What is the only country in the world which has ……..
Posted on February 8th, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara

What is the only country in the world which has

1 Two Heads of State

2 Two Prime Ministers (one at Home and the other In Parliament)

3 Two Official Languages   (all over the country)

4 Two National Anthems

5 Two Governments in one

6 Which has no government, No Parliament, No Speaker, No Leader of Opposition, No Public Service and No Public Servants and those who are called Public Servants are only domestic Servants of the political party in power

7 Which has the biggest Cabinet in the world.

8 Which has the highest number of politicians per person (1 to 2000)

9 Which has the highest per-capita number of public servants (1 to 16)

10 Where politicians never serve the people but serve only themselves

11 Where the President and Prime Minister have violated the Constitution of the country over 15 time with impunity

12 Where the President and the Prime Minister jointly rob the country’s Central Bank and accuse all others pointing the fingers to them without knowing that all other fingers point towards self

13 Which is ruled by Leaders who love other countries and their values with no understanding of or love for their own

14 That has leaders who openly say that their country has more than one nation

15That has leader who do everything for immigrant minorities while neglecting the sons of the soil

who have founded the civilization in the country and lived there for 2 1/ 2 millennia.

The one who gets all correct will get one million US $ as the country’s money has no value


4 Responses to “What is the only country in the world which has ……..”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Lankaawe ape Lankaawe!

    17. In which country the WAR WINNING ARMY COMMANDER ends up in JAIL while the LOSER’S eastern commander ends up a MINISTER in parliament?

    18. In which country POLITICIANS NEVER die and succeeded by their wives and kids?

    “13. Which is ruled by Leaders who love other countries and their values with no understanding of or love for their own”

    SO TRUE!

    Uthayanka is a UKRAINE CITIZEN and NOT a SL CITIZEN. So SL cannot take him to SL without UKRAINE’s permission.
    He is MR’s cousin.

    MOST of MR’s brothers are AMERICAN CITIZENS. NEVER SEEN GR and BR vote.


    What type of a country is SL? A US-UKRAINE colony? An Endian-Chinese-Maldivian-Qatar colony? An international brothel?

    What FOREINGERS have done to SL is shameful.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Agree with Lorenzo. “Sri Lanka” is the answer to Sudath’s questions. But I don’t think the two questions that he has added to the list are valid. The army commander that MR treated lightly, ignoring his treasonous conduct which could have earned him a more severe sentence, was jailed for valid reasons. Had he behaved with a prez or pm of Ranil’s character the way he did with Mahinda, what he would have suffered is an easy guess! The man of Batalanda fame lacks the humaneness of the other. In democratic countries, the phenomenon of ‘political families’ is well known; it is not confined to Sri Lanka. The Rajapaksa siblings being Americans cannot be compared to Chandrika’s children being British. Chandrika’s son was ashamed of being Sri Lankan, because he was unpatriotic and ignorant enough to believe those false war crimes allegations against the country. The Rajapaksa brothers gave up enviable comforts and advantages of American citizenship, even temporarily, out of sibling love and out of a sense of patriotism for the country of their birth. MR’s cousin ‘Uthayanka’ (Udayanga) who is a Ukrainian citizen, though a victim of the anti-Rajapaksa witch hunt, has not been charged of any wrong doing. GR is not the sort of man to commit any financial impropriety. Ranil and his friend want to falsely implicate GR in a crime/s by arresting his close relative on some concocted charges, which, in any case, as it appears, have not been submitted to Interpol authorities convincingly enough for them to issue a red warrant against Udayanga Weeratunga.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Sri Lanka missed the bus a long time ago by swallowing the bait – Democracy and now Human RIghts. Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea didn’t become the countries what they are today by being democratic or by observing to the letter – the dictats of Human Rights! They were all authoritarian governments with varying degree of corruption and fraud. In all this it is the Sinhala Buddhists who lost out most! Their 2600-year-old land Sinhale became Sri Lanka an Indian appellation.

    I agree with Vaisrawana. MR sidelined most of the useless and inefficient SLFP ministers to get some work done efficiently and on time. Just imagine the lot who left him were in charge of major projects during MR”s tenure as the President of Sri Lanka.

    While there may have been some excesses GR and BR did undertake a colossal amount of work and did admirably well. No country can have 100% clean governance. It is not economical to do so. We have seen what three years of ‘cleaning – the eradication of corruption and fraud have brought to Sri Lanka! Within days of coming to power they enacted the biggest scam Sri Lanka or for that matter the whole of South Asia (- which itself is corruption and fraud ridden) has ever seen.

    Sarath Fonseka was convicted by a military court if I am not mistaken. It is over the ‘white flag’ issue he was arraigned before the Military Courts.

    General Zhukov who commanded the Great Soviet Army against the might of Nazi Germany across a 1400 km war front and walked to Berlin to seal the fate of Nazi Germany did not end up as the head of the Soviet Union, because the military and politics are two different things whereas General Eisenhower did become the President of the US and that too so many years after the end of hostilities in Europe and Asia and after proving himself a worthy candidate for the presidency.

    One can see the sorry figure ‘Field Marshal’ Sarath Fonseka cuts in the parliament by being a lapdog to uncouth Ranil doing his dirty work. Just imagine a Sri Lanka as Sarath Fonseka as the President!

  4. L Perera Says:

    The Sri Lankans must, tomorrow , lay the foundation for the return of the TWO PARTY system at the next general election. They have witnessed the chaos, corruption and stalling of economic progress caused by coalition in power and a weak opposition. Most of the other Asian countries that gained independence along with SL , today, have made giant strides in economic progress and their citizens enjoy a higher standard of living than some the European nations. Wake up SL and send a strong message to the Politicians. May the Devas and Gods guide you.

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