Tamil demand for unfair and unreasonable power – due to Sinhala stupidity, complacency, ignorance and infighting
Posted on November 9th, 2017

Chanaka Bandarage

The British ruled Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) for 150 years. During that period both the Sinhalese and the Tamils lived as British subjects. There are no records that the Tamils like now were then demanding more power for themselves.

When Sri Lanka received independence in 1948, the British acknowledged that the North and the East are parts of the Sri Lankan state and never contemplated an India/Pakistan type partition to give the North to the Tamils (this was their unequivocal acknowledgement that Sri Lanka has always been a One Nation). The Tamils never made such a demand – that the North be given exclusively to them. Though they now make a loud claim that they want more power, the Tamils knew it was a futile attempt to demand special powers or a separate state from the British (in a letter dated 30 April 1964 to his Tamil friend C Suntharalingam, Lord Saulbury (Sri Lankan  government minister between 1931 and 1941, architect of the Ceylonese Constitution in 1944 and the Governor-General of Ceylon between 1949 and 1954) stated …. I do not believe that other federal or autonomous Tamil State will work. Federation is cumbersome and difficult to operate – and an autonomous Tamil State would not be viable.”

Historically, the Sinhalese have shown that they are brilliant in defending their land, culture and religion from various enemy powers. That is why powerful foreign invaders have been chased away by the Sinhalese to where they originally came from.

Most recently we defeated the most powerful terrorist outfit of the recent world, the LTTE.

Since about 275 BC we have been subjected to Tamilnadu invasions, commencing from Elara. We suffered terribly under Soli (සොලී), Pallava and Kalinga-Magha invasions. They caused enormous destruction to the country.  The Sinhalese civilizations in the North, North Central, Wayamba and Eastern provinces were decimated by these invading forces.

The irony is that we Sinhalese tend to show lethargy in safeguarding our existing rights and privileges. We tend to act only after something adverse had happened to us.  Until then we would act as if no harm would come to us. Any impending dangers, we consider them as  trivial and/or unimportant. Seldom would we take precautions before an adverse outcome. This is a marked contrast to how the West acts, especially the English speaking West. They plan and act well in advance, so when conflicts, calamities arrive, they are well prepared.

We tend to accommodate unfair requests made to us by mischievous forces.  We tend to blindly believe in false promises made to us by different elements.  Due to this, we often make our own downfall.

Sadly, we have   shown an inferiority complex to western cultures; and we tend to belittle our own rich Sinhalese, Buddhist culture. The whole world is amazed by our rich Sinhalese civilization (our hydraulic engineering technology was such that we were able to pump water to top of the Sigiriya rock), but, we underestimate and care less about our own marvels/achievements. In the recent past we deliberately omitted our rich history from our school history books.  To please some, we purposely distorted versions of our own history; for example, to say that we are not descendants of Vijaya and the Ramayanaya mythology is a truth (this allowed the separatists to claim that King Ravana was a Tamil and that he existed before Vijaya in Sri Lanka). Some of our leaders have publicly despised the country and the people. Even today when two upper middle class Sinhalese meet for the first time, they tend to talk to each other in  English.  There seems to be shame attached to talk in Sinhalese.

We have developed these bad habits due to the ‘brain washing’ of us by the British imperialists.  The British were adamant that after they left  the island there will be a band of ‘Kalu Suddos’ who will continue with their way of thinking and living. It is the ‘Kalu Suddos’ who dwell on class distinctions to garner unfair upper hand for themselves over others. They work against treating people based on merit. Most of the time these people are less patriotic.

We are well aware that there were Sinhalese, sometimes Sinhalese leaders, who connived with the Tamil Tigers. As a result our brave armed forces suffered.

In regards to overseas enemy forces, when we realise that we have been tricked by them, it had often been too late.  By then, we had paid a huge price for our mistakes.

This rationale applies to the current proposals to amend the Constitution.  The Sinhalese have still not understood the danger of giving Land and Police powers to the racist Northern Provincial Government. There are several other dangerous elements in the current proposals, but giving away these two powers is the most dangerous.

It is important to bear in mind that giving such important powers to the racist Northern Provincial Council would amount to assisting them in creating the Tamil Eelam. They are patiently waiting for that opportunity to arise.

Why should we knowingly participate in such a ‘suicidal’ act? Once the country is divided, unlike in the past, it will be impossible to claim it back (our sovereignty and territorial integrity).

These dangers have been well articulated in the writer’s recent articles published in this website.

Some of the ‘foolish’ past exercises by the Sinhalese are:

  • Gave away our land to the Portuguese

The king of Kotte, Dharma Parakramabahu (6th Parakramabahu), wanted to be too nice to the sea warrior Lorenzo De Almeida; he was extremely anxious to enter into a treaty with the Portuguese. Upon the Portuguese’s first arrival in the country, he immediately allowed them  to establish settlements in Colombo including erecting a Catholic chapel inside the Colombo Port, and he agreed to gift a large quantity of cinnamon every year to Portugal (about 200,000 pounds). The King gifted two tusked  calf elephants  to the Portuguese King.  To consume during their return voyage to Portugal, the King gave them large numbers of live fowl and fresh fruit that included bananas, mangoes, pineapple and king coconuts. (the king’s cabinet comprised of four of his brothers).

It is reported that Lorenzo De Almeida could not believe what they achieved in their first trip.  To celebrate, he ordered the firing of several rounds of ships’ artillery into the air. The Colombo residents were so terrified about the gunfire; it was for the first time they had experienced anything like that.  They fled their dwellings in large numbers and hid in bushlands.

The upshot of the King’s good gesture was that the Portuguese soon established power in parts of the country and ruled us for nearly 150 years.

The Portuguese during their reign burnt down Buddhist temples, pirivenas, and libraries and Catholicism was basically forcibly imposed upon the coastal  Buddhists. Lots of inducements were given to people who converted themselves from Buddhism to Catholicism; and to those who took  up Portuguese names.

  • Handed over the Kandyan kingdom to the British on a platter

Despite vehement attempts, for over 300 years, the Portuguese and the Dutch failed to conquer the Kandyan kingdom.

For closer to 20 years, hundreds of British troops sacrificed their lives in several of their unsuccessful attempts to capture the Kandyan kingdom. Each of their attempts was unsuccessful. But, in 1815,  the aristocratic Sinhala, Buddhist leaders of the Upcountry conspired with the British and brought down their own rule in Kandy. The foolish Sinhalese leaders thought that after removing the Thelengu King, the British would hand power to them. The British always had other ideas.

The Sinhala-British pact that was signed (the Kandyan Convention), the British did not respect/honour the document; one could say they  regarded it useless than the paper it was written on. When the Sinhalese realised the mistake and their foolish act, all was too late. We had to wait for a further 133 years to regain the freedom.

