This country needs a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist visionary Leader to save it from the quagmire in to which it has been put by our post-Independent politicians.
Posted on November 26th, 2017

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara  


This conclusion is based on three 4 premises,

1The inalienable and non-negotiable premise that ‘This country is the land of the Sinhala race and the Sinhala Buddhists culture continuously, as it had been for 2560 years from 543 BC and also for 2324 from 307 BC respectively and its unique civilization was founded by the Sinhalese.

2 All  post-Independent period leaders have failed to restore it to fully independent and sovereign status of Sinhale  as it was known before 1815, except three historic efforts the first, the only visionary political leader of post 1948  period, S.W, R.D Bandaranayaka who ushered in a socio-cultural revolution  (1956/59) of transforming it from a colonial victim State back to an Independent free and sovereign land  heralding the beginning of a resurgent Sinhala Buddhist consciousness, second. by Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranayaka (1960 and 1977) by stregthening  the dream of her visionary husband by making it a fully independent Republic, marking the golden period of  international fame in global politics and thirdly, by Mahinda Rajapaksa who once again restored the unitary status of this Island, that was already divided by then for 30 years, by defeating the LTTE and ending a brutal terrorist war.

3 Third it should be noted that all the above three national resurgent movements were started by the SLFP founded by Bandaranayaka, the only politician who understood the plight of the Sinahla nation, in 1952.  All these resurgences were defeated and reversed, first by assassinating the founder, next by removing the civil rights of Mrs B and finally, by defeating the man who saved the Motherland after defeating  the LTTE (in spite of repeated threats by India and the powerful West) by the reactionary forces of the anti-national and unpatriotic camp polarized around the UNP that is subservient and naïve towards the colonial west.

4 The present so-called yahapalanaya  Government again an illegitimate, deformed and brainless child of a master conspiracy jointly hatched by Ranil, the agent of the West, Chandrika the curse of Bandaranayaka’s as well as of this country and Maitripala  Sirisena the frustrated aspirant PM under MR, vengeful as he was, completely reversed all the achievements gained by the patriotic forces by sacrificing more than 45,000 under the leadership of MR and presently they are desperately trying to divide and destroy this country to appease the Tamil and Muslim minorities who have helped them to defeat the previous regime and satisfy the western ex-colonial forces who have been trying nearly for 450 years and failed to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist imprint in this Island nation but still dreaming and conspiring , funding the local agents and misleading the populous and the vengeful India that is playing a game of political dice to stabilize power at home and in South Asia at our cost.

As such no one can expect this Government or its unpatriotic leadership to fulfill the aspirations of the Sinhala Buddhists or take this country you and I expect.

Therefore this call for the need for a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist visionary Leader to save this country, the Sinhala nation and the Buddha sasana.

Talking about leaders, even buffaloes or monkeys have dependable and trustworthy leaders that lead and protect them and their territory in the hour of need.  But alas we the present day Sinhalese, who have had enough leaders of the caliber of Dutugemunu, Parakkramsbahu and Gajabahu and Wijayabahu in the past today as a nation don’t have any. I think we are the only nation in the whole world that doesn’t have any. As such the biggest problem we face as a nation today as I see it is the absence of heroic, patriotic and visionary national leaders, who can correctly fathom up the present national crisis and mobilize the whole nation to rescue this nation and the country from the quagmire in to which it has been put by our selfish and power hungry politicians since 1948 and particularly the present day bunch of political misfits.

In order to retrieve the country from this sad and unfortunate situation we need a set of leaders led by a heroic and visionary leader of the caliber of the ancient Kings mentioned above,

Firstly, who knows the past glory of this country and the Sinhala Buddhist nation and its history, the sacrifices our past leader have done to protect this country for posterity, its traditions, its customs and values, the greatness of its 2500 year old unique culture, its strengths and its potentials in terms of regional and global geopolitical and strategic values and its economic, social and cultural potentials in the modern context?

Secondly, who has the guts and courage to speak the truth caring a dam for losing minority votes, and who has the brain to understand the real strength of the mighty Sinhala Buddhist vote base, which if properly mobilized could even move the earth, and also who has the vision and strategic acumen, to dispel this minority dependency syndrome and misconception by addressing the the Sinhala Buddhist majority through a well- organized apolitical national movement by appealing to their hearts, minds and emotions to discard their blind party affiliations like a rotten fish and think about the country and the nation first, if they love their motherland, the nation and the religion.

