs paradise. Murders, prostitution,road accidents, thefts, smuggling galore without a solution to stop those activities. New constitution for what and for whom?? Can anyone trust these two Ungreatful individuals who rule our country to please Para Suddo?? No way,we have seen how they hoodwink the people by passing bills hurriedly inside the parliament. No one should trust this government or it’s leaders. Both are lying and misleading the people in this country. If somebody raise their fingers on this subject we will branded them as traitors to our Motherland period. Appreciate your time and energy for writing this valuable article for us Shenali.

  4. Senerath Says:

    Anyone who has been arguing in favor of devolution must explain what Sri Lanka has achieved in 30 years from the 13a?

    That is why they ask for 13 plus. Since they ask for 13 plus we must remove even 13 minus.

    Truth is 99% Tamils want to live in peace only under OruMutra Nadu, not under Sri Lanka.

    They ask for 13 plus becuase,
    They can have free movement between Orumuthra Nadu and Tamil nadu. Next will be the whole Sri Lanka become Orumuthra Nadu within 10 years.
    Why ? because so called 99% of ‘Good Tamils’ living ourside North will start doing everything in Tamil, using Sinhala as a link language. Sinhalas will find it convenient to learn Tamil to do business with Tamil Nadu market, as they are interested in making money only. This is agrreable with Chintanaya too. Please read 2005 Chintanaya page 72, Sinhala kids are supposed to learn Tamil to communicate with the World (=Tamil nadu)

  5. Senerath Says:

    What power LG councils must have in Sir Lanka which all councils in other countries in the world do not have ?
    LG bodies cannot solve their problems by having more power, but only by good adminstration. Say NO TO ALL DEVOLUTION.

    Anarchy will reign if EP is abolished now: Champika
    2017-11-02 02:19:18

    The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) General Secretary Minister Chamipika Ranawaka said yesterday the country would end up in anarchy if the executive presidency was abolished without introducing a stable parliamentary system.

    Speaking during the Constitutional Assembly on the proposals to draft a new Constitution, he said the good governance government had acted to curb the extreme powers of the executive presidency by enacting the 19th Amendment and made it more democratic. “Every sector in the country including the provincial council system would be into chaos, if the executive presidency was abolished. What is best for our country is to make the post more democratic,” he said.

    Minister Ranawaka said the clauses with regard to the unitary state in the Constitution should remain intact in all three languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English. “The unitary character of the State is vital for economic and political stability and to protect environmental sustainability and ensure social harmony. The problems faced by the Tamil people would not be resolved by devolving more powers to the Northern Provincial Council. It could be done only by the political parties representing Tamil people in the North working in conjunction with the central government to ensure success for their people,” he said.

    He said the ethnic and cultural identity of the Tamils living outside the North and Tamils and Sinhalese and Muslims living in the North could be ensured not through the provincial council system but by giving the necessary powers to the local government bodies. (Ajith Siriwardana and Yohan Perera)

  6. Senerath Says:

    This guy is more direct. We should appreciate it because most others support it underground expecting to make dollars out of it. Douglas only wants Elaam as per original 13 A.

    Orumitta nadu or ekiya it is not that important: Douglas

    An unwanted debate has started with regards to the meaning of the Tamil word ‘orumitta nadu’ and its Sinhala meaning, the word ‘ekiya’ when it refers to the nature of State proposed in the interim report on Constitution. This debate will create unrest among both Sinhalese and Tamils alike, MP Douglas Devananda told the constitutional Assembly yesterday.

    ” Harping on these words is unnecessary as including the word ‘orumitta nadu’ does not mean minorities would get more powers and ‘ekiya’ does not mean they get less powers” he pointed out. ” Some people are named Ganesan after god Gnaapathi, but that does not turn that person into a God ” he added.

    He said this issue had made things so complicated that even the Maha Nayakes are perturbed over it.

