Sri Lanka Ahmadiyya Elders’ Association Annual Gathering (Ijtima)
Posted on November 22nd, 2017

By A. Abdul Aziz.

 Tireless efforts being made by Ahmadiyya Khalifa for lasting peace by spreading the true teachings of Islam, applauded by non-Muslim participants.

Sri Lanka Ahmadiyya elders’ Association (Majlis Ansarullah) held its Ijtima (Annual Gathering) on Sunday the 19th of November 2017 at Darul Aman, Pasyala – Sri Lanka. The event started at 9 a.m. with flag hoisting by the National President A.H. Nasir Ahmad, followed by silence prayers. Holy Qur’an recitation by Moulavi K.M. Munir Ahmad followed by translations in all three languages namely Urdu, Sinhala and Tamil. Pledge of the Association was put forward by K.A. Shafiullah, President of the Association.

Mr. A.H. Nasir Ahmad, National President, in his address emphasized the importance of preaching and advised Ahmadiyya Elders should leave this world with a right guidance for the generation to come.

Main feature of the event was, number of non-Muslims including Buddhist Clergies participated in the gathering. Many of them had already read out the Sinhala Translation of the book: World Crisis and the Pathway To Peace and expressed their views in the Ijtima (gathering). They commended the efforts of Ahmadiyya Khalifa for establishing real peace by put forward the real teachings of Islam.

Sri Mangala Ramaya Viharathipathi Ven. Palawella Naratha Swami Vansa Thero said: ‘I have read certain potion of the book ‘World Crisis and the Pathway To Peace, and pleased to know the efforts of your Supreme Head for lasting peace. This is the need of the hour. I am also very much pleased to see Ahmadiyya Muslim Community holding such gathering in which the members of other faiths taking part. Really it will pave the way

for religious harmony, Thero added.

Ven. Sri Dhammaloka Thero from Mirigama, in his speech said: I am very much pleased to have invitation for such an event that lays the foundation of religious harmony. He left a note in which he wrote: ‘This is a very useful event that is taking place in Pasyala. Inviting people from other faiths pave the way to understand about Islam. These events lay the foundation of unity among people. the note added.

Mr. Y.P. Sugath Pathirana – an English Diploma holder from Baudha Pali Vishya Vidyalaya, Colombo, in his address said: ‘For the last four years, I have been in contact with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. I read the book: World Crisis and the Pathway To Peace. This is the one – need of the hour. The book highlights the ways and means to avert the World War III. I am pleased for the wonderful task, the Ahmadiyya Community doing for peace. Their Khalifa is really a Champion of Peace, he added.

Mr. M. Thaufeek, in his introductory speech for the non-Muslim guests put forward about the introduction of Ahmadiyya Jama’at and explained true meaning of Jihad.  

Moulavi A.B. Musthaq Ahmad – Chief Missionary, S. Nizam Khan and M.M. Faris addressed the gathering.

22 non-Muslims including two Buddhist clergies participated in this Ijtima that ended with silent prayers.

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