All Sri Lankans must realize at least now that subversive and divisive mechanisms like political parties and the Provinces were introduced to this country by the British to destabilize and divide it on ethnic grounds and destroy the Sinhala nation and Sinhala Buddhist culture on this Island nation. This country never had a minority problem in its history before the advent of British who finally gave it a legal status in the Constitution in 1948.

1 If anyone can stand up on his own feet like a lion and make the clarion call to the Sri Lankan Nation and the whole world

  1. That this is the land of the Sinhala people as it had been from the dawn of history and it will remain so as long as the sun and the moon shall last. It is inalienable and non-negotiable. Both Tamils and Muslims living in this country are descendants of their ancestors who have come here as traders, invaders, illicit immigrants or slaves brought to this country by the colonial invaders to work on their exploitive projects or plantations whose motherlands were and are elsewhere. For all Tamils theirs is Tamilnadu and for Muslims either Arab world or Malaysia. So none of these people can have two Motherlands. As long as they think and behave so and unless and until they learn the language of the natives and integrate with the natives they can have no claim to have citizenship or equal rights with the natives. This is the universally accepted principle in any country.

The bottom line of all the so-called ethnic problems (created by the colonial invaders) of this country is the refusal on the part of Tamils and Muslims to accept this hard fact and their greed and dream to conquer  this paradise Island, as their Tamil Home land or a Muslim Home land. Therefore the need to defeat this mania both at national level and international level and get everybody to accept this gospel truth that this is the land of the Sinhala Nation.

  1. That this is the land, our heroic ancestors have defended, from pre-historic times up to date,

Firstly, against serial Indian invasions beginning withlegendary Rama more than 5000 years ago and all successive greedy Indian invaders since then followed by a serial line of invasions numbering about 20, highlighted by Sena Guttika, Elara (2nd C BC), Magha (12th C AD) and finally by their latest invention Pirapaharan, a son of a Malayali immigrant in 2009, the most dangerous and savages Terrorist ever known in the world and his Tamil suicide terrorist gang.

Secondly, against Portuguese, Dutch and British from 1505 to1948 the ruthless, inhuman        invaders and plunderers of the Western World by defeating them in war and chasing them out of our shores, and saved it for you and me to live there as our beloved Motherland and

It was our brave Sinhala ancestors who sacrificed everything they had and died in millions in war to protect this sacred land for us, from the above invaders, ever since civilization began on this Island nation.

Therefore I being a direct descendant and patriotic heir of that great and proud heritage hereby declare

c)That  this country shall be governed by a government elected by the sons  and heirs of the soil, who will  decide from time to time as to who should govern  this country.

  1. d) That no other country in the world either in the West or East and North or South has any right to interfere with its internal affairs or to dictate the way how its Constitution should me framed or should be governed, as they do now, since we stand a free, independent and fully sovereign state, though comparatively small in size
  2. That no people either brought to this country by western colonial powers from India as slaves to work on their projects (Eg Tamils) or come as itinerant traders in search of fortunes (Eg Muslims) or come as illegal immigrants from south India or Muslim refugees from, Asian or west Asian countries have any right to claim any special right or privilege like a separate territory  for their communities or any other as separate and independent ethnic enclaves  that will endanger the birth rights of the Native Sinhalese of this country like language, religion or law and customs, instead of getting legally integrated with the native Sinhalese, as it had happened over history through out. They also must give up all their allegiance to their countries of origin and thereafter pledge and swear their unreserved allegiance to this country, in breach of which they will be deported for treason
  3. That no foreign government or their delegations belonging to any other so-called international organization should directly or indirectly interact with citizens or organizations in the Republic of Sri Lanka bypassing the legitimately Government of the Country.
  4. That we will not have diplomatic relations with any country or International Organization that support anti Sri Lankan elements of any kind such as the LTTE, GTF, UNO or any other that does not respect our independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, freedom and culture and that work against the territorial integrity, ethnic and religious cohesion of this country and conspire to destabilize and disintegrate the Sinhala Buddhist Nation by any action considered inimical to national interests of the State of Sinhale.


Thereafter promise to declare and proclaim that

1 This country shall be called as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sinhale (Sri Lanka) Sinhale   Janarajaya”.

