UK, USA and EU   must clearly understand that we are not a colony under any one of them anymore.
Posted on February 21st, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

Call to all Patriotic Citizens of this country to read the following news item, if you have not already seen this continuous Neo-colonial threats.

Please look at the following undiplomatic and uncalled-for absurd press release by the so-called Diplomatic community

Diplomatic community concerned over MR returning

Sunday Leader 20.2.2018

By Easwaran Rutnam

”The diplomatic community is concerned over the possibility of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa returning to power in the near future.

Western diplomats are believed to have raised their concerns with the Government and among the diplomatic community.

The concerns arise from steps taken by President Maithripala Sirisena to have talks with the joint opposition to form a United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Government.

There are fears that if a UPFA Government is formed it will set the path for the return of Rajapaksa to power.

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) led by Rajapaksa, which won the Local Government (LG) elections last week, has already called for early Parliament elections.

The SLPP has said it will support the President to bring the required amendments in Parliament to the 19th Amendment to allow the holding of early Parliament elections.

The United States, United Kingdom and EU member countries are concerned the human rights situation in Sri Lanka will return to its dark days if Rajapaksa is allowed to return to power.

Rajapaksa’s return to power could also see Sri Lanka once again lose the EU GSP plus trade concession in the event a Rajapaksa-led administration refuses to comply with the EU conventions related to human rights which the unity-Government followed in order to regain GSP plus.’

I do not propose to comment at length on the above as it is self- explanatory. However I would like to add few observations and some salt and spices for my readers benefit.

What is the role of a Diplomat of a country?

An Ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the commonwealth” so said Sir Henry Watton (1604) This may be true in an age where every nation was considered equal and diplomatic relations were maintained for mutual benefits and not for exploitation, unlike at present, an age of three dimensional war fare, where such relationships are maintained by powerful nations for one purpose and the poor for another. The powerful and rich, strictly wedded to the notion of the survival of the fittest, maintain it for keeping the week under subjugation and for exploitation through political, economic and military maneuvering. They want all smaller nations to dance according to their tunes and succumb to their dictates like a pack of meek vassals. The only country that resisted it successfully in modern times was Cuba.

Colonial powers made us poorer and destitute

Almost all smaller and less powerful nations, made poorer and destitute by the same colonial invaders for centuries, on the other hand maintain their relationships for subservience and begging at the door steps of colonial agencies like the World Bank, UN, UNICEF, FAO and ADB etc to name a few. Sri Lanka has turned out to be a classic example of this model under the present regime headed by naïve and servile leadership. During the period of colonial expansion they just invaded with the power of the gun and the sword, brutally shot and slaughtered the natives, set fire to their properties, destroyed by arson or poison and brought those who escaped their sword and gun, under their iron booted hegemonies and exploited everything that came within the invaders grip and took home to build their own Empires. Even today they do the same thing through lessor discernible and subversive methods and by destroying local patriotic leadership. This is exactly what they did in Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia and many other places all over the globe, as if they were sent by God to kill murder and destroy all those who are not theirs. Isn’t it the same technique they are adopting in this country even at present?

2015 Conspiracies

First they removed Mahinda Rajapaksa who defeated the most dangerous and savages terrorist outfit the world ever had, the LTTE, which ran their de facto EELAM for 30 long years with their own armed forces including Air power as well and their Courts, banks, with their own currency, taxing system and administrative machinery. They also exerted their power to save the Tigers in 2015 who committed murder, arson, anarchy and disaster.

The recent Local Government election results clearly demonstrated the absolute failure of the puppet regime installed by them in Jan and August 2015 to meet even the basic needs apart from their cherished aspirations as an Independent and a sovereign nation. Nearly 65 % of the people of this country (SLPP 44.65%+UPFA 8.94% and SLFP 4.44% = 58.05%) have clearly rejected this three year no-Government regime under Ranil and firmly have declared they want a change. If we add the 6.27 the JVP polled, which is also anti UNP, this adds up to 64.30 against Ranil. That is their will and firm and absolute wish. That is why they demand an immediate change of Government. So what more proof the UNP wants to admit that it has been rejected outright. Whatever name by which the election is called, whether Local Government or General Election it is the wish of the same people that has been clearly expressed. Therefore the argument adduced by UNP that this is not a defeat, holds no water.

