Civic rights of MR-Rawana Balaya challenges Minister Samarasinghe
Posted on January 31st, 2018

Chaturanga Samarawickrama Courtesy  The Daily Mirror

Ports and Shipping Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe is day-dreaming of abolishing the civic rights of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, General Secretary of the Ravana Balaya, Ven. Iththekande Saddatissa Thera said.

Speaking to media he said if some one tried to interfere with the civic rights and political future of Mr. Rajapaksa, they would have to face the consequences.

Being the only person who saved the country from the 30-year civil war, this government is planning to infringe his Democratic rights,” the Thera said.

He said that Minister Samarasinghe had told that Mr. Rajapaksa could be jailed for seven years.

We challenge the Minister to abolish the civic rights of former president or send him to jail for at-least one day if he could. On that day, the Buddhist monks will take to the streets in the Colombo city,” the Thera said.

If Mr. Rajapaksa’s civic rights are to be abolished, in that case, all those who were involved in the Central Bank Bond Scam should be stoned in the open at the Galle Face Green,” he said. ()

4 Responses to “Civic rights of MR-Rawana Balaya challenges Minister Samarasinghe”

  1. Charles Says:

    සාදු සාදු ස්වාමීන් වහන්ස , සිරිසේන ජනාධිපතිතුමා වල්භුත කියා කියා ගිරිය පුප්පගෙන කතාකරන කොට බල්ලෝ උඩබුරුලනවා. සමරසින්හලා
    , එස් බී දිස්සානායකලා, රාජිත සේනාරත්න ලා හිරාන් ලා මහා යොදයෝවෙලා. මුනුත් වැඩි කල් යන්න ඉස්සර සම්පුර්ණයෙන්ම දේශපාලනයෙන් අතුගාදැමෙන ලකුණු දැන් දැන් පෙනී යනවා.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    This man who was rejected by the people at the last parliamentary elections, after having received a ministerial portfolio through the back door by the Sirisena faction of the UNP SLFP, now has to do whatever he is commanded to do.

    First, he was used to signing away Hambantota Port to the Chinese. Now he is after Mahinda Rajapakse, this too he is doing for all those who came through the backdoor is obliged to do all the dirty work. He has a deep grudge against Mahinda Rajapakse because Mahinda did not campaign for him at the Aug 2015 elections and he lost.

    There are others who are far worse than him, those that came to parliament showing Mahinda’s face and then crossed over to traitor Sirisena’s side.

    The task before the people at this election is to recognize the predicament, Sri Lanka is in now. It is like a ship on fire. The fire has to be brought under control. Then those left in the ship must decide who should captain the ship. There is no doubt all those on the ship are to one degree or other are responsible for the fire. The practical thing to do is to find a person from among them to captain the ship and bring it ashore safely. If those aboard decide to wait till they find the perfect captain to steer the ship, there is no doubt the ship will flounder and sink.

    What needs to be done is to find the most capable and experienced hand and allow him to steer the ship and navigate through the waters to safety and safe harbor.

    After three years it is now crystal clear who is responsible for the status quo in nation and country today. IT IS NOBODY ELSE BUT RANIL!

    It is up to the people to decide intelligently. There is no point in waiting for anymore Mr. Cleans. The nation has seen one and seen what he has done immediately after taking over control of the government. Within seven weeks he allowed the greatest financial crime in Sri Lanka’s history to take place and then he tried his level best to cover it up. The cat’s paw that he used to usurp power – Sirisena.

    This the nation must know and decide intelligently.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    RAVANAN BALAYA should first win a parliamentary seat. Until then NO ONE takes it seriously.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Lajja baya nathi amattek! This guy used to be MR acolyte and had his tails between its legs in front of the great
    man. Now wants to abolish civic rights of MR. What for? Getting rid of the terras who claimed more than
    100,000 lives, mainly Sinhalese. Or fast developing the country and starting a tourism boom which is helping these
    traitor kalakannis line up their pockets and stomachs?

    Traitor ungrateful garbage! That’s all you are! You call
    yourself a human? I call you sub human! If you want abolish civic right try to do it to your walking CRIME BOMB
    traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay Gal Kaaraya Batalande Wadakaya
    Pol Pot r@nil wickrama Sinhala killer. Hands are soaked with blood (Sinhalese only), pocket full with stolen billions,
    mouth full with bay gals, the CRIME BOMB walks the streets freely! Nobody utters a word. Meanwhile some
    Sinhala modayas (amoebas) still revere the monster! Sri Lanka Sinhala modayas’ paradise. These amoebas not
    just modayas they have become dhrohiyas as well! Only short of two more legs and a tail!

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