The Kandyan aristocrats did not seem to have the intelligence/wisdom to fathom that the British rule would be more torturous than that of the King’s. When they realised the real brutality of the British immediately after the pact, all was too late. Many thousands of innocent Sinhala Buddhists, notably in Wellassa (current Uva province), were massacred by the British from 1815 to 1818.  They even killed some of the aristocrats who helped them to capture power, including Weera Keppetipola, who was a signatory to the Kandyan Convention.  Keppetipola, albeit too late, led a spectacular rebellion against the British in 1818. When he had initial victories, he handed the captured British weaponry back to the British (this is something a military leader would never do). The British accepted their weapons back and used them to suppress the Sinhalese rebellion. Even the main aristocratic leader, Ehelepola, was captured and imprisoned in Mauritius by the British.

The British ruthlessly repulsed a 2nd Sinhalese rebellion spearheaded by Weera Puran Appu, in 1848 (the then Governor Viscount Torrington in a letter to Earl Grey, the Secretary of State for War and the Colonies in London dated 9 October 9 1849 stated I remind you of the last words of Puranappu. He held up his hands and said if there had been half a dozen such men as me to lead, there would not be a white man living in the Kandyan Province. This is true. If there had been such leaders, without doubt for a time we should have lost the country.”

  • The manner and way which the ‘Sinhala Only’ policy was enacted in 1956

Until 1956 the Tamils did not make major demands from the Sinhalese demanding more power etc. They knew they had no standing to make a claim for more power.

Until SWRD Bandaranaike crossed over from the UNP and formed the SLFP in 1952, the Sinhalese had only one main political party – the UNP (true there were minor parties like LSSP and CP, but they were insignificant).

The creation of the SLFP marked the beginning of the infighting between the Sinhala people– the continuous fights/killings between them – ‘the Green shirts’ and ‘the Blue shirts’.

As a result, the Sinhala vote was divided into two, favouring the minorities who reaped the benefits at elections.

In 1952, Bandaranike was already 53 years old.  An extremely ambitious man from an extremely powerful family (his father, Sir Solomon Bandaranaike, was the ‘Maha Mudliyar’ under the British. After the British Governor, he held the highest and most powerful position in the country).  Bandaranaike realised that he had no chance of becoming the Prime Minister if he stayed in the UNP. At that time DS Senananayake was well liked by the people and his son, Dudley (41), was groomed as the next Prime Minister.

In the 1956 general election SWRD Bandaranike exclusively used the ‘race card’ to come to power. He knew by causing a division in the Sinhala electorate, he could win the election; and so he did win.

Bandaranike’s main election promise was that he will make Sinhala the official language if he won power.

But, after he won the election, he ‘forgot’ his promise. When staunch protests were initiated by Sinhala nationalists, especially by the Buddhist monks,  Bandaranaike had no other alternative but to introduce legislation to legalise his ‘Sinhala Only’ policy. The Act was passed by a majority in the parliament in 1956. But, Bandaranaike could not live with his nationalist policy for too long.  The pressure put on him by SJV Chelvanayakam (Leader of the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi) was too much, he signed the Bandaranike – Chelvanayakam pact (Banda – Chelva pact) in 1957. This gave equal status to both Sinhala and Tamil languages and covered a broad range of areas.  Effectively, what the two leaders consented was to have a federal administrative system in Sri Lanka.

The Banda – Chelva pact infuriated the Sinhala Buddhists.  When there were mass protests in the country against the pact and hundreds of Buddhist monks camped outside of Bandaranike’s Rosmead Place residence,  he went out of his house and met the monks and promised them that he will abrogate the Banda-Chelva pact.  He tore a document before the monks.

However, the Banda – Chelva pact resurfaced in 1959  and there were rumors that he was going to implement it.  On 26 September 1959 Ven Thalduwe Somarama (47) shot dead Bandaranaike. Some believe Somarama killed Bandaranike due to the latter’s ‘treacherous act’ and there is justification to hold this belief. After shooting Bandaranaike, Somarama  is alleged to have uttered the words  ‘රට, ජාතිය, ආගම’ (‘country, race and religion’) several times.  These were the words of an extreme nationalist.

It may perhaps be that Bandaranaike implemented the ‘Sinhala Only’ policy in good faith, but, he did it in such a hasty, insensitive  manner  without giving regard to the concerns of the minority. He had no idea how the minorities will accept and react to his most controversial policy.

When he realised that he had erred, he backtracked and promised federalism to Tamils. This was moving from one extreme, to another, within a short period of time.

Basically, it was a policy that bungled from the very beginning. For this, the country has paid a huge price.

As can be understood, the new policy infuriated the minorities. The hardest hit community was the Burghers. They had good positions before, they knew that they will have no future under the new policy and sought ways to leave the country. Many migrated to various European countries,  especially to Australia. Today, we have a very few Burghurs living in the country. The Bhoras, Parsis, Sinds and the few Jews who tremendously contributed to the country’s economy also left the country.

The Tamils began to think that they were being treated as 2nd class citizens by the Sinhalese. There was justification to that belief. Tamil leaders like Chelvanayakam and GG Ponnambalam who were waiting for mistakes to be caused by the Sinhalese leaders used the opportunity to their maximum advantage – to fight for their new demand, federalism.

The first Sinhala Tamil riots happened in 1958, under Bandaranaike’s watch.

The Muslims were also affected by the new policy, but like the Tamils they did not react to it aggressively.

  • Vadukoddai Resolution

We are today giving too much deference to a ‘Vadukoddai Resolution’ which was a Chelvanayakam gimmick. Any adult who lived in 1976 would say that such a Resolution was unheard of at that time. In 1976 we had the Nonaligned summit conference, the then Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike  would not have allowed Chelvanayakam to run amok during that time.

Chelvanayakam who was only an MP (leader of the TULF) at that time had no power to pass  a Resolution.  Such a Resolution has no legal validity in Sri Lanka. It is true Chelvanayakam met few people under a tree in Vadukoddai and discussed things – it is us, the Sinhalese including some patriots, who try to give enormous significance to this minor event.

Prabhakaran who was setting up his organisation to create a separate state shot dead Alfred Durraiappah, the Mayor Jaffna, in 1975 – before the Chelvanayakam’ s Resolution in 1976.

Chelvanayakam, born in Malaysia, was a shrewd, manipulative campaigner. Cunning to the core, he used the mistakes that the  Sinhalese leaders did to his maximum advantage – to work towards federalism and since 1976 to achieve a separate state. He died in 1977.

Chelvanayakam’ s  teaching to his subordinates  was ‘little now, more later’. This has been  practised by all democratically elected Tamil leaders, including the present Tamil leaders.

After 1956, the  mild mannered Sinhalese leaders did not know how to handle Chelvanayakam and the most aggressive Tamil leaders who followed him, most of them made most unfair demands.

