Anti Buddhism concepts of Rosy Senanayake , Ranil Wickramasinghe and UNP ……………. Say No To Buddhism In Sri Lanka – Rosy Senanayake
Posted on January 17th, 2018

5 Responses to “Anti Buddhism concepts of Rosy Senanayake , Ranil Wickramasinghe and UNP ……………. Say No To Buddhism In Sri Lanka – Rosy Senanayake”

  1. Senerath Says:

    Problem is all other politicians are the same, but they have the exact same idea and work underground to do it, togther with some monks.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Colombo prostitutes boast about their previous night earnings and other gossips when they meet next day so this is one of them we shouldn’t bother too much about it because she is only Day dreaming. Their days are numbered. Now itself they should find a place to hide not here in our Motherland but in a country where they were paid to do dirty business here. These westernised witches and gays must be defeated and chased out of this country. Don’t use your valuable vote on those hypocrites. Down with UNP and their western conspirators.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Even in Colombo District, voters rejected her after she made those remarks.

    However, CMC area is a minority dominated region. Bashing Buddhism will be rewarded by some (if not most) of them. Buddhist shrines in Colombo City aren’t doing well as they used to but shrines of other faiths do exceptionall well. UNP is clever to pick her to run for the post of mayor. What matters is votes not morality (her opponents may not be of excellent morality either). As UNP did on most occassions, it fields a Sinhala mayoral candidate but changes to a minority one after election. 2011 was an exception. Rathnasiri, Karu and Prasanna are recent elected mayors who were succeeded by others later. UNP and allies will win almost 80% of CMC seats. CMC revenue is as high as a blue chip company. Its lucrative contracts are shared by a small group of people.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Buddhism bashing is the order of the day whenever traitor catholic-run UNPatriotics in power. Now these actions
    at its highest since the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya Bay Gal Karaya
    Batalande Wadakaya Lajja baya nathi aga matta pol pot r@nil wickrama Sinhala killer is ruling Sri Lanka. So these
    followers of religions of conveniences at it like there is no tomorrow. Sadly these people who believe in a mythical
    god going down a completely wrong road and accrue a lot of sins in this life believing killing, lying, stealing, drug
    abuse, sexual misconduct etc are not sins while all honest people do. As a result these followers of these
    mythical gods won’t be two legged creatures in their next lives. Most probably a cow or a dog’s wife. Good for
    Mother Lanka!

    No scientists know the size of the vast Universe and the earth is the size of a grain of sand. Then how did this god
    guy find this ‘grain of sand’ missing all these other big planets? Oh they don’t any water to start life? Charles
    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Nah! It is our god guy! Then how did he managed to create different
    looking people for every continent and made them going to war against each other? Why did he also create tsunamis, floods, earth quakes etc. etc.? Bad man. Very very bad man! Never made an appearance in WW1, WW2, Vietname, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Syria etc. etc.

    Buddhism is the only true religion in the
    world. Buddhism’s non-violent itself is used to destroy only escape route for the humans to stop being reborn.
    Meanwhie this so called v-roopa sundari should look in the mirror! And see what is happening to you. Just like
    the Gauthama Buddha said, you become a mess with old age; then suffering starts. You become a viroopa
    sundari and nobody wants to look at you. Then you have to make statements like this to get the attention. It is
    all Buddhism you moronic woman!

    Now the traitor chief is ready to put into action its lifetime ambition programme of 3-country new constitution and
    these dog’s wives are making even more noise. Unfortunately Sinhala Buddhist modayas don’t feature in
    Wadakaya’s new 3-country programme. One for tamils who will then swallow up Anuradhapura etc, one for
    mussies who will grab Polonnaruwa etc. and one for its favourite group C Brigade. All UNPatriotic party ardent
    supporters get their separate countries and Sinhala Buddhist modayas? Oh they have the sea all around them.
    That’s what these C Brigade, religion of convenience followers believe. When you think of Sinhala Buddhist
    modayas naivety Wadakaya & co going to succeed. After all you even get the support of the likes of puppet the
    rubber stamp vairapala sorry sena, guardian/destroyer of Buddhism thibbotte bath gotte etc. etc. Is there any
    chance then for the Sinhala Buddhist modayas to survive?

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor catholic run UNPatritotic party’s anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese anti Sri Lankan stance is shown in the
    following links. You won’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka. Obviously UNPatriotics didn’t
    want to hurt its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan and the catholic tigers of tamil drealam. So they
    were given half the country on a plate by the Wadakaya. Buddhist jvp? Or we burn them tyres, headless corpses
    in rivers, eyes gorged out while alive (Bataland Commission Report). Still some traitor Sinhala modayas
    (dhrohiyas) support these monsters.

    UNPatriotic kaaraya
    Siri Laka hooran kanna suuraya
    Hathuru raja maraya
    Sihalun maranna suuraya
    UNPatriotic kaaraya

    UNPatriotic kaaraya
    Buddhism nathi karanna suuraya
    Hathuru raja maraya
    Banku kadanna suuraya
    UNPatritoic kaaraya

    UNPatriotic kaaraya
    Yana yana thana
    Pathire gandas kaare
    Pathire ganda kaare
    UNPatriotic kaaraya

    An UNPatriotic song by portguese national currently domiciled in Sri Lanka r@nil wickrama Sinhala killer.

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