SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena and SLFP of  SWRD Bandaranaike
Posted on January 15th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

Now there are two SLFPs one of Srisena and other of SWRD. Are they the same or are they different ?

Let us see.

SWRD left UNP to form a politically socialist SLFP -different from the Western Capitalist  UNP.

Sirisena left the socialist SLFP to join politically different Western Capitalist UNP. Can we draw a political  parallel to Srisena and  SWRD? No, they are poles apart aren’t they ?

SWRD left a Capitalist political System to form  a Socialist political system.

Sirisena left a Socialist political System to join a Western Capitalist political System.

Can Sirisena claim a political similarity to SWRD ?  No he cannot .

SWRD  formed the SLFP and joined with the MEP,LSSP and the Communist Pa  rty.

Sirisena left the Socialist SLFP to join with the Western Capitalist UNP, half-baked Marxist JVP, Tamil Natiuonalist TNA and Nationalist Hela Urumaya, against Socialist left wing  MEP,LSSP,CP,NFF, Pivithuru Hela Urumaya.

Is there any political Similarity between Sirisena and SWRD ? Definitely No .

On the 8 January, President Mahinda Rajapakse who was also the President of  SWRD’s SLFP was defeated by Sirisena  at the Presidential election. On the 16 January, 2015 the President of SLFP Mahinda Rajapakse handed over the Presidency of the SLFP to the new President Maithripala Sirisena.

By that action can Sirisena,  who on his own accord left the SLFP to join the Western Capitalist UNP and its right wing politicians, be cleansed of his sin of leaving the SLFP to make of him a legitimate leader of SWRD’s SLFP ?  No he cannot be cleansed of the sin of leaving SLFP.

Sirisena’s legal right to be the President of SLFP has not been legally challenged , but  what is evident is Sirisena has  no Moral right to be the leader of the SLFP.

Now there are two SLFPs one led by President Sirisena  and the other SLFP forming a political front with Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna claiming Mahinda Rajapakse as its leader

Can there be two SLFPs one lead by Maithripala Sirisena,  and another  claiming the leadership of Mahinda Rajapakse ?  No there cannot be two SLFPs.

One of SLFP has to be the one that is closest to SWRD’s political philosophy not both.

The SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena  is with UNP , and  its Allies JVP, TNA, JHU  accepting to work with  a capitalist political system,  distancing itself from the Socialist left wing politics in association with MEP,LSSP,CP, NFF and PHU. This is exactly what SWRD did not want his SLFP to be.

The other SLFP the members of which are with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which claims the leadership of Mahinda Rajapakse, which  has refused any cohabitation with the UNP and seeks allegiance with  Socialist Left wing politicians , which is what SWRD wanted when he left the Western Capitalist political system of the UNP.

Hence the  SLFP with President Maithripala Sirisena is fake, it is NOT what SWRD wanted his SLFP to be.

Therefore the real SLFP containing the political philosophy of SWRD is with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

It is therefore clear that what President Mahinda Rajapakse handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena  on the 16 January,2015 was only the name of  SWRD’s political party,  but not what it contained –the SWRD’s political philosophy.  The ownership  of SWRD’s political philosophy is  still with Mahinda Rajapakse.

However the Sinhala Buddhists should not listen to English Educated  Colombians or Sinhala diaspora who may say vote for Pohottuva if Mahinda Rajapakse accepts to remove the 13 A from the Constitution etc because  Mahinda Rajapakse  knows what he has to do.

When Mahinda Rajapakse was elected President in 2005 he knew what exactly he was going to do,  and none of the English Educated Colombians and the Sinhala Diaspora had to tell him what he had to do.

Though the Western Capitalist UNP started calling him  corrupt and that he was a thief, the cry that was taken up by the JVP, were all lies to slander  and damage the reputation of an honest man to prepare the way for them to come to political power to plunder the State Coffers, and destroy Sri Lanka  developed by Mahinda Rajapakse in a short time after eliminating terrorism.

Mahinda Rajapakse knows what he has to do as he is a man who learns from his experience.

Therefore it would be wise for the Sinhala Buddhists not to be divided and VOTE at the coming Provincial Council Election for the POHOTTUWA of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which has the Political System as it had been planned and set up by SWRD Bandaranayake.

13 Responses to “SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena and SLFP of  SWRD Bandaranaike”

  1. Christie Says:

    West West West. keep repeating. Socialists. Socialists Socialits……

    Banda and Sirisena both puppets of India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

    Banda was recruited by India and financed by India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

    Same with Sirisena. The only difference was Chandrika did the negotiations.

  2. Christie Says:

    බන්ඩත් සිරිසේනත් අතර කිසිම වෙනසක් නැත.

    දෙන්නම ඉන්දියානු රූකඩයන්ය.

    වෙනස සිරිසේන හා ඉන්දියානු කපුකම කලේ බන්ඩගෙ දුව චන්ඩ්‍රිකාය.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    IF the SLFP is divided, UNP wins!

    Why can’t some people understand this SIMPLE MATH?

    It does NOT matter who is right and who is wrong. SLFP MUST NOT BE DIVIDED.