2 This is a Sinhala Buddhist State, with only one nation called the Sinhala Nation as it had been here for 2600 years and you will not allow other minor communities such as Tamil or Muslim who are only descendants of people who were either brought here by colonial invaders or of intruders who have come here in search of greener pastures from time to time and stayed behind, to call themselves as separate nations within this country and anyone who refuse to accept this non-negotiable conditions will have to get back to their original motherlands and only those who subscribe to this condition shall be accepted as citizens of this country.

3 That the Head of The Republic Should be a President elected by all the people in the country from time to time as decided by the people. He should be the Head of the State, the Chief Executive and of the Government and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.  No person other than a Sinhala Buddhist can be elected as the President this country.

4 That he/she should vouch and agree

  1. a) To govern the country according to the advice of a Supreme National Council headed by the Maha Mahanayaka Theras of the Three Nikayas in accordance with the Dasaraja Dharma enshrined in Buddhist state craft.
  2. b) To protect the Buddha Sasana as it was done by our Kings during the ancient times. (The Ministry of Buddha Sasana shall be kept under the Head of the State).

5 To have one Law for all citizens of this country. Thesavalamei and Muslim law will be abolished under this system. The principle of one country, one Government and one law shall be enshrined in the Constitution.

6 To declare Buddhism as the State Religion as it had been since 307 BC in this Island nation and to take action to rehabilitate, preserve, protect and develop all Buddhist places with special attention to ancient Buddhist places in the North and the East

7 To make Sinhala the Official Language of the Republic and make it compulsory for all citizens to learn Sinhala the language of the Land  with provision for the reasonable use of Tamil, and English as the international language

8 Reduce the number of MPP in Parliament to about 150 and abolish all communal and ethnic political parties’ like Tamil, Muslim or even Sinhala and have only national parties Like SLFP, UNP and JVP etc.

9 Elections to Parliament shall be held on the former electorate basis on the first-past the post system and abolish the proportional representation, preferential voting and the National List

10 To limit the Cabinet to 15 Ministers including the Prime Minister

11 To apportion the number of MPP to Parliament and all other local Govt bodies and employment in Government sector according to the National Demographic ratios on ethnic proportion.

12 Lay down specific and minimum qualifications like character, education, and wealth and past tract record on social service.

13 A new Constitution based on history, traditions of our land and the aspirations of the natives that will guarantee good governance to make this a peaceful and prosperous country.

14 Set up a permanent National Planning Council and formulate a national Policy on all matters pertaining to governance

15 Restore a fully independent Judicial Service and a Public Service including the Foreign Service, where professionalism and meritocracy should be made the underpinning criteria of selection, appointment and placement,

16 Lay down a national policy for awarding Citizenship to Estate Tamils or any other based on the criteria given in the Nehru/ Kotalawala Agreement of 1954 only

17 To set up a professional Public Service to be in charge of the Public Service and the Cooperate sector and to stop the present practice of appointing defeated politicians and outsiders to all government institutions

18 Stop appointing defeated politicians for any public position as Secretaries to Ministries, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Heads of Departments and Corporations and Directors of Cooperation should be done away with immediately because all these institutions belong to the State and not to political parties and they have to be run for the benefit of the public.

19 To make all Universities fully independent subjected to a broader national educational policy geared to achieving excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and skills in arts and science and all other fields required in this brave new world

20 To abolish the Provinces invented by colonial invaders to divide the country on ethnic grounds and the Provincial Councils imposed by India again to divide the country; re-demarcate the District boundaries using natural boundaries that will facilitate better use of natural resources ethno-social integration.

21Will discontinue the duty free vehicle permit system for everybody immediately and probe how the recipients have used or misused this facility from the time it was started and punish all those who have misused this facility

22 Will prune all exorbitant facilities and special privileges like the pension given to politicians and make them true servants of the people rather than oppressors as they have turned out to be at present and thereby bring about an entirely a new political culture committed to the service of people in place of the present model of self- centered, exploitive and oppressive politics

23 Restore capital punishment immediately, to minimize grave crimes like murder, drug trafficking, treason, robbing state property,  to eliminate criminals from society and reduce congestion in prisons and wastage of public funds to feed criminals in order to bring back long awaited peace and sanity and civility to this country.

