I draw you attention to the following article
Posted on November 6th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

Dear All,

I draw you attention to the following article

Tamilstan, Muslimstan or Federalism?

ColomboTelegraph 6. 11. 2017 by Dr Jagath Asoka (An Indiana or Lankan?) Pl read the article first to find out who this idiot is?

This is one among many responses to this letter by one Rajash / November 5, 2017 23:35 appeared below that letter.

Need to neutralize the Sinhala Buddhist image and influence. Cancel Poya days as holiday. Find out exactly on which date Buddha attained Nirvana and make that day only a holiday (like Christmas if you wish). De-robe all the thugs in saffron. Destroy all Budhha statues littering the country with crow droppings. Take away the prominence given to Sangha. All Sinhala Politicians to stop blaring Sri Lanka is Sinhala Bull shit country.

Where is the government? What is Maitree Sirisena doing? I can understand what Ranil the traitor is doing, for he is born to bring the nemesis for this Island nation.

I also copy a famous Sinhala verse in this backdrop I learnt as a child and I make a modest attempt to pen a modern version of the same situation below for your awakening and for you to relax a bit.

Vane gijindaya dutuvoth                Vanasaya

Linde panidaya vetunoth u            kaya

Atakin karawelaya atakin               penibeya

Marana tunak deka minisek peni keeya

(This I think is the pathetic predicament we are facing today as a Nation)

Uture koti relaya Eelam                       doladukaya

Batahira negenahira Marakkin             vanasaya (Wilpattuwa & Kuchchaveli See Sunday Divina

supplement p.1 feature by Tharanga Ratnaweera)   

Rata meda demalunata sinnakkara    deya

Janapati   gahanava    jatiye                 malaberaya



Gannata Indiyan sayure mutu              etaya

Porakathi batahirun ekatuwa                Bharataya

Sihalun Budusasuna karanata               avasanaya

Dangalathi, Tavama Sihalun maranidi  vaedaya


Despalu horun rata gena neti                 adaraya

Dhana bala aragalaye diva re                yedilaya

Muradev deye ada walanda                  setapeya

Rata deya rekiimata kisiveku                  netiseya


Aiyo Mage rata deya den                       avasanaya

Lakmava handai welapei muta             waralasaya

Heladeya budusasuna maranaye         abhiyasaya

Rata deya vina karana neti  deya         abhimanaya

Wehi neti hena hathak mun hisa          vediyutuya


3 Responses to “I draw you attention to the following article”

  1. Dr.K Says:

    දැන් ශ්‍රී ලංකාව පාළු ගෙයක් වගේ . පාළු ගෙයි වළන් බිඳිනවා වගේ වැඩ දැන් රට ඇතුලේ සිද්ද වෙන්නෙ .
    දේශප්‍රේමී නායකයෙක් එහි නැත

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Never say die, Sudath. If the y’palana gang are allowed by the Sinhalese to implement this dog’s recommendations , they certainly deserve all the harmful consequences that will follow. As a writer and senior citizen, you are doing what you can to prevent such an eventuality. That’s enough. What more can a person do? But we must not give up our anti-federalist struggle until the bitter end.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Don’t take these LOSERS too seriously. This is called INFERIORITY COMPLEX particularly AFTER the NANTHIKADAL HAMMERING.

    There is nothing the govt. can do about this. These LOSERS that wrote such RACIST nonsense are probably living in another country away from govt. control.

    Even Tamilians don’t take them seriously! Tamils fear another NANTHIKADAL HAMMERING.

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