Shame on the politicians
Posted on November 20th, 2017

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

After massive damage had been caused at Gintota, to people’s lives, property and morale,  the Muslim politicians visiting the  place, having meetings and expressing their views and promises is – to say the least –  shameful.

Where were they when the problem was brewing, when the damage was being enacted by planned group of thugs from outstations? When the social media was giving  details ball by ball, with live videos and audios, what were the politicians doing? Their phone numbers are regularly circulated  by the social media as a long long list but how come none of them could be contacted during the crisis? It is not as if it happened in the dead of the night.  And this is not the first or second time such co incidences” of the phones of all the politicians going non functional at times of crisis happened.

Having gone through Aluthgama crisis, and many more attacks on shops, places of worship and individuals, still the reactions of the politicians come always too late.

Why? Are they scared to face the mob? Are they powerless to wake up the powers that be? Or – Are they too part of the plan anyway? These are questions the people are asking – not unfairly.

Enough is enough.  It’s time the politicians rise to the occasion as and when the calamity is happening. Not long later when the dust has settled. When a few lives are lost. When irreparable damage is done.  It’s time every politician set up hot lines – preferably more then one at each ministry – to receive warnings when any trouble is brewing in any part of the country. It’s time the politicians give up their beauty sleep once in a blue moon to attend to the crisis BEFORE IT HAPPENS.

IT’S TIME PEOPLE DMEANDED THE POLITICIANS TO  PROTECT AND SAVE THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM. After all, they did come to power by promising a better tomorrow. When is that tomorrow due?

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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

23A, Auburn side, Dehiwela

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  1. Wetta Says:

    When there is a fire we need fire brigade there to deal with it, not the politicians.

    When there is a water leak we need a plumber to deal with it, not the politicians.

    When someone is sick we need a doctor to deal with it, not the politicians.

    When a vehicle is broken down we need a mechanic to deal with it, not the politicians.

    When there is a violent civil unrest we need the police to deal with it, not the politicians.

    Expecting everything to be dealt by and done by the politicians was the greatest mistake Sri Lankans always did, are we still expecting the same mistake to go on?

    When would we wake up ?

  2. Senerath Says:

    As long as parties with “Muslim”, “Tamil”, “Hela” names exist, there will be such problems. To be fair all “Hela” parties came after other racist parties registered. All problems are with the minorities. They want more than EQUAL status.
    If 90 jobs are there, 30 to Sinhala, 30 to muslim, 30 to Tamils.
    If 90 university places exist 30 to Sinhala, 30 to muslim, 30 to tamil and so on.
    If 120 places of worship exist 30 to Temples, 30 to musques , 30 kovils , 30 churches

    It appears it is justifiable. Equal Share !

    We have 21 million people and say 2 million Tamils, 2 million Muslims. Give 2 million Sinhala equal.

    Remember you have disregarded 15 million people then.
    They have nothing to eat.
    What do you expect ?

  3. Senerath Says:

    Bada Udin Mohamud said,
    “A community must be politically recognized before it could do anything great and contribute its proud share towards the progress of the country. An individual however great, however cleaver, however patriotic, cannot honestly feel happy in his individual greatness, when the section to which he belongs and from which he derived all his inspirations lies humiliated and relegated to an inglorious place in the political structure of his country”

    Quoting form a writer with name Dr. Ameer Ali –

    Since late 1940s Muslim politics in Sri Lanka followed the leadership of three personalities: Sir Razik Fareed (1893-1984), Dr. Badiuddin Mahmud (1904-1997), and M. H. M. Ashraf (1948-2000). Razik Fareed’s political strategy, sometimes described as politics of pragmatism, was always to join the winning party, be a part of the government and work for the community. Party ideology, principles and policies hardly mattered to him. Badi’s strategy was to commit firmly to the policy and principles of one particular political party and work for the community from within.

    Accordingly, he became one of the founder members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and remained in it until his death. He entered the parliament unelected and was appointed as the Minister of Education. It is not unfair to say that his ministry, during his tenure of office, virtually became the employment exchange for Muslims.

  4. Senerath Says:

    From above two posts what I am saying to Mareena is not to blame the politcian alone but be realistic.

    Your community cannot be given political recognition by allowing to feed all Sri Lankans with what is approved by your religous conglomerate, after paying them the cut called Hallal Certificate. Such work obviously create irreversible damage to the whole country.
    It is the same with number of Mosques coming up.
    It is the same with annoying black dresses covering the whole body including head roaming about in free thinking land of yours, ‘free’ because of Buddhism.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Of course mussies never admit their fault. Bada udin during Sirima B, moha mad during alugosu (to Sinhalese only)
    thambi mudiyanse jr@, ass rough during one eyed bandit, xxxxhim during MR, now worst of all under vairapala sorrysena bada udin. Even ancient Buddhist temples, wildlife sanctuaries are not safe from multiplying xxxx. Baby
    machine wives breed breed and breed and whole area is mussies. Then put up eye sore mosques to destroy
    livelyhoods for everyone else. Look at the Chinese population in Sri Lanka. They’ve been living longer than these
    crafty, conniving mussies. They never multiplied, fully integrated, and we don’t even notice they are there. That’s
    how you live in other people’s countries. Not using all the tricks to wrestle control. If it is a good thing we can still
    put up with it!

