Which should come ‘First’? The country or the stinking Political Parties that have served only politicians and ruined the country for 70 years?
Posted on January 19th, 2018

An open letter to all Patriotic Sri Lankans on the eve of Local Government Elections.

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 18.1.2018.

This is the most important and critical question every Sri Lankan, especially every Sinhala man and woman old and young and even the unborn who loves his/her country should pause to their innermost soul in this most critical hour of this nation

It is true this election is not a Parliamentary election although it has assumed the characteristics of an Island wide General Election in all aspects, never seen or heard in the history of local government elections in this country before. It is held only to elect 8968 members to 351 Local Government Councils in the Island and as such it cannot change the Government immediately unless the President sack the Prime Minister and put a new Government in place under another PM after or even before Feb 10.th. Going by the political turmoil brewing in the country in the wake of the serious revelations of the Central Bank robbery the possibility of such political Sunami is imminent. Looking at what happened at the last Cabinet meeting and how the President walked out in protest after gunning at the UNP, nothing is predictable anything can happen even within the next 24 yours. But regarding the Feb 10th Election one thing can be definitely predicted. That is it will definitely be a no-confidence move against the sitting Government provided the JO plays its cards properly and effectively.

In my opinion the results of the Feb 10th  election could reflect the following broad scenarios.

1 A complete rout out of the UNP in the country side including Colombo Municipality. ( after Rosi Senanayaka’s provocative comments on the Sinhala Buddhists

2 A landslide for Mahinda led Pohottuwa

3 Polarization of Tamil and Muslim votes under a communal basis better than ever before.

On the overall I have a deep feeling that Feb 10th Election will end up (at least it should be made to be so) as a national referendum that will definitely reflex the outcome of the next General election. To that extend I would see it as a forerunner of the electoral behavior of voters in the next General Election.

This should be the aim and target of all patriotic people.

Of Political Parties

Theoretically Political parties are instruments of election that enable people to elect alternative Governments for better governance. But in this country they have got reduced to ladders of personal aggrandizements for Sinhalese and communal firework displays for minorities.  You can form them, join them and leave them, as and when your interests command you to do so. Nevertheless they are only a mean to an end and they should never be made an end in themselves. They are also not to be carried on your back for ever and they should be dropped and discarded when they are stinking, not patriotic or not serving the needs of the people and when you see they are taking you and the country to disaster. Once you leave one party you can join another. But your motherland is not like that. If you lose it once, you lose it forever not only for yourself but for who are still unborn and all generations to come.

How many of you have realized or tried to understand, that none of the political parties in this country since 1948, has done its duty, by the motherland and its people. Almost all our political parties have only focused on personal gain and aggrandizement rather than the good of the country and brought overall disorder, disaster and bankruptcy to the country and driven us to the dead end of even losing our motherland. The present yahapalanaya hybrid two headed Government of UNP and SLFP (Maître Camp) is the worst among them especially for the Sinhala Buddhists. It has already finalized its vicious promises and plans to reward the minorities and the outside world including India and the Western Colonial powers, for helping them to come to power in 2015. They have already completed the following list of betrayals against the Motherland and the Sinhala nation within the three years in Office. Both the UNP and Maitripala Camp of the SLFP drop outs have jointly finalized and agreed on the following disastrous and treacherous plans to draw the curtain on the very foundation of the Sinhala nation and the 2600 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country. Although Maitripala Sirisena now pretends to be otherwise he also cannot be absolved for the crimes this Government has committed during the past 3 years.

What is in stock to be implemented by this Government and the dangers ahead?

1 The new Constitution is the brainchild of Ranil Wickramasinha. It is already drafted and kept in limbo as a secret document under lock and key, among other things that will make this country a Union of States, actually which means a Federal State even going beyond the Indian or USA models that will end up in a separate autonomous EELAM for the Tamil migrants that will deprive the Sinhalese 1/3 of their motherland in the North and East and more even 2/3 the total entitlement under the international entitlement of the maritime territory adjacent to the Island in the Indian Ocean with all its resources. Ranil-Sirisena–Chandrika Trio has already finalized the last rituals for the Unitary State and to give autonomy to the joint North and East, the dream Tamil Homeland as agreed upon by JR/Rajiv Accord of 29th July 1987 as a santosam for voting the President and Ranil to come to power in 2015. This will be the first Tamil Homeland outside India. Artificial ‘Homelands for outsiders are usually created only by conquest e.g. North and south America, Australia and New Zeeland. As such this will also be the first, such on earth, voluntarily ceded by any nation in world history. Are you going to sit and wait deaf, dumb and blind until these traitors do this crime?

