Ranil and his Royal Gang  …!
Posted on February 14th, 2018

Punsara Amarasinghe PhD Candidate in International Law Higher School of Economics Moscow

For a good or bad Royal College in Colombo had held the helm in the country’s history since its inception. When  Robert Wilmort Horton took his paternal interest in Royal College or Colombo Academy  in 1836 one year after the establishment of the school by Rev. Marsh, Horton’s interest was to keep it as a British factory in Ceylon to produce a local clerical service for the service of the British Raj. However the development of the school provided the best influence to nourish a breed of elite Ceylonese to play better cards with British in the national movement.  For the past 183 years history of Royal has produced personalities in every walk of life and they are still vividly remembered by the school they studied as distinguished products. The uniqueness of the school has not been confined to a certain class as Royal has produced political leaders and ideologists from Marxism to Liberalism and Tamil nationalism to the Sinhalese nationalism. Nevertheless today School’s hall of fame and its glamour stand at bay with the outrageous acts culminated by premier Ranil and his notorious Royalists friends in the inner circle. I can recall in 2007 when Ranil stepped into Mustangs tent in Royal Thomian big match some of his loyal supports from Royal welcomed him as the future president of Sri Lanka though it has not become a reality thus far and it would not be as long as Sun rises from the East!

In the backdrop of trembling and hauling defeat to UNP and entire Yahapanlaya fraternity in local election, Ranil should understand how wretchedly he failed the aspirations of diehard UNP voters who were eagerly waiting to uphold a strong green blood rule and above all the bitter looming truth before him is how his so called Blue and Gold” Royal friends played a foul game for past three years. In toppling Mahinda Rajapakshe’s  rule which stood for the nation’s interest against all odds, UNP and all the anti-nationalists forces manipulated the public opinion by creating a term named Sahodara Samagama”.  Three years after the defeat of Mahinda in 2015 still Sahodara Samagama has left a practical legacy than what Ranil and his Royal frtatntiy have been doing since the day they took the power. Moreover popular myth on Ranil’s honesty and his cleanness in politics was shattered by bringing his Royalists friends into the circle of power. In examining the path how he began to bring Royalists into power the appointment of Arjun Mahendran as the Central Bank governor was the first detrimental blow on theYahapalanaya. After having criticized the Sri Lankan tax system and state owned enterprises this notorious Royalist was expected to perform a sudden wonder in the economy. Instead of galvanizing the economy he was busy with selling the government bonds to his Son in law which did to cost a 1.6 Billion loss to the country. Even after the revealing the despicable nature of Mahendran’s act, premier was not keen to stand for the truth. Instead of that he opted for the path of protecting his fellow Royalist. The statement given by Ranil Wickramaisnghe before Bond Commission may be the most obtuse statement made by any prime minister in Sri Lankan history.  In testifying before the commission Ranil stated that he had relied on the assurance of Governor Arjun Mahendran regarding the divestment of Arjun Aloysius’ ownership in Perpetual Treasuries and had insisted on the divestment prior to Mahendran taking as Governor.  Despite Arjun Mahendran has breached the trust and fooled Ranil, he  continued to keep Mahendran as a loyal supporter  and placed him as the head of his five year development plan. It seems to indicate that Ranil has lost his political instinct (If he had any!) in trusting his closest Royal College gang, because even after the bond scandal he shamelessly defended Ravi Karunayake albeit  all the evidence had set up against him. In the commission Ranil stated that his assumption on Ravi Karunanayake was clearly genuine as a senior Cabinet Minister and senior UNPer that he was telling the truth about the Penthouse allegation . In his testimony premier went on to say I asked him ( Karunnayake) about it and he said no. There was no reason to go further”.  This remark simply illustrates how seriously Ranil kept his trust upon his Royal College Gang even those people’s actions had ruined the interests of the state. It becomes evident with this imbecilic decisions made by premier that he has almost forgotten the most important line from his school song learn of books and learn of men and learn to play the game”! In fact the deeper meaning of those line learn to play the game refers to how one should be staunch in dealing with the life’s decisions, but Ranil’s own arrogance of power has led him to believe his Royal Gang to the last ditch.

After the Bond scandal the humbug of Ranil’s Royal gang was exposed to the whole country. Especially   when a Sri Lankan military officer tried to defend the pride of the country in London against a rally led by LTTE supporters, his action was critiqued by Mangala Samarweera as a threat to national harmony and this Royalist Foreign Minister has been irrational to ignore  how can national harmony be affected when a military officer acts accordingly to face a terrorist organization.

In truth Ranil and his Royal College fraternity did not understand the pulsation of the people and when people demanded more practical benefits Ranil was willing to give them WiFi! The recent overwhelming victory has clearly set the nails to the yahapalana” coffin and it is not an exaggeration to state that Ranil is spending the autumn of his political career, perhaps he can regarded as the weakest statesman came from the hallowed portals of Royal. The motto of Royal College Disce aut Discade or Learn or Depart is a quite popular one these days  as a result of another political joke, nevertheless the alternative motto proposed by Sir Henry Burton British Chief Justice in Ceylon in 1915 at Royal College prize giving Disce Aut Discede Manet Sors Tertia Caedia ( Learn or Depart or be Caned ) should be a worthy one to mention here.  After going through a constant serious of failures in his political career Ranil has learned nothing and did not depart either. However the massive victory of Pohotuwa” and rise of nationalist force has finally canned Ranil and his Blue and Gold” fraternity to hide their faces..!

