The Preacher who lost his marbles
Posted on February 15th, 2018

R Chandrasoma

The results of the recently concluded local-government elections are a lesson for demagogues of all species but it is a telling lesson to sanctimonious humbugs who mix politics with high morals and who attempt to portray political opposition as a heinous form of moral decadence. The High-Priest of this brand of political preaching is none other than the President of our ill-fated country. Like Jesus chasing the money-changers from the temple, the president of our country sees the political challenge as a moral drama in which the Righteous are pitted against the Sinners. And who are the Sinners? MR is the Anti-Christ and his party represents the Hordes of the Ungodly. He as accused these ‘dushitayas’ of crimes ranging from thieving whore-mongering and killing  to diverse forms of sin and political deceit. Free citizens were kidnapped in broad daylight and bumped off in the hours of darkness. Vast suns were swindled and the good things were distributed among friends. At he apex of this vast empire of Evil stood the Great Anti-Christ MR.

So declared the New Redeemer – MS – the supposed  scourge of the Ungodly. Unlike Jesus Christ his (MR’s) ‘religion’ was put to the test and was found woefully wanting. His apostles were routed and his ethical politics turned to dust. There is a lesson here for all politicians – when the ungodly take the moral high ground in politics the true Gods are offended and disaster follows. The Preaching President is the latest victim.

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  1. Naram Says:

    Ranjit, This ungodly man should take an honest look at himself. His own record is not seen as honest by some Australians who investigated the movements in the slush funds in their consulting firm Snowy Mountains. It is no secret that his own family did well in many sectors becoming major players in rice price fixing, sand mining and supply for the construction industry and managing tourist hotels. Even the once little known bean counting brother in the drainage board reached the pinnacle of Telecom business within weeks of his own rise to presidency. His favourite minister pays rent for non functioning Agriculture department office premise more than any subsidy on fertilisers for farmers. Nor did he have any respect for peoples voice in appointing MPs giving any respect to the long standing Parliamentarians serving in COPE.

    Of course amount robbed by his cronies is small in comparison to the CB scam. In reality the inflationary pressure is made worse by the excessive insurance premium government has to pay on all major projects like road building as Sri Lanka has become a no go zone despite all the fortuitous positive factors in the international market place like the drop in oil price and unrest in many localities bringing more tourists to us.

  2. Christie Says:

    මෙම මැතිවරනයේදී අලුත් සින්හල පෙරමුනක් පිහිටවූ වරම මැතිවරනයක් දිනාගත්තේය.
    සින්හලයන් එකතුව ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයෙනුත් ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයන්ගෙනුත් නිදහස ලබාගැනීමට කාලය පැමින ඇත.

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