2 This plan also entails the formation of the Sri Lanka Malayanadu another mono-Tamil territory right at the center of the country for South Indian Estate Tamils as promised by Chandrika-Ranil-Sirisena-Kiriella-outfit in their 2015 election promises. This Government has already fulfilled a major part of their promises by giving land and any other benefits within these three years where as they have not taken any action to implement the Recommendations of the Kandyan Peasantry Commission Report of 1951 to rectify the historical injustices inflicted upon the native Sinhalese up to date. So you now see the discrimination these governments have done to the native Sinhala Buddhist, sons of the soil. They also have promised to Modi the Indian Prime Minister an autonomous Tamil State on the central hill country of this country for this South Indian labour force, when he visited Sri Lanka last year. The new Malayanadu will be initially set up under the tutelage of either Thondaman or Digambaran as the Chief Minister in a newly created Province only for Tamils in the near future with the prospects of unifying it with the North-East Tamil State in the near future (the Tamil Politicians have been dreaming at least from 1947 with the founding of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (Lanka Tamil State Party) under the deceptive Federal label by Chelvanayagam.  Now you can see the scale of the dangers of keeping this Government any more in power?

This will first complete the betrayal of the sons of the soil called Kandyans by the British who had fought relentlessly against three powerful colonial powers (Portuguese, Dutch and British) losing everything they inherited from their ancestors and died in hundreds of thousands for 450 years to save their motherland for you and me.

Second it will deprive the Geographical Heartland of this Island nation to the whole nation, where all its rivers start.  The resulting destruction of the Heart Land along with its forests cover, the land surface, the river system and the entire life system by these Indian immigrants who have no love for this country will pause a fatal threat to the entire life system and the civilization of this country in the long run and that will draw the curtain for good on the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country.

3 Selling and handing over all major harbours and Airports to India, China and either USA or Japan (Already Hambantota and part of Colombo are sold (on 99 years) to China and Kankasanture and Trincommalle and part of Colombo port to India. Plans are also in the pipe line to sell Hambantota and Palali Airports to India

4 Kandy is being put in the pipeline for giving it to Japan under the so-called Greater Kandy Development Project, a dubious and clueless plan to convert it to a Japanese city thereby killing the traditional Kandyanness that is regarded as its life and spirit.

5 Many more other sell outs in the form of bilateral deals like the ETCA with India are also said to be in the pipe line for early consideration

President Sirisena has said several times openly that he is under obligation to Tamils and it is his bounden duty and responsibility too, to meet their aspirations and grievances and that he will do everything to fulfill their election promises. Ranil has already done it. Therefore it makes no difference whether you vote Ranil’s UNP or Sirisena’s SLFP camp at this local Government Elections. That is why the whole nation has to display its protest against these mega betrayals by not voting their camps. If you do they will continue the treacherous Yamapalanaya game with the support of minorities and the outside world to achieve the above targets and see that this country and the Sinhala Buddhist nation is completely wiped out from the surface of this earth within the next few years.

This is why I repeat asking you Which should come First? The country or the stinking Political Party?

Now that, at last the Yahapalanaya outfit has decided to go for Local Government elections this should be the first and the most decisive question all patriotic people of this country should pause to their inner conscience at this critical moment of this nation. This is critical and extremely crucial than even defeating the LTTE.

Therefore it is time for all patriotic Sri Lankans to bury all party affiliations at least temporally and to ‘Rise, like lions after a long slumber in unvanquishable numbers as one nation to defeat all the treacherous forces particularly in the Yahapalanaya camp, to save this country for posterity.

