An urgent and open appeal to all Patriots for immediate action to rescue and protect the motherland.
Posted on January 31st, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 31.1 2018

This is an urgent appeal to all patriots to read the small booklet Kauda Hora” compiled by Shyam Nuwan Ganewatta  of Irida Divayina immediately. Your special attention is drawn to the last two Chapters, 1 based on a presentation by Ajith Nivad Cabral (former Governor CB) and Dr Nalaka Godahewa, 2 by Presidential Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya. After reading it, I now confirm my opinion that Ranil Wickramasinha is the number one accused and architect behind this national crime as I have said even before. (See my article The Commission Report says the Prime Minister should not have appointed Arjuna Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank”) Lankaweb 5th Jan 2018.

Under these circumstances there is no doubt as to who the Hora is and this book also reveal as to who the other main actors in this fraud are. Thanks to clever and comprehensive media coverage now the whole world knows who the culprits of this biggest bank robbery are (perhaps the biggest in Asia if not the whole world). As the President himself said few days ago no one responsible can hide from this mega robbery by trying to hide either in the mid sea, infinite universe or mountainous wilderness.

I reiterate that the President also cannot be absolved of this crime as I said in my article on 5th Jan. He is only trying to pass the ball to someone else’s court and trying to hide his head under sand like an ostrich and trying to be a sacrosanct hero pretending to be clean and innocent. In my opinion he is also equally responsible as much as His Prime Minister who was illegally appointed by him on Jan 9th 2015.

Under these circumstances citizens should, I think immediately start a national campaign demanding that,

1 First Ranil Wickramasingha should immediately resign as PM

2 Second, if he does not do so the President should sack him with immediate effect (for his own safety at least) and appoint an interim Government under someone else who can command the majority in Parliament. In this regard he should take care not to make the same mistake he did on Jan 8 2015.

3 Third direct the Attorney General to immediately institute legal action against all others involved directly or indirectly in this scam.

4 Thereafter even the President should resign for failing to exercise his powers and fulfill his duty by the country as the Executive President so that people of this country can elect a new President as well as a new Government who could

First, restore normalcy in this country by taking it out of the present state of total anarchy.

Second, convert this Island nation in to a fully free, independent, vibrant and robust country free from internal minority separatist movements, particularly in the NW, North, North East, East and the plantation sector right at the center of the country and external interference by neo-colonial enemies and to and economically prosperous country.

Finally restore the pristine economic and cultural glory protect the Sinhala Buddhist civilization that was there in this country before the 11th Century.

The need for a massive countrywide public agitation movement is immediately called for to get the above objectives realized, as any delay will end up in utter confusion and chaos beyond anybody’s comprehension and imagination?

8 Responses to “An urgent and open appeal to all Patriots for immediate action to rescue and protect the motherland.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Wake up citizens. Don’t allow them to fool us anymore. Need for a massive countrywide public agitation is a must. Patriots this is the time for action. Enough is enough. We are sick and tired of their lies. These two jokers Ranil and Sira taking our motherland backwards by their stupid idiotic actions. We have to organise massive street protests countrywide and demand their ouster immediately before they sell out the country and allow Tamil separatists movements and Muslim racists movements in the country to take over the country we love and cherish so much. People should not give their vote to these thieves anymore if you do it means that you approve their policies and actions. So let’s teach them a lesson not to forget. Damn liars and thieves. Join the patriots.

  2. Charles Says:

    Sudath it was evident from the beginning and following the actions taken by both Ranil and Maithripala there was a coordinated plan to “plunder” the Central Bank. It begins from the swearing in of Ranil as the Prime Minister before removing the Prime Minister who was still officially the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka with his Cabinet of Ministers.

    Then removing the Chief Justice without following the procedures in the Constitution and appointing and retiring and again appointing a new Chief Justice, were all unconstitutional. It sounds as if there had been ECONOMIC HIT MEN behind all this.

    Then Ranil as PM taking over the Central Bank under him. Appointing Ravi despite a money laundering case against him as the Minister of Finance, recommending the appointment of Arjun Mahendran a Non citizen of Sri Lanka who was a friend of Ravi and Raja Rajaratnam, to the President Sirisena who appointed him as the Governor of CB without a question… all these show that there was a plan.

    Even after the end of the period of Service of CB Governor when the President behind the back of the Prime Minister appointed a new Governor, Ranil immediately took Arjun Mahendran under his wing taking him on state visits abroad.

    Even sending late Ven. Sobhitha thero to Singapore for treatment, where he died under circumstances not well explained. Then again the President waiting for such a long time to appoint a commission of investigation into the Bond Scam ….and an unseen hand which stopped the Commission from taking an independent decision as to who should cross examine the Prime Minister as the Minister incharge of the Central Bank, and not questioning Kabir and Samarawickrama, all goes to show that there had been a coordinated Plan where the whole lot of the Yahapalanaya crowd is involved along with the foot note click.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Ranil and/or Sirisena will not resign voluntarily.

    What happened to the no confidence motion the Joint Opposition promised to bring against Ranil?

    This is the only way to remove him if done soon. It is already 1 month late. However, the JO works to save Ranil and Ravi in return for the FCID to go soft on them. FCID is under the UNP. If the JO does anything serious against UNP leaders, FCID has enough evidence to remand Rajapaksa family members and start prosecution. UNP uses this to blackmail.

    If Sirisena moves against either UNP leaders or JO leaders, they will impeach the president. Together they have the numbers. This is the situation in Sri Lanka.

  4. Christie Says:

    A government Employee Mahendran has used his position in a way that one of his associates a relative has benefited.

    In a Capitalist economy this is a criminal activity.

    We are blaming politicians and fighting among ourselves.

    All these are Bollywood theatre or MGR in action.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    MGR = MPR?

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Where is patriot Ananda USA?

    We are missing you Ananda USA.

    Hope he is in good health. When SL turns 70 so does Ananda USA. Theruwan Saranai.

  7. L Perera Says:

    The fate of Sri Lankans voter is similar to the crabs in a pot enjoying the lukewarm water, little realising that flames beneath will soon rise. You know the rest!

  8. Sarath W Says:

    Yes Sudath, citizens should start a national campaign against My3 and Ranil, Easily said and done. Who has the courage to lead this campaign? It was the poor villages who sent their sons and daughters to fight the LTTE scum and save the country and do we expect them to do that again? Those courageous sons and daughters were well led by MR, GR and to fight the terrorist. But who is going to lead them this time? MR and the JO is not taking this leadership for obvious reasons. GR is hiding in the USA. SO My3 and Ranil will escape scott free.

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