Damning evidence Confounds UN Panel of Experts Based On Credible Statistics
Posted on November 12th, 2017

Insight by Sunil Kumar

Nov12th 2017

There has been damning evidence coinciding with the Lord Naseby report from the UK published recently to suggest that:

The critical analysis of POE which  according to the  UN report shows that the civilians killed as a result of co-lateral damage is approximately 6,356 and not 40,000 as UN report fabricated. It further lends credence to the reality that  when an Army is fighting a war operating within civilian population and where civilians are killed it is a result incidental to the conduct of military operations.

As an example- The New York Times in its 19 June publication says that the US led coalition air strikes have killed nearly 4,000 civilians in Syria. An average of 1,371 civilians killed per month in cross fire during the period of last 4 ½ months in a final stage of war against an enemy considered to be a credible national threat which is not a war crime.

Despite all claims mostly by enemies of the State as well as sources who pledge allegiance to the eliminated Tamil Tigers- where one can without exception cite the TNA and affiliated groups who continue to conduct covert operations with the objective of reviving the objectives of Tamil Ealam, it can be safely concluded that they are innaccurate.

There have been recent warnings from many prominent analysts who have raised their voices against the amending of the National Constitution that it could also provide a means and a link towards the very plausible objective of reviving  Tamil Secessionist objectives.

Sri Lanka today has changed from a war zone to one headed towards prosperity and rapid development and can ill afford to take chances in entertaining secessionist idealogies some of which appear to be part of the fabric of the proposed new constitution which entities like the TNA seem to be agitating for.

Immediately following the May 2009 defeat of the LTTE, Germany led resolution at the UNHCR against Sri Lanka ultimately ended up with a counter resolution favourable to Sri Lanka commending the Nation for eliminating terrorism. This resolution confirms that LTTE kept civilians as hostages against their will and that the Government liberated almost 300,000 citizens kept by the LTTE.

Now it is up to the GOSL to build on Lord Naseby’s findings and to present with a force the matters in correct perspective to the  International Community and save the dignity of Sri Lankan Armed Forces as well as an impending peril to the Nation through a misguided constitution that could eventually complicate Sri Lanka’s progress.

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