The past record and curse of political Parties  

It goes without gainsaying that the political party system introduced by the British to ruin this nation in 1948 has almost completed its cruel and vicious mission as expected by the colonial masters using the very Constitution and a state craft mechanism alien to this country they imposed on us with the help of the servile Kalusuddhas they left behind. This is more than evident when you look at the present political disarray and chaotic confusion and uncertainty before the nation prevailing in the country.

Political party system was introduced by the British not only to divide and destroy the Sinhala /Lankan nation on ethnic grounds as Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims but also on ideological bases as capitalist and socialist and religious grounds as Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Catholics. Now after 70 years of so-called independence we all see how perfectly this colonial plan and conspiracy has worked. So much so today we have more than fifty registered political parties screwing in to the spirit of the nation day and night until its last breadth. Our own mad politicians and NGOO driven by the international community have now baptized this country as a multi ethnic, multi-religious, multi lingual and multi-cultural country. The UNP is the main sponsor of this concept that was started during the Premadasa time. None of these people know that this country like any other had only one nation up to 1815.  Even today 75 % of its total population is Sinhalese and 70% Buddhists. So, how on earth, anyone can call it a multi ethnic or multi-religious society.  Our problem is we don’t have a single Politician or a national leader who can stand on his or her own feet and tell this to the whole world.

Both the original UNP and SLFP are now dead

If you carefully analyze the present political situation you will see that the original SLFP as a national political Party has already died its natural death under the pseudo SLFP of Sirisena Camp. Sirisena has ceased to be SLFP any more on the day (21 st Nov 2014) he left the SLFP to join UNP as the Common candidate at the instigation of Chandrika the vicious. Today he is more UNP than even Ranil. At times he even exceeds the UNP agenda of betraying the country to Tamils and Muslims as he often has said that he is obliged and indebted to Minorities as they were the people who put him in power. In practice too he has aptly demonstrated his special considerations for Tamils at least forgetting nearly 52 million Sinhalese (UNP, JVP and SLFP dissidents) who had voted him. Actually the number of SLFP votes he has polled is minimal. Only 3 MPP came with him. The whole country knows that each and every vote poled by all others who have joined him later for power and personal gain as SLFP or JO and even those who (were taken in from the national list) and now claim to be champions of SLFP were received on Mahinda Rajapaksa’s account. As such both Sirisena and all who have joined him after the election have to be written off from the traditional SLFP book.  As Chandrika and Sirisena together are the two culprits who conspired, murdered and buried the SLFP for good. As such both have no right to talk on behalf of the SLFP policies anymore and ask for your vote. As such SLFP voters who love their party, its future and its patriotic policies living all over the country should reject all candidates put forward by President Sirisena an sponsored by Chandrika as enemies of the SLFP who support theUNP.F

If we seriously look for a leader who has the right to claim for Badarnayaka policies in this country, I think MR is the only man who can do that. I said this even in 2005 when I wrote an article to the Island on ‘Who are the real enemies of Bandaranayaka policies”. Even after 17 years I repeat the same conviction without any hesitation for reasons I had stated in that letter.  Majority of SLFP supports are with him. What we should try to do is to get all the SLFP voters to his side. Convince them that they have to choose between the leadership of a proven Patriot and able leader with enormous charisma and a proven traitor with zero Charisma on the other; between a proven Sinhala Buddhist and a pseudo Sinhala Buddhist who has already openly vouched to support and espouse the minority cause, particularly historic arch enemy of the Sinhala nation, the Tamils and a man who has got elected with all anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist votes  just to take revenge from a leader like no other, in battle, who rescued the nation from LTTE terror and unified a divided nation for 30 years and ushered in a period of peace and order and sanity for millions who kept awake the whole night in fear  of death and despair on the other and finally between a Unicorn and a mule. So it is in this backdrop you have to select the future leader of this country by casting your valuable vote to the correct group,that is Pohutttuwa under MR leadership. These 8000 odd local level re representatives representing 351 grass root level political organizations are the key people who will decide as to who should be the next President of this country. That is why you have to win all these Councils.

