Sri Lanka’s Debt to King Anawrahta of Burma
Posted on November 12th, 2017

In 1069, King Vijayabahu I of Ceylon (then called Sinhale) asked King Anawrahta of Burma for aid against the Chola invaders from Tamil country. Anawrahta sent ships of supplies in aid of Buddhist Ceylon.

In 1071, King Vijayabahu who had defeated the Cholas asked King Anawrahta for scriptures and monks. The Chola invasions had left the original home of Theravada Buddhism with so few monks that it was hard to convene a chapter and make valid ordinations. King Anawrahta sent the monks and scriptures, and a white elephant as present for King Vijayabahu. The Burmese monks ordained or re-ordained the entire clergy of the island. In return, the Sinhalese King gave a replica of the Buddha Tooth of which Sri Lanka (then called Sinhale) was the proud possessor. The replica was then enshrined in the Lawkananda Pagoda in Pagan.


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Statue of Anawrahta

King of Burma
Reign 11 August 1044 – 11 April 1077
Coronation 16 December 1044


Born 11 May 1014
Tuesday, 11th waxing of Nayon376 ME
Pagan (Bagan)
Died 11 April 1077 (aged 62)
Tuesday, 3rd waning of Kason439 ME
Consort Agga Mahethi[1]
Pyinsa Kalayani
Saw Mon Hla
Issue Saw Lu
Full name
Min Saw
Maha Yaza Thiri Aniruddha Dewa
House Pagan
Father Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu
Mother Myauk Pyinthe
Religion Theravada Buddhism converted from Ari Buddhism


Statue of Anawrahta in front of the Defense Service Academy of Myanmar


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