UK, US and EU desperately trying to give a new lease of life to LTTE and perpetuate the Sirisena-Ranil rouge and lame duck regime to destroy this country and the Sinhala Buddhist nation

The above news item clearly demonstrates that the Western powers are again trying desperately to throw their weight behind the LTTE elements, and furthermore reinstall the same corrupt and rouge outfit that has even emptied the nation’s Central Bank within 1 ½ months of coming to power in Aug 2015 and also to destroy the emerging national aspirations of the native Sinhala Buddhist Community’

Besides exerting pressure on the government these Western powers also now try to influence the other Diplomats as well to retain their favourite set in power. The following extract from the press report clearly proves their subversive attempts.

Western diplomats are believed to have raised their concerns with the Government and among the diplomatic community”.

This in my opinion is very high handed move by these Diplomats. It is also a serious violation of diplomatic norms and an infringement on the sovereignty of this country. These people should be immediately summoned at the Foreign Ministry and ask them to explain as to why they overstepped diplomatic immunity and etiquette as this amounts to interfering with the internal affairs of an independent country. Then as President Premadasa did to the British High Commissioner Gladstone the ambassadors involved should be immediately packed off to their countries.

Instead of taking such straight forward action this stupid Government keeps dead silent. How can we expect a spineless Government which cannot even stop Vignesvaran, one of its Provincial Council Chief Ministers, making representations to foreign governments, both in Colombo and abroad against the very Government under which he comes? This reminds me of the famous Sinhala adage’ nivata karanavemiya dutuwana  eluwath nikata panawa’

UK, US and EU concerns born out of jealousy

‘The United States, United Kingdom and EU member countries are concerned the human rights situation in Sri Lanka will return to its dark days if Rajapaksa is allowed to return to power’.

Why are they concerned over the possibility of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa returning to power in the near future? He is the choice of the majority of people in this country. Don’t they have the freedom to elect their own leader as a free and sovereign State? Democracy is their concept which defines it as majority rule. All their countries go by this same rule. If they can do it, why can’t we do it the same way? We only have followed their criterion of choosing our leader. Why this double standard and naked hypocrisy. Do they want us to define democracy as the dictatorship of the minority?

Why should Rajapaksa, be a problem to them. He is not going to rule their countries. He will only be in charge of this small Island. Isn’t it shear jealousy and anger against him for defeating the LTTE and for not listening to their dictates in 2009 to stop the war and hand over Prabhakaran to them in order to re-arm him to destroy this country and the Sinahla Buddhist nation. MR only followed the footsteps of our ancient Kings, with the able support of Gotabhaya (modern Lankanatha), like a true patriotic leader of this nation in protecting his motherland for which the people of this country, especially the Sinhala Buddhist majority hail him as their hero leader of modern times, when all other so-called leaders are falling on their shivering fours before the West and India and hiding their tails between the hind legs in front of the Tigers.

The cat has now come out of the bag when they say human rights situation in Sri Lanka will return to its dark days if Rajapaksa is allowed to return to power.  Whose human rights they are talking about is the most pertinent question.  They also have miserably failed to understand that MR was the man who rescued this country from 30 years of unprecedented terror, mayhem, fear and destruction. So how can they call 2005-2015 as dark days of Rajapaksa. Do they know that he was the first man who covered the whole Island with a first class network of highways after Governor Henry Ward (1855-1860).

Where these champions of human rights and what were they doing, when Prabhakaran was at the height of rampage against this country and its people for 30 years?    

Where were these so-called International communities sleeping when Prabakaran and his murderers were at the height of rampage, savagely and brutally slaughtering innocent men and women and even children sucking at their mothers breast and Buddhist monks in thousands and carrying out mass murder all over this Island, at the Airport, in busses , highways,   inside their own houses when they were sleeping in the dead of night, in their paddy fields, places of worship when they were observing Sill at the  Sacred Bo tree at Anuradhapura and when they demolished the Temple of the Tooth, the Sacred palladium of the entire Buddhist world, when they destroyed the Nation’s Central Bank in the capital and the Nation’s premier Airport, when they were murdering all promising future political leaders of this country like Atulathmudali, Gamini Dissanayaka including their own like Amithalingam, Doreappa (Jaffna Mayor), Thiruchelva and  Premadasa the President of this country and the Prime Minister Rajiv of India and when thousands of Tamil children were snatched from their parents and schools, conscripted and used as cannon fodder depriving their parents of their loved ones, threatening  thousands of Tamils to flee the country for their lives seeking refuge status, presently who live in their countries as self-styled Tamil Diaspora.