Coming on to the UNP the very word UNP denotes that there is more than one nation in this country. It also admits that there are minority nations as against a majority nation. Conceptually there could be only one nation in any given country. The UNP does not accept that notion. They don’t accept this is the Land of the Sinhala Buddhist people as that even though it had been so for millennia. As you have already seen their Mayoral candidate Rosy Senanayaka Colombo has already openly declared their stance. The fact the Ranil has not refuted it proves that he too stand with that policy.  This country was known as Sinhale up to 1815. Even afterwards it was so until 1972 when it was renamed as Sri Lanka.  Even the British called it Sinhale when they named it as Ceylon which means the Land of the Sinhala people. But UNP does not accept that.

When we got Independence in 1948 the UNP should have demanded the British to restore the original name of the country that was handed over to the British in 1815, that is Sinhale, the name of the country as it had been called for 2500 years or more. Did they restore the Sinhala as the official Language. Did they ask the British to take back the Indian labour force nearing 1 million, they brought here to work on their estates and restore the unencumbered right over our Motherland. Did they at least ask these Indians either to learn the language of the natives and integrate with them or leave the shores of this country of ours immediately as Burma did it. Did they ask the British to hand over the Katunayaka and Trincommallee air bases? Did they demand for a legal system free from the appellate jurisdiction of the Privy Council; did they demand to remove the right of the Queen of England to appoint the Governor of this Island and did they take steps to declare this country as a Republic to make its Independence complete. As a result our legislators had to swear in as MPP in Parliament in the name of the Queen of England until 1972 when MRs Bandaranayaka declared it a Republic. Why didn’t they object to the party name UNP as it clearly denotes the presence of man nations where as there was only one nation as it had been before from the dawn of history and why didn’t they object to section 29 of the Constitution which conferred legal status to a minority concept in this country for the first time in history, never heard or seen in this country before. The answer is NO. This is why I call it fake independence foolishly and meekly accepted by the UNP leadership.

So I ask the question as to how UNP could boast that they have won independence to this country and call DS the Father of Independence. They only got the white jockeys replaced with brown ones but the horse remained as it was for 133 years, with a whip made in Briton. Was it not SWRD who initiated the first change and Mrs B who completed it in 1972 by declaring this Island nation as an independent Republic after a series of patriotic movements like the nationalization of Sterling Estates, USA owned petroleum companies like Caltex and Mobil to mention only few. Finally was it not Mahinda Rajapaksa who defeated the LTTE and liberated the country from Tamil terrorism in 2009 after 30 years of blood shed, devastation, terror and running a separate Government with courts, banks with their own currency,  tax system Police, Army, Navy and even their own Air power. Also while fighting a brutal terrorist war he constructed a Airport and the Hambantota Harbour the future gateway to Sri Lanka and covered the whole Island with a first class network of carpeted highways including the Southern super highway. All these achievement go to the credit of SLFP.

Meanwhile can anyone point out a single achievement of the Present Yahapalanaya Government other the Central Bank mega robbery and the whole list of betrayals, sellouts and messing up like the Hambantota Harbour. One has to compare the achievements of SLFP and the UNP up to date from 1948 only to get a clear picture of what political party has been patriotic and what has been not and what political party has worked for the development of the country and the betterment of its people. If you do so all UNP diehards will change overnight as they see the light only now.

Even though there were shortcomings on the overall the old UNP had some gentlemen politicians like DS, Kannagara, MD Banda,Dudly, Wanninayaka, Hurulla. Gamani Jayasuriya,Gamini Dssanayaka, Atulathmudali and even Premadasa. Can anyone name one man or woman of such caliber within the rank and file of UNP today. The post- Wijetuna era of the UNP under Ranil has brought disaster to the UNP. The three years from 2015 to date is the worst period UNP ever had. Today it has fallen to rock bottom and it is very unlikely that it will ever resurrect under Ranil or any other as there is no potential second level leader either within foreseeable distance.

