Ministry says no ‘Welcome Committee of British Royals’
Posted on February 4th, 2018

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The Foreign Affairs Ministry and the British High Commission today said the document which is currently being circulated purporting to be a guide in ‘royal etiquette’ issued by a ‘Welcome Committee of British Royals’, was false.

In a joint statement, the ministry and the High Commission said no such committee has been constituted by either.

A document with the heading ‘Welcome Committee of British Royals’ which stipulated 18 guidelines to be followed when welcoming the visiting Earl and Countess of Wessex, is being circulated in social media.

The document has been signed by one D.F.P de Mel who is the supposed committee’s secretary.

The document which is being circulated


One Response to “Ministry says no ‘Welcome Committee of British Royals’”

  1. Nimal Says:

    I am not at all surprised that a such a committee exited and rightfully so when Britain as the colonial power had done so much for the country without putting the people into debt. It is the wishful thinking of the silent people(not the majority) that Britain comes back which I doubt but we could make a similar country in the island. But we must get rid of the mentally insured groups that cling to various religions that is obstructing the due progress.
    We just saw a documentary just now on RT on Afghanistan and there was a clip from 1960 where the people dressed as if they were in Paris and the main cities were modern. The documentary also showed the present day life which is miserable where a young lady who lived her life in Pakistan had gone back and tried to create a modern theater and one Islamic mullah falsely quoting the text thus ordering any thug to murderer her and bring her head and he will give him a place in heaven. That fellow was so insured in his rat hole he got the followers to breakdown the town’s only cinema and made it into a mosque. These are the true traitors and enemies of our country and they should be dealt with severely.
    US spent years in that country and the country had gone bad to worse perhaps that is one of the master plans to bring discord and utter chaos that would encourage the colonization of the worse kind and we too have idiots and ignorant people who are doing their dirty work by ignorantly pedalling the religion, culture and even the fake history glorifying our cruel past tyrants that never did anything for the people but for themselves.
    People like us who glorify people who have actually brought us to the modern world are vilified as idiots. Yesterday the 4th I had a few students to a meal and they agreed with me and they want to rally a few people and even appear as politicians to put the country back,inspite of their hard life as students in UK,without blaming the people here they want the decent life they daily experienced in UK, back in their own country and this goes for people in other countries as well where there’s so much corruption and stupidity.
    So the Royal couple is very welcome! So say most of us.

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