Were they not human right violations or were they not human right violations, according to their dictionaries. Only now they talk of this bullshit, as if they have risen from their deep false slumber, on behalf of Tamil immigrant voters living with them, their financiers and vote banks. Doesn’t this clearly show their naked duplicity and double standards? Doesn’t this clearly prove their anti-Sinhala Anti-Buddhist attitude in this game to satisfy the Tamil voters in their countries and Tamil Diaspora who fund them lavishly with their ill-gotten money through drugs, narcotics and human smuggling and other illicit activities?

Withdrawing EU GSP plus trade concession is another colonial threat.

Loosing the EU GSP plus trade concession in the event a Rajapaksa-led administration refuses to comply with the EU conventions related to human rights is another issue they have raised”.

How long they took to re-install this bait after 2015 elections. I am not aware as to how much we get even now. See how shrewd these Westerners are. As if we are living only on this penny as our life saving jacket. We never died during the time they stopped this damn thing. What is more is even we survived the worldwide economic recess at that time without their GPS plus.

The sleeping Giant Joint Opposition; Why not rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes, as sons born to lion parentage

What are those who emerged victorious at the Feb 10th elections going to do, I do not know. Are they going to adopt the same lame duck attitude and wait or resort to the same approach they followed for the past 3 years while the Government was even transgressing the Constitution of the Republic blatantly? For example in cases like the appointment of the Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Leader of the Opposition, appointing defeated candidates at the 2015 Elections as Cabinet and other Ministers, appointing the Chief Organizer of the Opposition and singing the National Anthem at the Galle Face on Independent day celebrations and allowing Tamils to sing it publicly in Tamil at national events and schools in the North, and the East as if already the EELAM is established on Sri Lankan soil and  as if there are two distinct nations in this country could be cited as few glaring examples.

I call upon these sons of lion parentage to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes from their deep slumber and mobilize the masses to rescue this country and the nation before it is too late. This is the best time for a Dutugemunu or a Vijayabahu to emerge before the Feb 10th public mandate gets again converted to a flicker and finally get extinguished.

I am wondering as to why at least now they don’t seek assistance from powerful countries like Russia, China and Pakistan, who are our real friends, and mobilize the masses to defeat these conspiracies, chase out the rouges in the seats of power and install a patriotic Government of the people, for the people and of the people (a Mahasammata Rajyak) as it had been here for 2600 years. Thereafter deport all unfriendly Ambassadors and discontinue all diplomatic relations with them, until they accept our independence and freedom and make a start at least now to rebuild this country as a peaceful, prosperous and vibrant nation in this 21st century brave new world.

If you fail to respond the masses might revolt against all politicians? If that happens will the US and EUC invade this Island nation and do what they did to Libya, Iraq and Czechoslovakia. All these dangers are hanging over the heads of this nation now. Direct foreign intervention is very unlikely, partly, as they have enough problems of their own and moreover they will not dare to, when Russia and China are behind us.

Having taken over

1 Take immediate steps to reduce the spiraling cost of living

2 Restore the fertilizer subsidy to farmers and take immediate steps to reduce the cost of living

3 Set up a Cabinet of 15 Ministers and 15 Deputies

4 Abolish the JR/Rajiv Accord of 1978

5 Abolish the curse that is Provincial Councils

6 Ban all communal and religious political Parties

7 Put behind bars all those responsible for the CB Robbery and other major scams pending judicial proceedings

8 Restore the independence of and the highest degree of professionalism in the Judiciary and the Public Service including the Foreign Service

9 Prune all extravagant government expenses and privileges of politicians like, pension rights, duty free vehicle permits and save that money for development

10 Appoint specially selected 24 GAA of proven ability and record to the 24 Districts to be in charge of the development and administration at the district levels as the first step in re-organizing the Public Service

These ten steps alone will put you in the heavens of popularity and assure your continuity at least for 25 years of cause until you make some blunders.

That part of the International Community blindly led by USA, UK and EU must accept we are a free, Independent and Sovereign State and leave alone for us to decide our destinies.

Why don’t the USA, UK and other self-appointed International Communities, first admit that Sri Lanka is an Independent, Free and Sovereign State, though small in Size, as much as they all are and any other country, Is it not enough that they have robbed, exploited and destroyed this country for 500 years to their satisfaction in style, starting from 1505. It has been the home of the unique Sinhala Buddhist culture fore for 2 ½ millennia and the only country in the world known by 123 world languages. It is also the repository and fountain of Buddhism that has preserved a living Buddhist culture over the past 2500 years that should be protected and preserved for posterity as a country and a model civilization to admire for humanity, the world over without destroying it.   What morality do they have on earth to continue to destroy that heritage to humanity, even after the so-called made in Britain fake Independence supposed to have been granted in 1948 following 500 years of subjugation, exploitation, and wanton destruction.