    The EPDP leader called for the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to be implemented fully. “The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution should be implemented even if a new Constitution is enacted. If not the necessary changes should be made to the Constitution,” he added. (Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana)

  7. Senerath Says:

    You can see his backbone of his argument is everyone accepting so called “harmless’ 13 A ( with harmelesness reomved by Koombiyos)

    JO’s about turn surprises PM

    Thursday, November 2, 2017 –

    It seems strange that the Joint Opposition (JO) disagrees with the government’s gesture to accept the most salient proposals made by the Joint Opposition itself, said Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe yesterday.

    He said that most of the proposals made by the Joint Opposition, including the creation of a conducive environment for the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims to live peacefully protecting the unitary status were identical to that of the United National Party, as well as with the Tamil National Alliance.

    Due to this reason, the Premier invited the Joint Opposition to join in order to make the effort successful through discussions.

    He made these observations yesterday during the debate on the Interim Report of the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reforms in Parliament.

    Premier Wickremesinghe said that Mahinda Rajapaksa, also, during the election, asked for a mandate to set up a Constitutional Council to formulate a new Constitution. He said that they too asked for the same during the General Election and we can’t go against the mandate.

    “So, we have been bestowed the responsibility of drafting a Constitution Bill to be considered before Parliament for formulating a new Constitution for Sri Lanka,” Premier Wickremesinghe said. “What the Parliament has to do is only to pass same.”

    The Prime Minister further said as an initiation, various Sub Committees were set up, including the Steering Committee and another seven Sub Committees. He added that the six Sub Committees were given six separate subjects.

    He also added that in addition, another ad-hoc committee was appointed under the leadership of Minister Susil Premajayantha. He said that the reports of those committees have been handed over to this assembly.

    “As the Constitutional Assembly we all got together, agreed and the first step was taken,” the Prime Minister said. “The Steering Committee decided to work on the other subjects which were not bestowed on any sub committee, including the nature of the state, on Buddhism, devolution of power, judiciary etc. While the discussions were in progress in the committees, Parliament queried that it needed to know as to what the committees were doing in this regard. Later, we prepared this interim report to keep the House informed, with several proposals.”

    He said that there were no decisions here but only what was discussed there. He added that it was not a draft or a Constitution. The first section had the views and the second contained views of the members on the first section.

    “Now we have to attend to the second step,” the Premier said. “After considering the Sub Committee reports and the views of the public the Steering Committee should direct a report to the Constitutional Assembly along with a Draft Constitution Bill. That is the step that we have to come to . So far we have not considered the reports of the sub committees and the public views. Now we have to consider those reports.”

    He said then they would go to meet the Mahanayake Theras, the Anunayake Theras and religious dignitaries. He added so that this can’t be completed within two weeks. It might drag on for a few months. “As parties, let’s discuss them here,” the Premier said.

    “Before we prepare our report we have a responsibility to have a wide corporation with the public and discuss with them and send the report back to the Constitutional Council. After the Constitutional Council Discussed the matter we can ask it to send their final report back to the Constitutional Assembly with the amendments. They can keep quiet or refuse what we have sent to them. But if the final report is not passed here everything can come to an end.”

    Premier Wickremesinghe said that if it was passed before the Constitutional Council with a simple majority, it should be brought before Parliament. He added that if it was passed with a two thirds majority in Parliament, the same would be presented before the Cabinet of Ministers and brought same before the Parliament as the Constitution Bill. “But, if the Constitutional Council passed it with a two thirds majority, the same would be taken before the Cabinet of Ministers and Cabinet in turn would bring same before Parliament as the Constitution Bill. Thereafter Parliament could make a decision and then go for a referendum.”

    He said that this could not be done instantly or divide the country. “There is no secret here,” the Premier said. “Now what we have got to do is to continue on. Most important here is that all the parties submitted their report for the first time. In 1972, the Federal Party did not participate. In 1978, the Tamil Liberation Front did not participate while the SLFP left after submitting a report. The package of G.L.Peiris was not agreed to and Tissa Vitharana’s one was not agreed with too.”

    He queried should this process that was participated by all despite their differences be aborted or continued on. There are issues yet and we have to discuss and go forward.