  4. ranjit Says:

    Charles as usual very fine article. Lorenzo is day dreaming as he was telling if SLFPER’S get divided UNP will win Nonsense UNP will never win under the current leadership never. This clown had lost many times in the past and and this will be his end of the road. He is weak and tired and has lost his brains. His actions not fit for a prime minister.
    If we need a strong government with a visionary leadership and a trustworthy leadership then there’s only one man we can think of and he is none other than Mahinda Rajapaksa our fearless president who demolished the mighty LTTE Terrorists organisation and said to the white man”mind your own business”. Don’t be fooled by SLFP tactics just go to the polling station on Feb 10th and cast your valuable vote to pohottuwa symbol. Mahinda is pohottuwa and pohottuwa is Mahinda.

  5. Senerath Says:

    How about this ?

    The very first attempt at forming a government with the help of the UNP was by former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2007 and giving leadership to the ‘yahapalana government’ was nothing unusual, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

    He said he and Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa were asked to return during an official visit to Beijing by the former president in January 2007 to sign the two-party agreement to form a coalition government. He was then the general secretary of the SLFP.

    At an election propaganda meeting at Ibbagamuwa, the President said he inquired from President Rajapaksa as to he they were asked to return in such a hurry.

    “We are going to sign an agreement with the UNP to form a government,” he said.

    ‘I went to the Temple Trees to sign the pact between the UNP and the SLFP. All senior UNP leaders including Ranil Wickremesinghe and Malik Samarawickrama were present. The agreement was ready. President Rajapaksa said the agreement has been drafted and let’s sign it. But I never participated in the discussion between the two parties or saw the draft either. But I signed it as instructed to do so. President Rajapaksa was able to rule the country only for a short time with the UNP and before it collapsed,” the President said.

  6. Charles Says:

    Ranjith, Lorenzo with his short comments and King Solomon Stories try to paint himself a patriot , but he is an Indian Secret Agent. He worked and works forMaithripala Sirisena. Ananda USA saw through him, but lot of people were fooled Now he tries to make out Mahinda Rajapakse is with the Americans. The Sinhala were fooled by people like this. It was the TNA and the Muslims that enabled the defeat of MR, and Lorenzo was a part of the cabal. Unfortunately the Sinhala are divided and worms riggle into the wood.

  7. Senerath Says:

    You are mistaken. Actually



  8. Christie Says:

    From what I have heard and observed Mahinda does not think SWRD is great.

  9. charithsls Says:

    All Sinhalese should vote MR at the local polls & GR at the coming President Election unconditionally . No two words on that. However to tell MR knows what he has to do is not all right, if it is right we won’t be in this hole at the first place!
    MR should take many lessons from what happened. First of all, he did not have a good PR system.He should get rid of the image that he can do anything when President. This gives the media ( & the enemies) to castigate him, even a murder somewhere in a corner is his fault. The anger he got from the foreign media when a foreigner was killed was massive. He should take the example from RW in this regard; the whole blame from Aluthgama riots was on him but the recent episode just went by no one blaming RW. Muslims I think had a whale of time under him, Badihudin starting Wilpatthu destruction unabated. But don’t forget he has had a massive opportunity with all his siblings around, after the war triumph to put many things right which he didn’t. Hope he will be richer with all his experience for the sake of us.

  10. L Perera Says:

    The two party system ended at the last general elections. Until such time it is restored Lanka will remain in skid row……… .

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Charles calls me an Endian agent ONLY BECAUSE I DISAGREE with him on POLITICAL MATTERS. “Musawada veramani sikka padam sandiyami”. I hand it over to KARMA without personal attacks in return.

    Sene, that is not true. The website is HOSTED in USA.

    My3 walked out of UNP Cabinet meeting! Well done!

    I remember MR-UNP deal in 2007. But it COLLAPSED sooner than this time.

  12. Christie Says:

    India had its first Persons of Indian Origin Law makers congress or something in Delhi a week or two ago attended by Indian Parasites from 23 countries from Fiji to Guyana.

    Modi singled out Jagdio from Guyana and PM of Mauritius as great heroes. Guy from Guyana was the Commonwealth Election Monitor at the last election where Indian puppet won. Mauritius is the country that supported the US proposals against our country on human rights.

    There were Indian Colonial Parasites from Ceylon, USA, UK, NZ, South Africa, Kenya.

    It is India and Indian Colonial Parasites and vermin who screws us.

    It is Indian Colonial Parasites who tell us we are being screwed up by the West.

    It is India and Indians.

  13. Charles Says:

    Charithsls, Thank you for your comment. I can trust some people and I cannot trust some. When I say MR knows what he has to do I went from the fact that he came in 2005 telling that he will settle terrorism either after discussing with the terrorist leaders or else or through others necessary means to eliminate terrorism. After mavil aru he resorted to the military solution against all odds and came out successful and ofcourse he had his family to support him for which we are grateful. Even when he asked for an election before two years, I belive he did it not with the desire to hold onto power but because he knew what would happen if another governments takes over power, and wanted to complete the work which required his attention.

    May be I am blinded by my trust, but I still think that it is MR that bring back Sri Lanka from the abyss into which it has fallen today.

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