I do not want to mention the JVP here as it is not based on the country’s traditions or culture. Though it has its own value as a rebellious group its political philosophy has not yet got attuned to the home situation or the Sri Lankan cultural milieu. All their patriots and leaders are imported from Russia, Cuba, Latin America or China.  They have never heard of Dutugemunu, Parakramabahu, Vijebahu, Keppetipola or Angarika Dharmapala even when they were in grade two. Perhaps they also have never see even a Buddhist Temple in the village, the Heart of the Sinhala Buddhist civilization. For them, politics is only a class struggle and their eyes don’t see anything beyond. In my view they have no future unless and until they distance from imported dogma and adjust themselves to the native cultural milieu which I have clearly told them in 2004 when a group of young men came to see me in Mahanuwara which the agreed totally then but never adhered to or up to date.

A rational and independent analysis of all political, social, economic and cultural changes that have taken place and benefitted the people in the post Independent period clearly has established the SLFP as the only political Party that has focused on the needs of the country and people as an independent nation giving pride of place to local traditions, customs and values.

Out of all functioning political parties at present in the country only the SLFP group under MR represents that tradition and certainly not Chandrika- Sirisena –Dissanayaka camp who have betrayed the SLFP on personal and vengeful grounds. Even most of the SLFP and JO MPP who have joined the yahapalanaya for power and personal gain will return to MR Camp as the election- day draws nearer. Already this trend has started in Sabaragamuva with the CM joining hands with that MR Camp. I am positive the same thing will happen in many more provinces as the election getting closer. As they realize that Sirisena is getting isolated in the Government they have no choice but to defect and join the wave for personal gain as usual. That is the rule rather than the exception as none of these politicians have any principles or policies they value.

A divided Sinhala Electorate the curse of the nation and the gain of the minorities

Whether we like it or not every one of us has to admit that the Sinhala electorate is divided in to two strong opposing camps with deep roots, they are SLFP and UNP. They treat their Parties not only as their political parties but also as their religion as well. They are so blind with party attachment they don’t see any difference between the party and other things like the country, religion or any other thing. They are actually beyond their comprehension. This phenomenon is stronger among the UNPers than the SLFPers. The MPP of these parties cling on to their leaders for personal gain but the voters rally round them for emotional and reasons of blind faith. Other than that they don’t have any rational ground or understanding of party policies as far as I know. They are being just driven like a herd of cattle. They are more emotionally driven rather than reason or facts.  As such we must think of an effective ploy to change their emotions and minds. Think of addressing basic motivational factors like physiological like water, food, shelter, safety and security needs like employment, salary, land, housing, transport and health , sense of belonging, religion, culture  and values etc

We can make use of this factor to persuade them to change their attitudes and convince and motivate them to give up their strong blind allegiance to parties or persons and convince them to understand the need to part with such blind allegiance and join a national movement at this critical hour to defeat the threat  to  the country and the nation which is more important and critical than saving a useless political party that does not do anything for the country or the people but only serve its politicians.


Rally round Pohottuwa led by Mahinda Rajapaksa

This is the only way out to avoid this national disaster before the nation and save the Motherland that has been preserved for us by our ancestors over the millennia from the dawn of history.


 Proposed election strategy for the Pohottowa Camp

Step no 1

Proper handling of the forthcoming Local Government elections by

1 Persuading all SLFP voters not to vote the Maitripala SLFP Camp as it is going to be a waste of their valuable vote as M3 will not win a single Local Government council and appealing them to rally round Pohottuwa candidates headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa as it is the only force that will safeguard the interests of the country and the Sinhala people as he is the only man who could defeat the LTTE against all threats both from inside and outside and once again bring this country under one banner in spite of all threats both internal and external.

2 Persuade all UNPers to Reject the UNP under Ranil as a Political Party and cast their vote also to Pohottuwa. Highlight Bond issue, Ranils behavior in Parliament etc Show them how Runil has ruined the party image and  conspiring to ruin the Countru and the Sinhala nation as well  through the new Constitution and giving in to Tamils and Muslims and India and Colonial powers

Appeal to the people not to be a party to this historic betrayal of our motherland and the Sinhala nation by voting the UNP or the sinking Sirisena camp.

3 Persuade the JVP sympathizers not to waste their vote for JVP firstly, as it is going to help the reactionary forces and therefore will only be a waste of votes as JVP want get a single Local Council and secondly it will only help the UNP to get more seats which might create a situation conducive for the permanent division of the country under the UNP-Maitripala plan with the help of the minorities. Make an appeal to these misguided youngsters to stand by the Pohottuwa for better future.