But, the Sinhalese leaders were always very capable in suppressing the Sinhalese dissent, sometimes most ruthlessly and brutally (eg in 1971 and 1988 – 91). This trend in the South continues to this day.

  • Prabhakaran

In mid 1970s  and in early 1980s the Sri Lankan armed forces arrested Prabhakaran few times (at least on two occasions). It was our own leaders who allowed him to slip away to India. No serious attempts were made to demand his extradition to Sri Lanka. The price that the country paid for these foolish mistakes is enormous.

  • 1978 Constitution

This Constitution effectively gave  dictatorial type powers to the country’s head of state. Since 1978, the Office of the Executive President has grown up to become a gigantic establishment. It is a white elephant in its own right. Billions of rupees are allocated every year to maintain the Office.

There is a wrong perception among the populace that to curb future terrorism we must have an executive president in the country and there is no other solution . Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranike crushed the 1971 insurgency without having Presidential powers.

What Sri Lanka needs is a strong central government. The Current executive Presidency should be abolished and the position of a non -executive President should be created. He/she should be elected by the vote of the Parliament. The power to dismiss a provincial government should be vested with the non-executive President (not the Prime Minister), upon considering a report submitted to him/her by the Governor of the province in question. Appointment of Governors to the provinces must be made concurrently by the Prime Minister and the non-executive President.

Ideally, all the provincial councils should be abolished (repeal the 13th Amendment).  This is difficult now given that the Northern Provincial Council is created and well established. But, for a brave, intelligent and a visionary leader, this task is still possible. It is a matter of convincing the citizens, India and the international community as to why this must happen.

  • Re Amending the Constitution, the following must also be followed

+ Scrap the current preferential voting system and re-introduce the ‘one person one vote’ system (scrap the ‘Manapa’ system and allow each voter to elect their own Member of the Parliament based on Constituency)

+ Abolish the anti-democratic Chit MP system (National List)

+ Scrap the proposal to introduce a new Constitutional Court; the current powers of the Supreme Court should not be curtailed

+ Must not meddle with the current Chapter II, Article 9 of the Constitution that gives prominence to Buddhism (‘The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).’).

+ Scrap any intention to hold a Referendum on the Constitutional proposals as the separatists will use the result to form a new country based on customary international law (eg. East Timor, South Sudan examples and now Catalonia).

  • 1983 riots

In 1983 the then government paid a blind eye allowing race riots against our Tamil brethren to spread.

Separatist Tamils capitalised and created a massive worldwide wrongful perception against the Sinhalese  – that they are mongrels who brutalise the innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka. The governments failed to clear their names from these most serious allegations.

In July 1983, it is the Sinhalese who rescued and helped Tamils. There is hardly a Sinhala family that did not sympathize and/or assisted the Tamils. But, we failed to ‘market’ the noble deeds of the Sinhalese. We allowed a bad perception to be created and spread.

In fact, it is the Sinhalese who invented the terminology – Black July’, now universally accepted as the term to refer the ‘massacre of innocent Tamils by the Sinhalese in 1983’. The Sinhalese continuously use the terminology giving it more legitimacy – that they butchered innocent Tamils, when what they actually did was rescuing the innocent Tamils from trouble. Greedy mobs consisted of Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims robbed and looted Tamil shops and houses in various parts of the country.

We have not been successful in articulating to the world that since 1983 there were so many terrorism related incidents in Sri Lanka, including the killing of the country’s head of state, the Sinhalese did not harm a single Tamil over those incidents.

  • Vadamarachchi operation

In 1986 during Vadamarachchi operation we almost defeated the LTTE with Prabhakaran being cornered in his native Valvetithurai. But, the then leadership panicked due to a foreign government threat and disbanded  the entire operation, allowing Prabhakaran and his cohorts to escape.

  • 1987 pact

In 1987 the country signed the Indo Lanka Accord, a stupid move by the then leadership. Therein, we foolishly  acknowledged  that the North and East are traditional Tamil areas, and agreed to the merger of the North and the Eastern provinces. The merger was removed by the bold judgement of Sarath N Silva (the Chief Justice in 2006).

  • 2002 Ceasefire Agreement

This was a foolish exercise. The Agreement executed between the government and the LTTE was extremely detrimental to the country.  It threatened the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The fear is that some of the same architects are now involved in promoting the proposed amendments to the Constitution.

  • Failure to disband the 13th Amendment

When there were opportunities available to disband the provincial council system, especially in 2009 (soon after the war) and 2012, our leaderships failed to use those situations and disband them. The leaderships have failed to acknowledge that the useless provincial councils are huge white elephants that the country cannot afford to sustain.

It is clear that the country’s leaders want the provincial councils to stay and prosper. They can then nominate their family members and henchmen to run for the offices. The provincial councils are a good platform for corruptors who are eager to make money by hook or by crook.

Now, there is the attempt to  double the number of members of the Provincial Councils, Pradeshiya Sabhas and Municipal councils, without giving regard to the enormous costs that these changes would affect the country.

Sri Lanka has too many layers of governments; it is one the highest governed nations of the world.

  • Unfair criticism of Sri Lanka in regards to the last stages of the war

The then government failed to rebut the fabricated war crimes allegations that were made against Sri Lanka including the allegation that Sri Lanka killed 40,000 Tamil civilians during the last stages of the war. These allegations still stand and are alive. The government between 2007 – 2009 conducted the war so well and totally annihilated the Tamil Tiger terrorists, but it simply did not know how to handle/respond to the most unfair and adverse criticisms that were made against it by the West. One of the strangest things is as to why the then government failed to promptly respond to the serious, wrongful accusations made against it by the Darusman Report.

It is a fact that our armed forces did not indiscriminately kill innocent Tamil civilians.

What is difficult to fathom is why our governments are so scared to tell this truth to the whole world loudly and clearly.

According to the North’s grama sevaka reports, the 7,000 odd civilians who are recorded as dead during the last stages of the war period were those who died of natural reasons.

This writer’s organisation made initiatives to challenge the lies propagated by Channel 4 of the UK in foreign courts, they were not provided with the necessary evidential support that the government initially promised. We were basically left helpless after so much work was undertaken.

  • Release of the deadly LTTE cadres to the society, closing of military camps in the North and the East

After the war, governments in the name of reconciliation have released deadly ex terrorists to the society and have closed or reduced many military camps in the North and the East. Some of the tasks have been carried out recklessly. The fundamental responsibility of the governments is to provide protection to its innocent citizens and to ensure that a terrorist war that was just completed  would never emerge. The governments have not acted responsibly  in this matter.

We should not be surprised if majority of the military camps in the North are shut down in the foreseeable future.

What should have been done was to establish a Criminal Justice Commission to prosecute both ex tigers and errant military personnel (if any).  We are paying a huge price for this lapse.