    All this for the religion of violence. It’s not just that, it is also the fastest breeding religion. Baby Machine Wives breeding at alarming rate, and nobody utter a word for fear of losing multiplying xxxx votes. Still blame others.
    Blame your nasty politicians. When the traitor low lives do these people get fed up with you multipliers. The old trick
    of multiply and multiply worked in olden days. Today this internet, tv, etc. age you can’t do that since people
    going to find out about the dirty trick. Brain washed mussies don’t see it that way of course. Blame your crafty, conniving mussie politicians.

    All the ancient Buddhist temples bulldozed in the east to make room for multiplying mussies
    Wilplattu gone for multiplying mussies
    Kuragala gone
    every town in Sri Lanka gone to mussies
    every street corner eye sore mosques
    everywhere you see ghost-like goni billa dressed women (ghastly sight, black makes it even worse, 21st century this is for cod’s sake).

    All this for a total absurdity. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god myth. Go to any
    museum in the world to see proof. Then why these clever 2-legged creatures needs advice from heaven when they
    can build unimaginably complex machines, put a man on the moon etc. If they can do all that, surely they can
    enact laws to discipline people. It’s absurd. But the lie goes on. Whole
    world’s penal code is based on Buddhism’s Five Precepts to discipline people. Then why you need 1:1:1, 2:1:5 etc
    etc from from heaven. Those are religions of conveniences or what? We all know the answer. If killing, lying, stealing, etc etc. are not sins, why courts all over the world punish people for committing those?

    To see who is responsible for the disharmony, look in the mirror! Stop breeding like no tomorrow. It worked in the
    olden days. Afganisthan, pakesthan, bangaladesh, iran, malaysia, indonesia, maldives, etc. etc. formerly Buddhist.
    With breeding machines all became mussies. Syria, libya, iran, turkey, somalia, mozambiq, yemen, etc. etc. list
    goes on. Obviously non-believers are to be blamed. Absurd religion, absurd people! Syria, afganisthan, pakesthan,
    libya, etc. etc. which one you have in store for Sri Lanka?

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection also explains if there is too many then nature intervene to control the
    numbers. Maybe that’s why so many mussies getting killed all over the world. Even natural disasters, mainly aim
    at them. Pause for a moment and think? No chance. Brain washed mussies never see their fault!

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    When there is a violent civil unrest we need the police to deal with it, not the politicians.- My sinhela brother your logic is not applicable in OUR Mother Lanka our time (1983) ,
    FYI, July1983 JRJ refused to order curfew you know why ??? until job done !

    I thought now changed but not yet ?

  7. charithsls Says:

    I read news today that a children’s home, Darun Children Home, belonged this writer, so called Dr Reffai has been accused of sexual assault on 18 girls. The husband has been remanded according to the report.

  8. Senerath Says:

    It is OK according to Law ( shraia). Even the founder married a 9 year old. Husband is allowed, as long as the wife agrees, to serve the God using any number of children.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Shame on SEXUAL OFFENDERS at Darun Nusra and Almuslimaath!!

    Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, we need your response. Are you still defending this offender? How about the 18 FATHIMAS? Will they end up without justice? Can anyone get away after sexually abusing FATHIMAS?

    In sworn statements to Police, 18 young women who were living at the Darun Nusra orphanage in Dehiwala said they were systematically sexually harassed and abused by a long-time male employee.

    They said they repeatedly complained about the behavior to the man’s wife, the resident administrator of the orphanage, and were told “not to take it seriously.” In response she threatened them, saying that the orphanage would be shut down if they reported the abuse, Police documents show.

    The Kohuwala Police have since charged Mohamed Sarippuge Mohar, 62, with sexually harassing the girls in the orphanage.

    The statements made before the Police during the course of the investigation revealed that one of the 18 girls was seriously harassed by the alleged perpetrator, leading them to file separate charges against the suspect for serious harassment.

    Marini de Livera, the Chairperson of the National Child Protection Authority, said the case is one of the most significant her office is currently investigating.

    And yet, despite the charges against Mohar, Dr. Mareena Reffai, the founder of the Almuslimaath Foundation, which oversees the orphanage, dismisses the young women’s accounts as fabrications.

    “There has been no medical evidence of sexual abuse of any child,” she said in a statement after Mohar’s July 25 arrest. Instead, she argued, the allegations are part of a plot by employees to “take over” the orphanage.

    Reached by phone, Dr. Reffai stood by her defense. “As far as we are concerned, we don’t have any evidence at all,” she said. She said the investigation continuing for three months, and Mohar’s subsequent release on bail, was proof that there wasn’t evidence of sexual misconduct.

    But NCPA Chairperson de Livera flatly denied Reffai’s assertion.

    “That’s stupid,” she said. “That’s what they always say.”

