Questions raised by Shamindra Fernando Rupavahini video
Posted on November 21st, 2017

3 Responses to “Questions raised by Shamindra Fernando Rupavahini video”

  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you Shamindra for getting this scoundrel Dayasiri to reveal what kind of traitor he is. He was just fumbling for a way out of the embarrassing position that Shamindra’s pointed question landed him in. His insistence angered the incoherent rascal. But the viewers saw the UNP government’s treacherous readiness to betray our war heroes.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    This scoundrel left UNP to join the SLFP under Mahinda Rajapakse feigning sexual harrassement. Now he is back in the UNP camp for all purposes and intents serving Aappa Sirisena and through him, his former masters in the UNP. He has no love for the country let alone for the war heroes. In short he is a political prostitute – nothing else. His recent conduct with the Jada Palana lot confirms this fact beyond any doubt.

    People of Kurunegala should reject him in toto from politics in any future elections.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    The Yahapalanaya knew right along that the numbers given by UNHRC in their report regarding so-called civilian deaths in the last war with the LTTE were all wrong. Yet they co-sponsored the Resolution brought forward by UNHRC because they wanted to create trouble for the former Rajapaksa regime and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. The Yahapalanaya members are all very deceitful and selfish. They have no love for either the country, the people, or our Armed Forces. They only want to survive and fill their pocketbooks with as much money as they can.
    Even now when Lord Naseby has revealed the truth according to the British Govt records that the civilian deaths were around 7,000, the Yahapalanaya politicians are reluctant to take action to take away this sword hanging over our brave soldiers and the Rajapaksa govt which acted with so much decency and morality towards the LTTE who were conquered as well as the Tamil civilians who were liberated by them.

    My3 is a weak spineless person and Ranil is supposed to be killer according to the Batalanda reports and a traitor too who has worked for 40 years to sell the country and bring back the Colonists to rule over Sri Lanka. He is a man who even suggested that we celebrate 500 anniversary of the Portuguese invasion of Sri Lanka! The Yahapalanaya govt. has appointed a Britisher to be an advisor to the army, and has imprisoned some of the army intelligence officers, disbanded the Avant-Garde which was doing such a good job providing employment to the retired Navy personnel. He passed a law as soon as he came into power to allow foreigners to buy land. He has already sold some of the tea growing lands, and also sold some of the Govt owned institutions to the private sector.

    For further clarification of Ranil’s activities see:

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