Before choosing right president or minister at Srilanka
Posted on February 9th, 2018

Article by Palitha Ariyarathna

Current transcend of political Changes in Srilanka must be reviewed rightly by its people for choose right president or minister.

My own obligation here as an author for this article can be various but Srilanka politics needs psychology change right now as we are going to choose right candidate for specially presidency ship. Wrong choice of the next President and Prime minster can destroy whole nation and can be lead to the falling under LTTE mafia or western interested.

Srilanka Citizen should never ever underestimate the coming president election and staying at home saying we will choose thou we will chose thee. To choose real leader is a quit difficult as many medias and propagandist (perfectionist) telling a story about each candidate. Citizen who don’t have a real political judgment can easily choose wrong one for become power (even who can destroy advance human civilization- traditional Sinhala Buddhist Culture.

There is much evidence that public opinion is downer these days. A majority of citizen rate current presidency ship for the future success of Srilanka also many journalists committed to same message.

Politic is full of trouble and ironic for many of us. War, crime, ignorance, disease, depression and anxiety, international human right issues, power. Ignorance has been produce by media in a people heart is a big challenge at Srilanka and apathy is increasing and right candidate for presidency ship has been become level to farmer who even don’t know well about paddy field.

Finding an expert to become a president or prime minster is an important subject. Peoples of srilanka looking for Stars and walking on dark ground without knowing there is many snakes nearby their feet on a ground looking for the right time for bite them.

As I told ignorance is danger and apathy must be overcome by us.

Death of democratic is not a slow process it’s happening by long term goal. Killing by an ambush is not unplanned operation. Don’t forget it has its own trick. Current political fear at Srilanka can lead to some action. Some politician need to stay continue in power and some are want to overtake the power. Those feared anger can lead to kill someone and take over the power. There for I would like to suggest following action for maintain peaceful election.

  1. Know about your candidate
  2. Read about your candidate
  3. Listen to them
  4. Watch them
  5. Judged them by how they seem to act on public stage
  6. Talk about current politic trend peacefully with family and friends
  7. Avoid involve your children in politic agenda
  8. Read article by smart and ambitious journalist
  9. Listen to expert
  10. Be realistic
  11. Study the history of action took by candidate
  12. Always remember news about your candidate can be a complex
  13. All the candidates can be talk bureaucratically
  14. Every candidate need to win the power, chose the right one who defend your countries and origin
  15. Listen to all political parties agendas and screen their action
  16. Carefully look where former LTTE propagandise going to support and witch candidate and why?
  17. Listen to local priest who are not proclaiming hidden agenda
  18. Take advice from Maha-Sanga
  19. Leave your physical and emotion weapon beside and never use them for defend your candidates
  20. Don’t involve in political fight
  21. Don’t spared rumours and gossip
  22. Make a list of prospective candidates and check each party political planning and study there website and other media source. Watch their answer to key response to the major question
  23. Do not influence by miss information given by site
  24. Try hard
  25. Avoid political disaster

There are many moral problems about ruling and each problem is different to each country. Confused voter naturally laps over in to the moral they do understand. Everyone have an weakness. But look for the candidates who not gambling, who not still other things and women. Srilanka and its people must be never neglecting current political trend and we should vote right person at the right time. Decision must be taken early not late after the election.

President character must be not simple and don’t forget qualities of character related to the strong government. Don’t throw away simply your vote and just pick up the better one even half hypocricts imperfect.



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