They also must accept that we have declared this country as an Independent Democratic Socialist Republic in 1972 and we are no longer a colony of either UK or any other country.

What we need today is a strong patriotic leadership to give this message to these savage invaders and re-discover that was Sri Lanka or Sinhale that had been one of the greatest nations in the world for 2 ½ millennia when most of them were living naked in caves and creeping trees like monkeys.

Also who can tell them to mind their own business without conspiring to destroy this Island nation for alleged violations of human rights and what not, and ask them as to why don’t  they look in retrospect and see what crimes they have jointly committed against humanity during the first and second World wars and during colonial expansions in US, Africa and Australia by mass murder by the gun, sword, arson and poisons, before they point their blood stained fingers at us who are struggling to re-emerge from such colonial repressions destructions committed by the for 500 years.

Tomorrow they will have to pay the toll for the crimes they commit against us today as this is the only land on earth blessed by the Buddha

Finally, how come these Western powers, who are in their last lap and sunset days of world superiority as people like Samuel Huntingdon have predicted way back in 1997, hypocritically treat LTTE Tamils terrorist and their so-called Tamil Diaspora as equals of this sovereign nation, and take their side, as a last string to hang, while treating the Sovereign Sri Lankan nation, a permanent and loyal member of the UN for the past 65 odd years as a pack of criminals.

I wonder whether these Western nations have already admitted the New York based GTGE outfit as a permanent member of UN. We don’t mind their accepting even all the Tamils in the whole world as their beloved immigrants as long as these colonial powers don’t interfere with our Independence or freedom, which are sour privies as a sovereign State. I can vouch these Western powers that they will have to pay dearly one day as Rajiv had to do in 1997, for ignoring my appeal made to him not to help LTTE terrorist by providing them with military training on Indian soil and providing all other assistance to fight against Sri Lankan Government and warning of the consequences. I also predicted that his own guns will be aimed at him before and not at us, as this is the only land on earth that has been thrice Blesse by the Buddha. It will be blessed by his blessings and protected by the Gods for 5000 years to come at least. Therefore no enemy can destroy it or the Sinhala nation as it has been aptly proved from Rama (5000 BC) to Prabhakaran (2009 AD)

Therefore please note that you people don’t dabble with the internal affairs of this free, independent and sovereign nation, as we too have a right for self- determination and self- rule and the freedom to elect the leaders whom we want, as much as you all have, if not more, as we have been so for the past 2600 years, as cultured nation long before some of your nations were born.

Dear Patriots, these are only few inborn sorrowful sentiments of a solitary patriot whose heart is bleeding for his motherland and his nation. I earnestly appeal to all Sinhala Buddhist Patriots of this country as well as those living all over this planet earth to fall in line with me and fight against these glaring injustices committed against us by our enemies and to strive to liberate this Island nation from the cruel and vicious clutches of all these anti Sinhala and anti-Buddhist neocolonial forces. So that we could jealously protect it for posterity as our valiant forefathers had done for thousands of years.

A new definition to Ambassador

In this backdrop I think we also have to revisit and redefine the meaning of the word ambassador to be changed in the modern context as An Ambassador in the case of a powerful country or a carton of such countries is a  man and a spy sent to continue to interfere with and interrupt the freedom of ex-colonies  for perpetuating their colonial exploitation and expansion for their own benefit following the Kautilyan doctrine of Matsyanyaya, where the small fish is always the prey of the big fish.

12 Responses to “UK, USA and EU   must clearly understand that we are not a colony under any one of them anymore.”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Swiss AG demands harsh penalties for LTTE masterminds
    2018-02-21 18:55:00

    In the indictment plea in the Tamil Tigers’ trial, in Bellinzona, which lasted for almost two days, Swiss Attorney General Juliette Noto has requested that the 12 Tamils be found guilty of participating or supporting the LTTE.

    The newspaper Neue zürcher zeitung said the federal prosecutors are clear that the accused Tamils have financed terrorism and supported a criminal organization with the Tamil Tigers.
    For most of the 13 defendants, the federal prosecutor attested grave offenses and a high level of criminal energy.

    The 12 Tamils have contributed to maintaining an efficient and complex system in Switzerland over the years with the sole purpose of illegally raising funds and then channelling them through tortuous routes to the LTTE.

    In the main, the federal prosecutor requests that the 12 Tamils be found guilty of participating or supporting a criminal organization.

