GSLF extend warm congratulations to the SLPP for the electoral victory
Posted on February 15th, 2018

GSLF Media Release Global Sri Lankan Forum

14TH Feb. 2018

We, the GSLF extend our warm congratulations to the SLPP for the electoral victory in the LG elections and the majority of the voters for opening the door for the change of the dangerous course followed by the Yahapalnaya Government.

We consider that the victory should be treated as a response of the nation to the frightened awareness of the dangers facing the country due to bad policies of the Government.

Therefore, to build on the confidence expressed by the majority of the citizens of the country we request the SLPP to take into consideration the following in redirecting the country’s destiny;

  1. Immediately rehash the questionable culture of the local government elected personnel with a view to ushering in a phase of good and honest government. To send a message to the elected that they will have to create new approaches and attitudes in relation to handling of the issues coming within their purview, If a brand new dynamic policy platform is implemented as soon as possible, before long, the

SLPP’s stature will be strengthened at the National level where the voters will become confident of the critical nature of their vote and will use it effectively at the General and Presidential elections.

We consider this is a golden opportunity given to the SLPP to change the political culture of the country from grass roots level and we hope that the victors will grasp it to the benefit of the party and the people.

  1. Two other critical issues facing the Nation are;


  1. the attempts to destroy the unitary nature of the country’s constitution at the behest of the separatists and FNGOs,


  1. the steps taken by the Yahaplanaya government to implement the notorious OHCR resolution based on erroneous reports which aim to punish our war wining members of the defence services and the indiscriminate harassment of some of the men in uniform by extra-legal means .

We request the SLPP to launch a program immediately at the local government level opposing the above harmful and detrimental steps and also to plan expressing opinion against both measures at the parliamentary and at national levels constantly to galvanize and force the Government to withdraw this pernicious agenda.

Finally, we REQUEST the SLPP to start working immediately on the above with vigor and not to relax and get into a comfort zone of lotus eaters who forget the realities, living in idleness and corruption.

Ranjith Soysa

Media Coordinator

For Global Sri Lankan Forum

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