  • TNA

Foolishly we continue to believe that the TNA is genuine when they say they want to live in One Sri Lanka. These leaders when overseas speak in a different language and tone. They talk against the country.  When overseas they espouse separation. They make fabricated claims that Tamils are being discriminated in Sri Lanka (this writer has confronted them in foreign western forums, the TNA leaders have then retracted). Even most recently, when Prince Al Hussein, head of OHCHR visited Sri Lanka, the TNA remonstrated to him that a separate entity should be created for them in the North and the East.

It seems we have forgotten that during the war years, it is the TNA that acted as the LTTE proxy in the parliament.

  • Sinhalese in the North

We have failed to allow the Sinhalese to live in the North and the East. The South has become extremely crowded with growing populations. In the City of Colombo the three major communities live almost in equal numbers now (it used to be about 70% Sinhala). Plenty of habitable land for all the people is located in the North and the East (1/3 of the country and 2/3  of the country’s sea coast).  But, the Sinhalese are denied of settling in those areas.  Even the traditional Sinhalese settlers (eg 2nd generation Tamil speaking Sinhalese of Jaffna) have not been allowed to resettle in the North and the East.

The Tamils live in all parts of the country. It is very discriminatory to disallow the Sinhalese from living in the North and the East.

The Sinhalese parliamentarians have kept silent on this most important issue.

Please refer to the writer’s recent articles about this, published in this website.

  • Sinhala Diaspora and the Sinhalese in the South

When Tamil diaspora in their thousands flock in western countries to promote their separatist cause, very few Sinhalese diaspora come to voice the Sinhala side of the story. Sinhalese living in the western world would flock in thousands to a Buddhist  temple for an event, but only a handful of them would attend a patriotic function. Most of the Sinhalese living in the West are not concerned about the importance of articulating the truth to the world.  For excuse they say they cannot sanction the actions of the Sri Lankan governments that are predominantly corrupt; this is not a good excuse to not come in support of one’s mother country. The Sinhalese living in the country seem disinterested about the proposals to amend the Constitution. There is very little discourse among them about the subject. It seems they are content that the war is now over and that they are safe from bombs. The fact that there is a real chance that a Tamil Eelam could be created as a result of the current proposals to amend the Constitution  has not yet invaded their psyche. This is a serious and a sad situation.

The writer is a Lawyer. srilankasupportgroup@bigpond.com

53 Responses to “Tamil demand for unfair and unreasonable power – due to Sinhala stupidity, complacency, ignorance and infighting”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil demand for unfair and unreasonable power – Definitely for Sinhela People .

    Naalai pirakku TE !!!!

    Live & let’s live in Bhuddist Sinhela island until Eelam war V !!!

  2. Charles Says:

    I have written many articles to Lankaweb about the Tamil question. Tamils in Sir Lanka are a special species. They will never want to integrate with the Sinhala people like the Tamils in Malaysia, Singapore or in the Western Countries.

    This is because the Tamils in Sri Lanka have been pampered too much by successive governments. . We should make the west shut up about reconciliation and treat the Sri Lanka Tamils as a minority community and make them be a part of the Sri Lanka people and make them stop making further demands for devolution of power or to have separate regions for them selves. It was a mistake to have made Tamil another Official Language. It was wrong to have made them sing the national anthem in Tamil. It was wrong to have the two stripes in green nd orange on the National Flag.

    If they do not listen they should be made to listen by using force. There should be more Military Camps and the Police in the North and East. And we should settle Sinhala people in the two provinces. Wigneswaran should be arrested and put in Prison. Sumanthiran, Sivajalingam and Sumandiram should be warned not to make dissenting separatist speeches to Tamil people.

  3. Charles Says:

    The 13A should be removed from the Constitution and stop this stupid, idiotic unpatriotic Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena and Ranil from writing a New Constitution which would be the end of Sinhala Culture, religion and the Uniqueness of Sri Lanka.

  4. Charles Says:

    SA Kumar, We are not asking you not to live with us, we ask you to be just another Sri Lankan like the Sinhala. and live with us sharing everything with all other people in the country. Be a Sri Lankan live in the North and east like you live in Colombo, Kandy and elsewhere in the South. Why do the Tamils wants to be different ?

    Just be what you are like another Sri Lankan. Like the Tamils in Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Norway,France and USA. You do not ask for devolution of power there,, you do not ask Tamil to be the official language, you do not ask for separate regions with Police and Land powers ?

    But why all that in Sri Lanka ?

  5. Senerath Says:

    You said “…treat the Sri Lanka Tamils as a minority community and make them be a part of the Sri Lanka people and make them stop making further demands for devolution of power or to have separate regions for them selves., and that is exactly what Lee Kuan Yew did. That is exactly waht ANY of our leaders didn’t do. Agreed ?

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    integrate with the Sinhala people like the Tamils in Malaysia, Singapore or in the Western Countries.- Sorry to say My sinhela sakodaraya this is your fundamental mistake about We-Ilankai Tamilar .

    We are not foreigner ( no from TN/Kerala) like Malaysian, Singaporien,Fiji,or even Estate Tamils , We are Eelavr in Sinhela, Hela people who speck delima like you Hela people who speck sinhela as their mother tang .

    when you come to integrate – We both never ever integrate for last 2,500 years or more according to Mahavamsam so how can expect now .

    Loggu Banda & Sinna Thambi lived in Sinhela island at least since Eelara time but never integrate to today.

    New Constitution which would be the end of Sinhala Culture, religion and the Uniqueness of Sri Lanka.- as a honest mother Lanka me to agreed with you, but good side is according to our 2,500 year history Sinhela history bounce back because I personaly believe YOUR Dharma(m) & OUR Karma(M).

    so why this kolaveri, live & let’s live in united Sinhela Lanka until Eelam war V (need to keep jimal talk otherwise We both know you will start your 1956 to 1983 Demila baila ) .

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Tamils’ problem is they can never have enough and never be happy. This is due to religions they are following.
    They live all over the country without any problem. But they want a tamils only north and the east. They don’t
    want to be Sri Lankans. Their hearts, minds and loyalties are in hell hole tn.

    First lot was brought by the dutch
    to work in tobacco plantations in the north and the east. The second lot by the british to work in tea plantations. The
    third lot was the kallathonis who crossed during the 60s save their lives from the severe famine in tn. Now all of them
    with 1000s of years history with kingdoms (mythical of course, which exist only in books and www.) etc. Some
    even have the audacity call Sinhalese came after them. Their ungratefulness is well documented and we are not

    Then there is another dimension to their problems. Their cast system infested society’s low caste people
    fight against the government and hey bingo all the high caste guys start respecting them. That is what the barrel
    man hitler mala paharan did. So keep fighting and you get more and more. All these ungrateful guys
    are following religions of conveniences which don’t regard killing, lying, stealing etc. etc as sins. So the lies coming
    from these sinners not going to make them two legged creatures in their next lives. Good for Mother Lanka!