4 Appeal to the younger crowd to use their vote intelligently for the country and for future of the posterity without once again falling in to the pit of destruction as it happened in 2015.

If this could be achieved it will definitely serve as a referendum for the next General Election and that will definitely put the yahapalanaya plans on the reverse gear that will provide a shot in the arm and a breathing space for the patriotic Forces to get organized for the next General election.

Moreover many more changes we never expect may take place once the details of the Bond robbery are exposed in Parliament within the next few days.

To achieve this objective all patriotic people must work hard and get a landslide victory for the national movement under the leadership of Mahinda Rjapaksa.  Although there have been considerable lapses even under his regime, I am more than convinced that he is the only living experienced politician who can rescue this country from the challenges we are facing today.

Only two days ago addressing a Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) rally held in Kaduwela, he said he made a mistake by calling for presidential election two years prior to his tenure was expired”. This shows now he has admitted as he is more matured and experienced than before that he has done a blunder in 2014 by going for elections two years before his time expires. In fact I wrote to him in Nov 2014 advising him not to go for elections as the bird in hand is worth more than ten in the bush as our villagers say. Had he listened to my advice that day definitely he would have been the President of this country even today. Any way having laid the past to rest let us learn from our mistakes and forge ahead with courage and determination in the name of the motherland.

In conclusion I appeal to all patriotic citizens especially the Sinhala people to forget your blind party affiliation, more particularly with the rotten and corrupted UNP under Ranil and rally round Pohottuwa led by Mahinda Rajapaksa, the only living undisputed and proven patriotic and brave leader of the nation who liberated the country from the 30 year brutal and savage LTTE war, brought it under one banner and gave you and me a breathing space to live without fear of death in the present, with hopes for a better future for posterity.

A landslide victory in this Local Government Elections for the Pohuttuwa on Feb 10th   will definitely lay the solid iron foundation for a strong resurgence of the Sinhala nation that will mark a turning point towards political stability, sanity, law and order, good governance, peace and economic prosperity in the history of this country.

‘Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam

Rakkhantu sabba devata

Pito bhavatu lokocha

Raja Bhavatu dhammiko’!!!

9 Responses to “Which should come ‘First’? The country or the stinking Political Parties that have served only politicians and ruined the country for 70 years?”

  1. Nimal Says:

    I find all the past regimes robbed the country, couldn’t care for us and our national will increase who ever come to power.Deyyo sakki!

  2. Christie Says:

    Dp not be a frog in a hole. There are other countries who are in the same position or worse.

    Look at Mauritius for example and the plight of the natives of that country.

    Our problem is Indian Colonial Parasites.

  3. L Perera Says:

    Without a doubt voting Lankans must put country first. In order to ensure good governess they must also ensure that regardless of who gains power, their must also be a robust opposition too. We have witnessed corruption by some of the elected as published in the findings of an inquest into the recent Bond Scam . The return to a Two Party system is an absolute must. Achieving this, is entirely dependent on the Sri Lankan voter. May the Devas and Gods guide you.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I meant the regimes will increase the national debt by borrowing for absurd projects, earn commissions and stash it abroad. They never consult the people or the hardworking tax payers,

  5. Charles Says:


    This is very good, but how to get this message to the ordinary people. JO has meetings every where , the people crowd to these meetings, but they are stupid, when it comes to vote they will fight shy of the political parties that could change the situation. This happened in January,2015 and again in August, 2015. There is no guarantee that this time too they will refuse to vote UNP. There should be a politically independent group to organise meetings to inform the people. There was one with Gunadasa Amarasekara and Eliya . Perhaps they may be able to do some thing, if they wake up in time. So far they are not heard of.

    It is unbelievable how even some of these University professors coming for Derana and Hiru Political debates who refuse to believe that there is an International Conspiracy to divide Sri Lanka. They laugh at those who speak about it calling it the imagination of anti yahapalanaya propagandists.