24 That he will demand an apology from colonial invaders for crimes against humanity and genocide committed against the people of this country and sue for compensation for the economic and socio-cultural devastations inflicted upon the motherland and its people and end the subservience to the West i.e. USA, EU and NATO and will turn a new leaf in what SWRD set the trend in his foreign policy in 1956 to make this Island a fully independent, self-sustained, prosperous and proud nation in Asia

25 That he will exercise his full authority as the Head of the State all over the Island and its entire maritime economic zone which is nearly 30 times the land area, for the progress, prosperity and wellbeing of the people of this nation and finally will transform the present system of Government by the politicians, for the politicians and of the politicians to a system of Government by the people, for the people and of the people where every action of the Government will be designed and directed for the wellbeing and good of the people

If someone can stand up and make this clarion call valiantly and bravely and act accordingly, he is the leader people of this country is looking for

Then He is the true hero leader of this Lion nation

and the Patriot leader for whom Sinhala Desaya is desperately dreaming and yearning to rescue this once great Nation from the abysmal depths in to which it had been pushed by our traitorous and visionless self-seeking politicians ever since 1948 and He is the savior and the prophetic Diyasena Kumaraya of this nation who will go down in the annals of history as the greatest liberator this Island nation has ever had. He will even replace Dutugemunu, Parakramabahu and Vijayabahu the Great.

 Anyone who wishes or aspires to be the President in this country should first vouch and agree to implement the above National Programme in his or her election manifesto

and upon his election to that coveted position,

 it must be made mandatory for him or her to take oath before the Sacred Tooth Relict (The symbol of royal power and authority  in this country for the past 2600 years) in front of an august assembly of Mahasangha headed by the Four Mahanaayaka Theras of the Three Nikayas in keeping with the hallowed tradition of this Island nation with the Chief Justice of the nation and  the  three leaders of the other three religions Roman Catholic, Hindu and Muslim to conform with present day  social realities and in attendance.

Then you are the lion and you are the type of leader this nation is desperately yearns for today who could make this country once again the most prosperous and sought for country in the whole of Asia

If Singapore an Island nation formed in 1965 with only 715.8 km2 as against our 65,000 km2 with no great history or land or marine resources compared with ours could become the richest nation in South East Asia with a per capita income over 12,000 US $ within a short period of few decades why can’t we do it?

The secret lies in strong, patriotic, visionary and able leadership more than the size of the country or the resources it has?

Isn’t this exactly what this country too desperately needs today?

One Response to “This country needs a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist visionary Leader to save it from the quagmire in to which it has been put by our post-Independent politicians.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Yes,we need a visionary leader to lead us for a better future. All our politicians talk about other countries in the region and talk about their success stories but never thinking how to make our country prosperous and great again except talking gossips of other people and mud slinging at each other.
    We need a new set of young energetic educated politicians rather than having the same old habitual persons who do nothing for the country except getting rich day by day by stealing the public funds.
    Dr.Sudath has written a very good article and we should appreciate their contributions to Lankaweb writing very useful articles time and time again. Mahinda Rajapaksa had a vision for the country without any doubt and he did something to the country more than others. Ending the brutal terrorism was enough after suffering for more than thirty years. From JR to Ranil, Chandrika all failed in that mission. They helped the terrorism to spread due to their bad governance. They were afraid of outside governments. They didn’t have guts to tell them to mind their own business except Mahinda Rajapaksa our fearless president. Bye hook or crook he stopped the blood shed. For that we owe him our lives. He brought peace and stability back to the country. No protests,no deaths or disturbances like today. Today country is in a mess. Two leaders globe trotting and least bothered about the country or it’s people. Day by Day cost of living is going high and people dying everywhere. Politicians and the police playing havoc with people’s lives. We need a strong stable government with a strong leader who stands with the people not a stooge or a puppet to any outside force.
    Mahinda Rajapaksa must change his attitude and tell the people in this country his vision honestly and where he stands without going back to his past mistakes. We need him to be straightforward in his statements. He should take decisions on behalf of the country not to satisfy few. As a sinhala buddhist he should always take the advise of the Maha Sanga and take our country on the correct path. Let’s have hope on him for the last time. If he fails then up to the ordinary people in this country to decide our future. We need to go forward not backward like the current Yamapalanaya clique doing to our Motherland.

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