    Catholic run UNPatriotic party divide the Sinhalese and make tamils and mussies king makers. The traitors know
    Sinhalese are divided. So they keep trying to dismember Mother Lanka while keeping Colombo intact as well. What
    these ungrateful people don’t realise is now the fast multiplying mussies taking over north and east. Where these ungrateful
    people going to run to? Of course to the Sinhalese knowing they can be trusted. I’m sure Sinhala modayas will help
    them only to be back stabbed later on.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya

    First lot & The second lot all fine but My sinhela sakodaraya TN in only 15 miles away from Kachcha Theevu
    so before 1505 We-Tamil did not know how to cross 15 sea miles ???

    Now you know why We call you M……

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Singhalese must get their act together. This INFIGHTING must stop. There is no time.

    All these politicians are ENDIAN WORSHIPERS.

    1. MR
    2. MS
    3. RW

    Hoping them to save SL is only good for SINGHALA MODAYAS. I feel pity for the Singhalese. They have no leader.

  10. Christie Says:

    Ceylon is not different to Fiji. The Indian Colonial Parasites mainly Tamils came to Ceylon after 1792. This is the most important fact in the time frame.

  11. Christie Says:

    These Indian Colonial Parasites are not different to all other Indian colonial parasites who went to British Dominions on the back of the British Imperialists. They did not take these parasites to colder dominions like Falklands, Australia, Canada, OZ and NZ. Burma has kicked out another lot of Indian Colonial Parasites like ours. Idi Amin kicked out some in 1984 from Uganda. All Indian Parasites and vermin should be returned to the Indian sub continent..

  12. Chanaka B Says:

    SA Kumar, I take it your ‘M’ means ‘Modaya’. Separatists often refer to us as ‘Modayas’. Robert Knox said ‘Sinhalaya Modaya kevum kanna Yodhaya’.

    In saying ‘Sinhala stupidity ….’, what I meant was certain stupid acts of our past leaders; for a moment I did not mean that the average Sinhalese is a ‘Modaya’. The fact that the Sinhalese are kind, hospitable, good hearted people who go out of their way to help others is sometimes misunderstood by others as Sinhalese being ‘Modayas’. The noble qualities that the Sinhalese possess is due to their Sinhala Buddhist upbringing. The Sinhalese can be categorised as a race that possess the highest qualities of humanity. Dishonest, Greedy outsiders take undue advantage of their noble qualities; this is what happened to us in 1505 and 1815 and many times since 1956.

  13. Christie Says:

    Hi Writer of the article and one commentator: Indian Colonial Parasites call Sinhalaya Modaya, Fijian Fools (referring to natives of Fiji) and Malays are Stupid; Malasian Airlines MAS. Then I don’t know where “Robert Knox said ‘Sinhalaya Modaya kevum kanna Yodhaya” ?.

    All Indians refer to us and others of their colonies as untouchables treat us as such.

  14. Christie Says:

    Hi ;

    Writer of the article and one commentator:

    Indian Colonial Parasites call Sinhalaya Modaya, Fijian Fools (referring to natives of Fiji) and Malays are Stupid; Malasian Airlines MAS.

    I don’t know where “Robert Knox said ‘Sinhalaya Modaya kevum kanna Yodhaya” ?.

    All Indians refer to us and others of their colonies as untouchables treat us as such.

  15. Charles Says:

    S.A.Kumar and Chanaka,

    Sinhala are not Modayas, it was our great Sinhala ancesters who built those great Tanks one even called the Parakrama samudra. They were the result of technical genius of the Sinhala. The Great Dagaba, and archtectural wonders of the ancient Sinhala which stand as witness to that glorious past are not the result of a people who can be called modayas even in jest .

    It is only the stupid Sri Lanka Tamils that keep calling Madayas to the Great Sinhala people. What has the Sri Lanka Tamils contributed to Sri Lanka in the past or at present that witness to their greatness ? They built their Kovils with frightening figures of demons decorating the temples to worship gods with elephant heads, some with many heads and hands, and blood thirsty evil Kali, with Hindu Tamils torturing themselves in the macabre forms of worship . They were thgieves , pluderes and treausure hunters then and even so to day. The Sinhala Buddhist Compassion and loving kindness they understood as the characters of Modayas. The Sinhala people tried to understand the Tamuils of Sri Lanka and had been reconciling with them even since 1948 hoping that some goodness could be squeezed out from their miserable dravidian physical form. But they are still the treasure hunters, plunderers and terrorists in different forms.

    Sinhala were Modayas to have accommodated them and treated them humanly expecting them to become human at some period of time in their lives. But will they ever ? We see how impossible to expect them to be human from the way Wigneswaran behaves and talks since he became the CM of NPC.

  16. Charles Says:

    I really wrote that in anger against the Tamils who I always invited to be part of the Greater Sri Lankan Community and share everything with out calling equality with the Majority. The Tamils are after all a 13 per cent of the total Population. I have met great Tamil people, and some of my friends are Tamils; some with whom I studied and others in Jaffna who received me and treated me like a member of their family. It is only the power crazy Tamil politicians that stop the Tamils from being the friends of the Sinhala.

  17. Chanaka B Says:

    I think I am wrong; the saying ‘සිංහලයා මෝඩයා,, කැවුම් කන්න යෝධයා’ came from our folklore. What Knox said was that kevum was the best sweet he had ever eaten. Sorry.

    Martin Wickramasinghe in his novels described the typical Sinhala Buddhist – eg, the Koggala fisherman who did not even want to harm an ant on the land. Kumar may say he is a Modaya; but …..

  18. Chanaka B Says:

    Thanks Charles. We have nothing against the Tamils, it is those who want separation and practice discrimination against the Sinhalese is the problem.

  19. Christie Says:

    Indians (Tamils happened to be the majority because 70 million of them just 20 miles away). These Parasites were responsible for making the British made India with outfits like Madras Regiments under the British. These Sepoys and other Indian Sepoys and Coolies and Peons were responsible for building the Indian-British Empire now the British Empire. These Indians are cunning and sly like their great Mahatma and MGR. The only solution for these parasites and hosts to live in peace is them to give up their high caste mentality and integrate with the host.

  20. Christie Says:

    ” Indian-British Empire now the British Empire. ”

    British-Indian Empire now the Indian Empire.

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    Chanaka B
    I take it your ‘M’ means ‘Modaya’- direct reply to Ancient Sinhalaya Only.
    the Sinhalese are kind, hospitable, good hearted people – 100% agreed We-Tamils know for 2,500 Years that why when ever Mother Lanka in critical time We-Tamil’s important people change the side to Sinhalese ( Personally I believe this is because of Your Dharma ) eg: OUR VP’s first commander Karuna Amman crossed to Sinhela forces in 2004.
    at lease now after May 2009 We-All knows Sinhalese are not Muddalkal.
    FYI, not only the Koggala fisherman, Chignhala forces from May 2009 who gave 3 meals for a day for 3 years to 297,000 We-Tamils who fought against them for 33 years & released all of them are not Sinhala Modayas .