    “The perpetrator’s side is always very powerful,” she added. “(They) will do everything possible to sweep it under the carpet.”

    After initially being taken into protective custody, the girls are now living once again in the orphanage, according to Western Province Department of Probation Commissioner Chandima Dissanayake.

    “The matron and the husband have been removed,” she said, which lead probation officers to believe it was safe to return.

    But it appears the foundation’s leadership is skeptical of the ongoing sexual harassment investigation, highlighted by Dr. Reffai’s statements. NCPA Chairperson de Livera added that the investigation into the allegations is lagging, because authorities have had a hard time getting the institution, and the victims, to communicate with Police.

    Reffai, on the other hand, said she and her organization have cooperated with investigators “100 percent.”

    “It’s a difficult job,” said de Livera. “We are delving deep into it, because we don’t want them to wriggle out of it at the preliminary hearing in court.”

    The case

    Mohamed Sarippuge Mohar was a driver at Darun Nusra orphanage for nine years. He drove the girls to and from the international school they attended every day, according to the account he gave to Police.

    The victims say that much of the alleged sexual abuse occurred in his vehicle.

    “This man took me to school every day, and would harass me on the way and touch me,” one of the young women told officers, whose names Police have concealed to protect their identities.

    “When I complained to his wife, she said ‘don’t take it seriously,’ and scolded me. Every time I complained, she scolded me,” she said. In addition, “the man took me to a store room and touched me inappropriately.”

    All 18 young women accused Mohar of touching them in the transport vehicle, Police reports show. Some said the unwanted contact also occurred in the orphanage.

    “When nobody is around, he hugs me and kisses me,” another girl said.

    Mohar’s wife, Sithi Saahira, told investigators that her husband “loved those girls,” and didn’t mean to hurt them. She denied any harassment had taken place.

    On July 22, the Kohuwala Police received a call from officers at the National Child Protection Authority, who said that someone had reported the abuse to their anonymous phone line. Officers went to the orphanage and took all 18 girls into protective custody the same day, Police records show.

    Three days later, they arrested Mohar. Police said they also found CCTV cameras all over the orphanage, some of them in the girls’ rooms.

    Orphanage’s response

    In the fallout of the arrest, the President of the Almuslimaath foundation resigned.

    “I am forced to make this drastic decision as I am unable to function in this position any longer, given the way matters are being conducted within this organization,” Shana Mohinudeen, who served as president and on the executive committee, said in a July 26 letter.

    In the letter, Mohinudeen said she brought up the allegations of sexual harassment at a July 24 committee meeting.

    “As I started speaking Dr. Mareena immediately reprimanded me for discussing this at the committee meeting. Along with me, (two others) voiced their concerns and we were all asked to ‘shut up,’” she said.

    Darun Nusra Orphanage.

    “This despicable act has been taking place at Darun Nusra from the year 2015, which Dr. Mareena had been aware of, and it is shocking that despite her being aware, the perpetrator was employed at Darun Nusra until he was arrested,” she added.

    Repeated attempts to reach Mohinudeen were unsuccessful. A secretary from Almuslimaath confirmed that she no longer worked for the foundation.

    Mohar has since been released on bail, and is due to appear in Gangodawila Magistrates’ Court on December 7.

    He and his wife no longer work for the orphanage. The girls remain at the home, and are attending school, Western Province Probation Commissioner Disanayake said.

    But the upper management of Almuslimaath continues to deny the young women’s allegations.

    In a phone interview Monday, Dr. Reffai said the fact that probation allowed the girls back into the home, after the suspect and his wife were dismissed, was proof no harassment had occurred.

    “Why would they give the girls back to us if it’s not safe here?,” she said.

    Reffai did attempt to distance herself from her former employee, saying “we have nothing to do with him or against him,” and adding that she would accept the allegations in the case of a guilty verdict against Mohar.

    But it appears that for now, her mind is made up against the girls’ accounts. “As far as we know, the Police haven’t found any evidence,” she repeated.

    “Before hurling accusations please find out the truth,” she said in a written statement. “Or else you will be answerable in this world and the next.”


  10. Lorenzo Says:

    This is the van used in the sexual harassment of 18 FATHIMAS.


  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Almuslimaath has a very long list of schools, orphanages, marriage units, etc.

    Have they given refuge to ROHINGYA illegals? Are they teaching fundamental Islam? Do they CONVERT non Muslims into Islam?

    Govt. must investigate their funding sources and what they do.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    I DEFEND Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai’s right to express herself. Everyone MUST have the right to tell what they want to tell in this BUDDHIST SRI LANKA. Unlike SAUDI where only terrorists can speak.

    But this is the first time a writer to this ESTEEMED WEBSITE was part of an institution that was involved in LARGE SCALE SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

    Even child protection authority says this is the LARGEST SEXUAL HARASSMENT case they have looked into.

    A close watch of those 18 FATHIMAS is needed to save them from POSSIBLE REVENGE. Those FATHIMAS did the right thing by complaining but they were too late to complain.

    I hear MUSLIM POLITICIANS are trying to push this under the carpet!! Shame on Muslim politicians.

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