Posted on November 24th, 2017

Ranjith Soysa

I intend to draw the attention of President Maithripala Sirisena through you esteemed website as his silence and refusal to nail the counter on at least three important issues raise a question whether he is only acting as a baby’s dummy.

The three issues regarding which the President has still not taken any conclusive decision are:

1 The UNHRC resolutions 30/1 and 34/1   which some of the Western countries, FNGOs along with Tiger Terrorist fronts and the big wigs in  UNCHR are continuously pressing SL Government to implement in full is, one of the key items. The President has on several occasions had made public statements indicating that he will not allow foreign judges or other representatives to sit on judgement over our heroic members of the defence for who created a record by defeating the world’s most brutal terrorist organization. BUT, the Sri Lankan foreign minister and the Minister who attended recent UNHCR sessions have emphatically advised the UN body that Sri Lanka will abide by the stipulations of the Council and the Commissioner of Human Rights.

The President must clear the decks and categorically announce his frank opinion and advise his ministers to toe the line or call for their explanation if they continue to treat his words with a pinch of salt, He must consider to take up the issue so that the country will change their opinion about him being a mere pacifier with words only module.. As acknowledged by The President himself, he should also cite the facts revealed by Lord Naseby about LT Col Nash’s report to the UK State Dept and submit a report to the UNHCR to change their stance with regard to the alleged war casualties of Sri Lanka’s war against terrorism. The President must make use of the golden opportunity to retrieve the prestige of the country as further silence only gives consent to the fallacious conclusions.

2  The President Sirisena took the right decision in appointing the Commission on the Bond scam and the proceedings have proved beyond any doubt that some have committed criminal acts in playing out the country’s public funds. But, we do not see the Chief Executive moving on with law so that the criminals will be dealt swiftly before they escape. The President should use all his powers an institute legal action, if one does not want to believe that the President is acting the baby’s dummy.

3 Recently, the Minister of Education in the Northern Province refused to raise the National Flag at the public ceremony and exhibited his intense hatred towards the flag. As per the Sri Lankan Constitution the National Flag is one of the items discussed in detail. This invective act transgresses the Constitution and as per the Provincial Council Act , the President representative, the Governor has the power to take action against the Minister. But, the President is acting as if he had not heard anything illegal and failed to run rings round the offender. Again, I say that President has yet to prove that he stands by his high office and be effective.

Any further slip ups will only tend to prove that mere words uttered to appease the public will not help the Nation

Ranjith Soysa

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