  22. SA Kumar Says:

    I really wrote that in anger against the Tamils – cool…. I can understand your anger unfortunately We- Tamils are born to be the treasure hunters, plunderers and terrorists . you may thing what wrong with me to accept but truth is truth .
    but some extra ordinary talents We-Tamil have You Sinhelase knows very well. Time to time you utilised
    (eg: Dr Kumarasamy CB Chirman, formare Chief Justisy Sribavan etc…., )
    so tell me who is modayas ?????

    live & let’s live in United Bhuddist Sinhela Island for ever !!!

  23. Christie Says:

    It is not the Tamils; the problem is Hinduthwa and Indian imperialism and Colonialism. It was the Tamils who with the British East India Company started to make the Indian Empire we got today. Just two centuries ago there was no India but a collection of countries like Europe. Then these Indians went to Tropical British Dominions and colonized them. Now countries like Mauritius and Guyana are Indian States.

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    It is not the Tamils; the problem is Hinduthwa and Indian imperialism and Colonialism- 100% agreed but Are We both Mother Lankan doing to rectify ??? No , up to today We are following them snake follow it master music instrument.
    We-Tamil got Training & arms to fight against you in eighties , now You sinhalese are getting now to fight against We-Tamils (eg: why Indian flag is flying in Jaffna , is it part of India ????)

    Modayas & Sakkiliyas never learn (Charles this is my anger against You Sinhalese)

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    Due mainly to COLD WAR style politics all over world over a long period of time (1946-1991), the People of Lanka, mainly the rural Sinhala people (JVP) have suffered greatly too, along with mainly Tamil low CASTE folk.
    Tamil CASTE Wars and Colonisation have also contributed to the confusion and suffering.

    It is time to end all this, and work together to take the Country forward into a Unitary, United, and Secure Sri Lanka.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    work together to take the Country forward into a Unitary, United, and Secure Sri Lanka.- Agreed so that We need to rectify ( to find solution never repeat again) our 1956 to 1983 Demela baila & 1983 to 2009 Sinhela Theepavali !

    My solution
    settle 100,000 Bhuddist Sinhala family in Vanni & fully implement 13A&16A together.

  27. Senerath Says:

    SA Kumar,
    You can’t have anger against “Modayas” becuase of their lack of intelligence. What can they do ?
    But you certainly can be angry on Sakkiliyas, because they think they are smart and do stupid things and demand even more stupid things.
    Problem is you are only angry at “Modayas” even though you have acknoledged it is the fault of both sides. This is the “Sakkili” nature.
    Only thing Sakkiliya has succeeded is to make the “modayas” to do “sakkili” things. It makes it worse.

  28. Senerath Says:

    You don’t have to read a lot to understand Sinhalese and Tamil mentality. Read the comments here.
    Charles being a devout Buddhist was able to see that anger arose ( even though after action happened). So far I have never read a single Tamil acknowledge the fact that their fight for Elam is unjustifiable and worng. Becuase, if someone did that publically, he will be killed by Tamils. ( sakkiliya attitude).
    It is unfortunate even Sinhalaya has aquired such cruel attitude nowadays.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    The solution you propose is ‘dead on arrival’ … sorry.

    The ILLEGAL 13-A MUST BE REMOVED, sooner the better. It is a most divisive piece of legislation. No good has come from it.

    I think you mean the 6-A, not “16-A”. The 6-A has never been activated, and not likely to be activated in the future either. Therefore, all the more reason to remove the ILLEGAL 13-A.

    The earlier Sinhala & Muslim people of the N&E chased out by the LTTE, should be allowed to return there, if they want to. Also new comers from the South if they want to go to the N&E. However, first the 13-A must go. Tamil folk can live anywhere on the island, so must the Others of Lanka.

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    “So far I have never read a single Tamil acknowledge the fact that their fight for Elam is unjustifiable and worng.”


    Some Tamils say it is WRONG but they don’t say it is UNJUSTIFIABLE. They try to JUSTIFY it by saying 1956, 1983 and other BS.

    There are VERY CUNNING TAMILS who would say their fight for Elam is unjustifiable and wrong ONLY TO EXTORT FAVOURS for them or for TAMILS. These are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Tamil Elamists. I can name ONE like that among us. Even as a Tamil I see the danger of their proposals.

    But there are GOOD TAMILS who say and believe their fight for Elam is unjustifiable and wrong. Sene has not met them.

    They DO NOT make demands. A demanding Tamil is a racist Tamil Elamist in SHEEP CLOTHING. They have been sent by THALAIVAR to fool Singhalese, get rivers, tanks, kallathonis, etc. for Tamils and create divisions.

    Ever wondered why the FOX also survives in the HUNTING PREDATOR’S game???? Fox stands NO CHANCE against lions, tigers, bears, crocs, etc. BUT it is cunning.

  31. SA Kumar Says:

    Only thing Sakkiliya has succeeded is to make the “modayas” to do “sakkili” things. It makes it worse.- after all both of us from same mother Lankan family We need to sort out our family mater ourself if outsiders involve they only work for their benefit ( eg: Indian flag is flying in Jaffna not you Sinha kodiya or our Puli kodi)

    So far I have never read a single Tamil acknowledge the fact that their fight for Elam is unjustifiable and worng- 100% correct you know why ? ( I do not want modarater to not approve this comments my Sinhala Sakotharam Senerath)

  32. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    The solution you propose is ‘dead on arrival’ … sorry.- We-Tamil know very well as VP was deadly against it & kicked out IPKF even Indian offered NEP in gold plate because Velu want Thani TE no less no more .

    Divided Sinhela Island (Chignkala Theevu), is that you want Fran Diaz? not United Mother Lanka (13A &6A) .

  33. SA Kumar Says:

    Please sort out your yaluva .
    I can name ONE like that among us.- That is me, because I always Pro Eelamist & accept Our One & Only Thesiya Thalaiver is VP!

  34. Fran Diaz Says:


    It appears that you are undertaking promises you cannot keep when you say that what I suggested brings ‘divided Sinhela Island, not United Mother Lanka with 13-A & 6A’.

    Sri Lanka will divide further into independent Tamil Eelam if a Tamil Federal State is born – that follows almost automatically, as much as the V’koddai Resolution of 1976 said ‘Eelam thru’Violence’ and the LTTE went gung ho with their killing spree of nearly 30 yrs. >> supported by the INDIA by training of the LTTE cadre in Tamil Nadu, >> the imposing of hte 13-A ILLEGALLY on the JRJ govt. plus orchestrating the 1983 trumped up Riots thru’ INDIAN Envoy J.N. Dixit (aka then Vice-Roy of Lanka) >> large (nearly a Million in the west) Tamil Diaspora collected funds to support the LTTE and spreading lies, cheat & deceit to this day !