    The PM said from the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Pact the issues propped up. “When the Sinhala language was made the official language there was an issue with the Tamils and Rata Sabah. It proved a failure. The the Dudley- Chelvanayagam Pact was signed. At that time a Budddhist monk died in a protest and it came to an end,” Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said. “When the late J.R.Jayewardene formulated the 1978 Constitution the Tamil Liberation Front said that they had a mandate for a separate state. However, they participated in the District Development Sabha and asked for more powers. Although J.R. Jayewardene gave them, the others objected. If those additional powers were given to the District Development Sabha, we wouldn’t have had to face this today’s situation.”

    Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said that when the 13th Amendment was brought about there was criticism that the country would be divided, yet the Supreme Court maintained that the Unitary Status would be protected. “Those who criticized accept it today,” the Premier said.

    “The war was over yet the issue is not over and has been extended to the Muslims too. Not only the Muslims, but the Mahanayake of the Malwatta Chapter had to face the situation too. But now lets go further. Lets discuss and find the best solution,”the Prime Minister said.

    He further said that they were not there to wipe out the Sinhala Buddhists while being Sinhala Budddhists and to destroy the country’s unitary status. He said the Constitutional Assembly was not Maithripala Sirisena or Ranil Wickremesinghe, but all as a whole. Therefore, all should get together and have the honour of accomplishing it. He added that suggestions of all the parties should be heeded to.

    “For example take the proposals of the Joint Opposition. They say that they suggest, as the Mahanayake Theras state, that a Constitution should not be formulated that affects the unitary status of country and the status accorded to Buddhism. Not only the JO, we too agree with it,” the Premier said.

    At this stage the Joint Opposition members began to shout.

    “When we agree the JO disagees with our stance. See what happens to the Mahanayake Theras”. “The JO suggests that an environment should be created for all Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils to live peacefully, protecting the country’s unitary status. Even the Opposition Leader agrees, but not the JO. The other proposal of the JO is that the supremacy of the people should be protected .We too agree with that.”

    “We are ready to consider to allow Section 5 of the 1978 Constitution to go unchanged as the JO suggests, We can protect Buddhism. Their proposal that the provinces should not be merged can be discussed as it cannot be done without the peoples’ mandate. Once you suggested to divide the country as Ruhunu, Maya, Pihiti and we agree if the people agree to do so,” the Premier said. “Another proposal was that the Presidential system should be changed and we can discuss it too. Another proposal was to elect the Prime Minister within the Parliament and it can be done. The other proposal that the Opposition Leader should be elected within the Opposition in Parliament. But Prasanna disagrees with their own proposal. That is not our issue.”

    The Premier stated that he also readily agrees with the JO’s proposal that the Provincial Council system should not be a threat to the unitary status. “We too try to fulfill the pledge of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to grant 13 plus, protecting the country’s unitary status,” the Premier said. “The other proposal is that the powers of Local Government institutions should be increased. I like it, but some Ven. monks do not agree. The proposal says that local businessmen should be strengthened. We agree and let us give back what was acquired from Daya Gamage to strengthen the local businessman.”

    The Prime Minister proposed, since the government agrees with the proposals of the Joint Opposition he would invite them to work together to make the effort fruitful.

  8. ranjit Says:

    A man who has lost elections 21 times is a loser always. He is only a joker and a liar and now seems to be a thief according to the news because of the central bank scam. He is a trickster and a manipulator who has a magic wand in his hand. He is a man once promised to give half of the country to most brutal terrorist Prabakaran. He acts as per his master’s voice Americano. Say” No” to the new constitution and help to free our land from Gringos and the Indian parasites.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lanka must take a lesson from what has happened recently in breakaway Catalonia, in Spain (this is in the West that is trying to advice/control the situation in Lanka !). Similar situation in Spain, but the Lanka situation is far worse !

    Suggestions for Lanka :

    * Stopping all DEVOLUTION is the only answer.

    * Every citizen (including Tamils) become PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS of Lanka.

    * Lanka be led by a group of 5-8 proven PATRIOTS.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka’s greatest enemies are :

    * Cold Wars >> Colonisation >> Separatism

    * Climate Change

    Keep off those factors and guard Lanka, forever !

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