3 Responses to “Ranil and his Royal Gang  …!”

  1. Christie Says:

    And the Flower Road and Colombo7. At last Chandrika has left from St Bridget.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Royal College has the dubious distinction of producing traitors of the highest caliber. Among them we have the
    biggest traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya
    Mega Thakkadiya Mega Thief Batalande Wadakaya Walking Crime Bomb (sorry the timer set for 10-20 years)
    Pol Pot r@ nil wickrama Sinhala killer. This Walking Crime Bomb’s mega treacheries against the Sinhalese race,
    Sri Lanka and Buddhism knows no bounds. That’s r@ nil’s treacheries.

    We all know know how it tortured and killed Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvpers in Batalande
    Camp with his top catholic police brass and C brigade deshapaluwan. Batalanda Commission proved Wadakaya’s
    guilt beyond anybody’s doubt. Who was going to punish the traitor chief? It fell on r@’s buddy one eyed bandit
    chaura rajina. So the r@ escaped. Then r@ nil gave half the country to its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala
    paharan to create a catholic country in the N & E. Grand plan didn’t work. He even sent his C buddy defence
    secretary to see its C buddy tamil sellan with apples and grapes.

    Sri Maha Bodhi massacre, Aranthalawa Bikku massacre, Sri Dalada
    Maligawa attack. Still no action. Why? What for was anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor catholic
    run UNPatriotic party’s response. Mainly Sinhalese getting killed, so why bother. So the traitor UNPatriotic r@s
    sacrificed 100,000+ to catholic tigers of tamil drealam. Still barrel man not successful. Then Batalande
    Wadakaya sent Millennium City intelligent officers to the catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet expedite the
    cause. Wadakaya’s list of treacheries list is too long. Not to forget robbing the CB with its catholic buddy arjun
    maha horandran as soon as r@ nil got the PM (pathala man) through the back door thanks to puppet the rubber stamp vaira pala sorry sena’s hopper revolution. Punished? What punishment. He appoints some of its yes
    men. Surprise, surprise he is exonarated. Baya nathi aga matta? Lajja baya nathi aga matta.

    As soon as r@ nil got the PM (pathala man) job hit the pension pot. See now Sinhala modayas have the golden
    opportunity to beg on the street after retirement. Tikiri mole Sinhala modayas!

    Anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor UNPatriotics said terras were invincible in order to sacrifice
    more and more Sinhalese. MR came, so called ‘invincibles’ were running for their dear lives. That’s how these
    UNPatriotic part r@s fought the war. Even R@nil’s C buddy karunkaya ridiculed the army saying they going to
    Madawachchiya and say going to Kilinochchiya. Wadakaya also ridiculed the army saying why fight Thoppigala
    is just a jungle. UNPatriotic party henchmen who run all the media managed to hoodwink the Sinhala modayas.
    Tragedy is still a lot of Sinhala modayas support these anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor
    UNPatriotic r@s whose only intention is to please the minorities tamils, mussies, catholics and the catholic west
    who support them no matter what.

    Stopping teaching hisotry in schools, Buddhism, giving citizenships to 650,000+ estate tamils who were
    prepared to go to tn under Sirima was halted by traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage
    jr@ for their votes and go for a greater drealam. Only recently Batalanda Wadakaya gave land deeds to over
    2,500 estate tamils to break up the social fabric of the upcountry.

    Royal College also has the dubious distinction of producing the next biggest traitor murderous cunning fox
    alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ who put the foundations to break up the 3,500-mile
    long island (vast country, several time zones, no roads, no phones, so many remote areas?) to please the
    minorities, india and the west. Now every 75 miles you have provincial governments with 1000s of low life
    deshapaluwans whose only intention is to plunder plunder and plunder and murder. How do you finance these
    deshapalu low lives? Oh it is very easy! We sell harbours, airports to foreigners, and send our wives to wash pots
    in the ME. See how clever we are? I call these low lives criminals! Arjun maha horandran, mongal pongal, ravi
    kaunkanayagam etc, etc are also traitor, thieving Royal productions. Proud? Of course, you can be proud if you
    not Sinhalese.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    See how the Royal old boys sacrificed Sinhalese lives during the long civil war. Sinhala modayas thought
    they were fighting the real terras. No chance of that. They were our C brothers. Sinhalese jvpers? Oh we
    burnt them in tyre pyres, eyes gorged out while alive, headless corps in rivers etc. etc. Sinhala modayas
    never relaised. To this day some Sinhala modayas (booruwas) don’t accept the bitter truth. Is there any
    wonder then anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka catholic run traitor UNPatriotic party digging the grave
    for the future Sinhalese generations, Sri Lanka and Buddhism.









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