    Sinhala people keep voting for politicians like Marikkar, Azath Zaly, Majibar Rahuman , Rishad Bathiudin wo slander and humiliate Sinhala Buddhist leaders? If the Sinhala Buddhists are united no one can out do the Sinhala as the Majority Community.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    The vast majority of commentators support politicians (to hell with the country). They have no love for the country. If their favorite political clan comes to power they don’t mind anything. In their book, the nation must suffer because the nation dumped their favorite political clan.

    Take the cases of corruption. Sirisena has done the right thing by appointing a large number of presidential commissions and getting them deliver comprehensive reports of evidence. He is now trying to get them through to prosecution. Since corruption has a bigger and everlasting bad impact on the country than the LTTE, this is a far more noble task than winning the war.

    All right thinking people and patriots (if any) must support it. Supporting this process is not supporting Sirisena! But what happens is some try to undermine the process with petty excuses to save their favorite political clans which stands next in the line to be punished.

    There is collusion between JO and the UNP to save each other. There are plenty of examples.

    Why is the JO not handing over the no confidence motion against Ranil? It is already very late.

    On May 18, 2015 UPFA MPs handed over a no confidence motion against Ravi to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa. Parliament was dissolved on June 25, 2015. What was he doing for over 1 month? Had he taken it up on time, Ravi would have been impeached before the parliament was dissolved. To make it more interesting, these MPs handed it over at the Speaker’s residence! Who are they trying to fool!

    Both UNP and JO attack presidential commissions looking into corruption and disrupt parliament and the process. Why? Of the 35 commission reports, almost all identified felons belong to the UNP and the JO.

    Then there is the FCID which comes under the UNP. Most FCID cases investigated the conduct of JO leaders. How many cases have they completed so far? None!

    This is a case of ‘you scratch my back and I scratch yours’. The nation suffers. Not many political parties cares about the nation. The sheer inability to look at issues from the point of the nation is a serious defect.

  7. Charles Says:

    From what we have heard even in ancient Greece only about 5000 from about 150 000 people attended each meeting which was the ancient Greek parliamentary system. There were the slaves and the foreigners who lived in ancient Greece. We have now the Parliamentary System with political parties who represent the people when elected to the parliament and form governments and one party or a coalition rule the Country. The people however much patriotic depend on the elected government. If they do not like how they run the country they are defeated at the next election and another lot runs the country. That is how it is. Of course there are those patriots who believe their elected representatives and when they do some good work would like them to continue , but there is the democratic opposition which do not agree with the government which did some good work, and think they could do much better and fool a majority and oust the old. The others who lost their favourites will then lament the loss of the previous lot who did some good work . That is how it goes on.Of course those who had their favourites dumped would like to have them again vice versa.
    Each group of patriots has its opinion and each group thinks its opinion is correct. But neither can impose its opinion as the correct one on the other who has a different opinion.
    That means the whole system is wrong but what can we do ……go for a Dictatorship !!

  8. Senerath Says:

    Have you forgotten this is LANKA WEB ?
    Are there ang right and wrong here ?
    It is very clear now that the plan is to get PM sacked using the President. MR&Co + Ranil + Pal Horu are all acting buddies in this plot. After that UNP+JO+JVP+TNA will impeach the President.
    However, the President is a cunning fox much more smarter than these folls think.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Very fine article Dr Sudath. We should appreciate all the patriots who loves this nation and fights the evil through various methods to safeguard our beloved nation. At the moment we cannot think of anybody other than the saviour of our land and the people from the brutal killer Prabakaran and his barbaric terrorist organisation and he is none other than Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is the only leader who can take us out from this mess we are in today due to bad governance by these current Yamapalanaya hora clique. From the day one what they did was cheating the public with bogus promises and lies. We have never seen our country in such a position like today never. Nobody knows who is in charge of the government because the leaders walks in different ways and acts differently. Majority of the politicians acts and behave like thugs and rowdies. They use bad words in public and behave like Montessori children in front of the world. Actually we cannot think of any good patriot in the current parliament at all but still many believes in Mahinda Rajapaksa than any other politician in the country therefore people should unite under his new symbol pohottuwa to give him the boost and strength to prepare for the presidential and general election rather than approving UNP AND SLFP horrible policies and their treacherous actions against our Motherland. Sira and Ranil both are master crooks and both should be defeated at all cost.

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