    No rational thinking in what you say. Sad !

  35. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    No rational thinking in what you say.- I fully understood your rational thinking federal follows almost automatically to TE.
    but I do not want to lie Yes Our present & future head of Tamils ( at present GGP’s grant son Gajenrakumar) will work to declare UD of TE as our first NEP CM did it than run to India , at end We-Tamil lost What we had (NEPC).

    that is reason I suggestion to implement 13A & 6A together ( like in India Union state & 16A same as our 6A) these two clause must implement together is same time .

    We all should work to Unite Mother Lanka , no short cut !!!! unfortunately We both know it never happen in our life time- Sad !

    hope & pray to our future generation –

  36. Christie Says:

    Indians in all tropical British Colonies are the same. They may come from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat or any other part of India. The are the colonists and Imperialists. They control the locals and the Local economy. They do not want to integrate. They will multiply like flies. Mauritius and Guyana are good examples. In our country they want the whole place. Whether these Indians are in the West or in the tropics they are the high caste. The Dalit or Untouchables were not allowed to leave their habitats even today. For them we are Dalit, Untouchables, Chandals and Sakkiliyas. In fact the Sinhalese who were the natives of Jaffna (Yapa Patuna) were reduced to Sakkiliyas by the Vellars who came to work for the British.

  37. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for a honest response.

    However, Lanka is a small sized country unlike INDIA which is about 50 times the size of Lanka. INDIA can impose rules such as PM Nehru’s Anti-Secessionist Law (1963) and no one interferes with that unlike the 6-A in Lanka. For some strange reasons, the 6-A has NEVER been implemented in Lanka – so there is not much hope there.

    Tamil folk must make Tamil Nadu a true Homeland for them without upsetting INDIA ?

  38. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    implementing 6A not depend size of country , realy specking it much easier in Our country than India because we only have only two/Three different language and 4 religen but India have many .

    Tamil folk must make Tamil Nadu a true Homeland- We-Ilankai Tamils never ever thing about TN or India as our Homeland.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say ‘We-Ilankai Tamils never ever thing(k) about TN or India as our Homeland’.

    If so, where is your Homeland ?
    If it is Sri Lanka, Lanka Tamils must behave as such and be PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS – NO DIVISION OF LANKA in any way. Be loyal to Lanka, and grow together.

    Otherwise, it is not Lanka that is your Homeland, but some place else, isn’t it ?


    Never forget that any separate Eelam with its own laws & rules will attract Tamils from TN. There are some 15 Million Tamil folk in TN who may want to leave TN, as CASTE is stated in their birth certificates, plus the INDIAN Census done on a CASTE base.

  40. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    If so, where is your Homeland ? Chignkala Theevu ( Sinhela Island) !

    Lanka( Ilankai) Tamils must behave as such and be PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS- We are & as always thats why We-Demala Koddiyas kicked out IPKF even though they offered NEP in gold plate ( whos(our) is land who(Indian) offer ).

    some place else, isn’t it ? how come even though when YOU were kicked out from South 1956 to 1983 , you said Kar… Demalaya yanavavo yandadu Japanaya. you never said us to go India(TN) , You Sinalese create TE (NEP) not us , We are Eelavar at least since Eelra (106 BC) time according to OUR Mahavamsa(m).

    There are some 15 Million Tamil folk in TN who may want to leave TN,- agreed we know that but you know We Jaffna Tamils (NPC), do you think We take them eg: You know how We-Tamil treat estate Thamils.

    Live & let’s live in United Mother Lanka !!!

  41. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) jr@ put this straight jacket 13, 13A to break up Sri Lanka under crafty indians
    pressure whose only interest is to please tamils in tn to get into/being in power. Only thing jr@ had to was go to Russians at the time. Since j@ was dancing to us, uk tune traitor alogusuwa chose to destroy our country. Since traitor alugosuwa didn’t have any Sinhalese blood in him, it wasn’t a tough decision to take.

    Why 350-mile long island (not 3,500 miles) need provincial councils etc? Then you can imagine traitor alugosu r@’s
    and traitor tamils treachery. After unsuccessful attempt by the low life barrel man hitler mala paharan now traitors
    want to dismember Mother Lanka through the thieves den while keeping Colombo to themselves. These ductch-import, british-import and
    kallathonis not happy until they have their drealam. Their hearts and minds still being in tn alone shows they are newcomers
    since they feel homesick. Mother Lanka is very unfortunate to have these traitors as her sons and daughters.

    Traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party have always divide/divided the Sinhalese and make/made minorities king makers. Traitor foreigners know this and at present the biggest traitor ever traitor chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Mega Thief Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thakkadiya Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickrama Sinhala
    killer is ruling Sri Lanka and the traitors know this is the best time to dismember Mother Lanka.

    Being followers of religions of conveniences which don’t regard killing, stealing, lying as sins, while all honest people
    in the world do, these traitors carrying on living a lie chanting discrimination, ancient kingdoms (mythical of course). As a result
    they accrue a lot of sins, and won’t be two legged creatures in their next lives. This is what happens whey you
    believe in mythical creator gods. Go to any museum in the world, and see if you can find god or two legged creature’s closest relative! Not just traitors, out and out liars as well. Shame on you!

  42. Fran Diaz Says:


    I have said before that the IPKF came into Lanka due to Tamil LTTE terrorism. The fight was between Tamil people & the IPKF, not the rest of Lanka. It was quite correct that ‘You-demala Koddiyas’ (as you say), kicked them out.

    Everything was forced on Lanka by INDIA i.e. the ILLEGAL 13-A, the 1983 trumped up Riots, the war with the LTTE – these are NOT things the rest of Lanka ever wanted.
    We have to admit that Cold War politics played and large part in all this.
    Add to all these items, the V’koddai Resolution (1976), and there is a deadly mix for everyone in Sri Lanka.
    The results of this mix was earlier between INDIA & Lanka, now internationalised after the trumped up 1983 Riots (courtesy Chennai born J.N. Dixit, the Catholic ‘Vice-Roy’ of Lanka who dictated terms to the JRJ govt).

    Blame Colonisation (which brought large numbers -one and half Million- of Tamil folk into Lanka as cheap labor from TN), Cold Wars and Tamil CASTE WARS, and NOT the People of Lanka for all the present day troubles.

    Now that the whole matter is internationalised, and, as you say, Tamils of Lanka want to stay on in Lanka, then blend in with mainstream life here, as you all do in other countries.

    No one in Lanka wants more ILLEGAL migrants from TN, except the “cheap labor & the ‘divide & rule’ “ people as well as the Tamil Diaspora. We will all have to let go of such people.

    Earlier, it was the ‘Live & Let Die” policy of the LTTE, for nearly 30 yrs. encouraged by various foreign players.
    Now that the LTTE is no more, the ‘divide & rule’ and the “Crash & Sell” people led by RW/CBK want to divide up the country through the new Constitution, using lies, cheat & deceit.

    We, the PATRIOTIC/NATIONALISTS OF LANKA, a huge forece in Lanka, do NOT want any more PCs & Eelam formation in Lanka.

    Will the Tamils of Lanka help the PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS of Lanka remove the ILLEGAL 13-A which has outlived its usefulness even for Tamil Leaders & Tamils of Lanka ?

    Then, we can truly hope that, as you say, “Live & Let Live” will happen in Unitary & United Mother Lanka !
    Time to Move On, with Self Respect & Integrity, Safety & Hope, with Progress for All in Lanka.

  43. Chanaka B Says:

    ‘Everything was forced on Lanka by INDIA i.e. the ILLEGAL 13-A, the 1983 trumped up Riots, the war with the LTTE – these are NOT things the rest of Lanka ever wanted.’

    Fran, This is not a good argument. We can’t blame others for our own lack of leadership (due to stupidity, complacency etc).

    Premadasa had the courage and brevity to expel IPKF from Sri Lanka (otherwise they may still be here). That was showing leadership.

  44. Fran Diaz Says:


    While I admit that our political leaders of that time may have done better, we have to be mindful that it was Cold War times and INDIA ran with the then Sov Bloc while the JRJ govt ran with the West.
    Also be mindful that JRJ had just ousted Mrs B & the Reds, and also removed Mrs B’s civic rights.

    JRJ was seen as very pro-West.
    Hence the nasty pounce by INDIA on the JRJ govt.

    At that time, we had no idea what was going on ! As young adults, we had no idea, and no Internet to learn from either.

  45. Fran Diaz Says:


    Times have changed a great deal now, and no one can pull wool over our eyes.
    We have an educted public, an aware public now.

    Yes, all those brave politicians of those times who stood up to INDIA’s divisive and outrageous march into Lanka’s land & air space and internal matters in COLD WAR times paid dearly with their lives, as did Pres Premadasa.

    We must demand Right Action by our Leaders to protect the Unitary Status of Lanka.
    It is our Birthright that Lanka stays undivided.
    That is the Democratic Way.
    It is strange that gory wars have been fought to install Democracy in various countries, and we are denied our Democratic Rights in Lanka !

    Lanka’s greatest enemies are :

    * Cold Wars/Trade Wars (a tad better than Cold Wars)
    Resultant foreign interference in Lanka’s internal matters
    * Tamil Caste Wars plus TN Breakaway dreams transferred to Lanka after the Nehru anti-Secessionist Law of 1963
    * Non-imposition of the 6-A

    More reasons are there …

    All this requires Constant Vigilence by Lanka PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS.

    PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS Organisations must be formed on a forever basis to protect Lanka’s Unitary Status, Lanka’s People, the ECONOMY, Democratic Rights and Law & Order.

    And let us please choose leaders who are also strictly PATRIOTS/NAIONALISTS and savvy on world matters, whatever social spaces they come from.

  46. Fran Diaz Says:

    Question :

    What is the point in having Membership in all those international organisations when they do not come to Lanka’s aid in her hour of need ?
    In fact, any perceived weakness in governance is used to foreign advantage by local Agents, not to local advantage to benefit local masses, isn’t it ?

    PATRIOTISM/NATIONALISM a must in small sized Lanka !

  47. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    Will the Tamils of Lanka help the PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS of Lanka remove the ILLEGAL 13-A which has outlived its usefulness even for Tamil Leaders & Tamils of Lanka ? NO .

    Will the Sinhalese of Lanka help the PATRIOTS/NATIONALISTS of Lanka to fully implement 13A which will unite Mother Lanka for ever ???

  48. Chanaka B Says:

    Fran, During JRJ time he managed the West very well, even after July 1983, we were not threatened with economic sanctions or Geneva Resolutions etc. In 1984, Regan laid a red carpet to JRJ at the White House, I think Thatcher visited the country in 1985. You are right JRJ failed to manage India, mainly because when Moraji Desai was the Prime Minister (JRJ’s friend), JRJ severely criticised Indira Gandhi. When Indira Gandhi unexpectedly returned to power in 1980, JRJ was stunned. She took revenge, but Rajiv G was good with JRJ. However JRJ was scared of India especially after the Parippu drop. He stopped Vadamarachchi, which was a mistake. JN Dixit (a Malayali born in Madras) was the architect of the Indo Lanka Agreement. In the mid 1980s it was stated that JN Dixit was the most powerful man in Sri Lanka not JRJ (he was the Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka). What I say is that JRJ should not have signed the Indo Lanka Accord. By signing (may be under threat) he showed bad leadership. Premadasa was also under threat from India, he chased away the IPKF, also V Perumal. The 13th Amendment is JRJ’s legacy to us; it is the curse that we have to live with. It is the 13th Amendment that will break up Sri Lanka. We had chances to repeal it or at least abolish the provincial councils, we did not do it. It is more likely that the 13th Amendment is going to stay, as there’s no one ‘to bell the cat’.

  49. Chanaka B Says:

    ‘Times have changed a great deal now, and no one can pull wool over our eyes.
    We have an educted public, an aware public now.’

    Well, well, the Sinhalese are very complacent when it comes to nationalist issues. As long as the South is calm such as no bombs, and free of major calamities like no dengu; they are more keen to have a ‘jolly good time’ . If we have an educated public who are aware of what’s happening, why is it that there is so much bribery and corruption in the country, why is it that there’s no opposition to 13A? (the list goes on).

  50. Christie Says:

    Very interesting opinions and statements. I am the only one to se Sinhalese are also subjects of the Indian Empire like native Fijians, Creoles of Mauritius and Guyana and Africans.

    The only Sinhalese leaders that did anything for the Sinhalese were the leaders up to 1956 then from 2005 until 2015. One has to remember Indians Colonial Parasites ran the country on behalf of the British in the same way they did in other British-Indian Colonies.

    Any comments?

  51. Chanaka B Says:

    Yes, the best post-Independence period of the country was from 1948 to 1956, where there was less (or no) turbulence. In my opinion DS Senanayake (father or colonisation) was the best leader we had. If Premadasa survived, he would have become the best post-independence Leader. Probably 1983 – 2005 period was the worst; the leaderships could not manage the problems that came one after another, or simply did not know how to.

  52. Christie Says:

    The worst started from 1956. Banda was another puppet of India and Indian Colonial Parasites. JRJ was a quarter Indian and his interest were the interests of India and Indian Colonial Parasites, personally and political. Now we have another puppet government of India with Chandrika the daughter of Banda.

  53. Chanaka B Says:

    Sorry, I don’t think in your way

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