    The only exception is the former bank employee. Most of them also have to answer for fraud and forgery, some also for money laundering and extortion.

    In particular, for the mastermind of Tamil Tigers in Switzerland, the prosecutor demanded high fines.

    For the head of the World Tamil Coordinating Committee (WTCC), which was considered an offshoot of the Tamil Tigers in Switzerland, she demanded an unconditional imprisonment of 5 years and a fine of 180 daily rates of 80 francs.

    The Chief Financial Officer of the WTCC is to receive an unconditional imprisonment of 6.5 years and a fine of 180 daily rates of 100 francs.

    For the other defendants, the federal prosecutor demanded prison sentences of between 18 months and five years as well as fines.

    In essence, the prosecution considers it has been proven that the Tamil Tigers were a criminal organization that attacked civilians and recruited child soldiers.

    The defendants had financed their monetary payments therefore terrorism.

  2. Christie Says:

    What we see is Indian Imperialism and colonialism. There are very powerful Indian parasites in the West.

  3. hela patriot Says:

    Lets not fool ourselves. MR and RW are two Dharmapalas of the present generation. Their policies are the same dictated to by IMF and WB. Infra structure development on borrowed money the expense does not justify the return, reducing subsidy on education, health care, commodification and market creation and conducting an economy that benefits the minorities creating communal disharmony. Who in their right mind would allow a university to be built by Saudi Arabia the most extreme muslim country who are the hand maidens of the west. This whole economy is run on Dushanaya and Beeshanaya . The IMF and WB would not wish this corrupt system to be destroyed that is why the cry of Dushanaya and Beeshanaya from Chandrikas period in 1994 to this date has been mere words. The indians are now the Regional leader in a western dominated world now been challenged . No surprises there. Sri Lanka never left the clutches of colonialism but has been sold down the drain by all leaders since the traitor JRJ.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Sampanthan Speaks

    I thought I would say a few words on this debate. The people have delivered a verdict and, in a democracy, the people’s verdict must be respected. The Hon. Member who moved the Motion and the Hon. Member who seconded the Motion have referred to various matters. I think, Sir, I will primarily do a brief analysis of the result of the Local Authorities Election held on 10th of February.

    The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna polled 44.69 per cent of the votes cast at that election. The United National Party polled 32.61 per cent. The United People’s Freedom Alliance polled 8.90 per cent. The Sri Lanka Freedom Party polled 4.48 per cent. If one was to add the percentage of the votes polled by the United National Party, the United People’s Freedom Alliance and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, those three parties put together polled 45.99 per cent, almost 46 per cent. The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna polled 44.69 per cent, that is almost 2 per cent less than the other three parties put together.

    The People’s Liberation Front – JVP – polled 6.26 per cent and the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi polled 3.06 per cent. If one was to add the percentage of votes polled by those two parties together with the percentage of votes polled by the United National Party, the United People’s Freedom Alliance and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the total would be 55.31 per cent. So, in other words, parties opposed to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna have polled 55.31 per cent and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has polled only 44.69 per cent. This is indisputable.

    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential Election held in 2015 polled 47.58 per cent. The votes he polled at the Presidential Election in January, 2015 were more than the votes he polled now. There have been three elections in recent times; the Presidential Election in 2015, the Parliamentary Election in 2015 and the Local Authorities Election held this month. In none of these elections has former President Mahinda Rajapaksa been able to obtain more than 50 per cent.

    His vote has always been below 50 per cent at the Presidential Election, at the Parliamentary Election and at the Local Authority Election. So, there is nothing to get excited about: elections are held; parties win; parties lose. The Local Authority Elections have been held and you have won. One does not dispute that fact, but the fact of the matter is that you have polled only 44.69 per cent as opposed to 55.31 per cent cast against you. So, what is there to get excited about? Nothing at all. Parliament is not constituted on the basis of votes cast at the Local Authority Elections. Parliament is constituted, -the President is elected, on the basis of votes cast at the Presidential Election – at a Parliamentary Election held for that purpose in keeping with the Constitution and the laws of this country. The Constitution and the laws of this country cannot be subverted by your claiming benefits under the Local Authority Elections to your advantage in the way you please.

    I want to make a few comments, Mr. Speaker, if you permit me in regard to the nature of the propaganda that was carried on at this election. I do not want to do something controversial. But, I must refer to the fact that I was quite alarmed when, quite early in the campaign, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in the course of an election rally, said that sometimes this election would result in Tamil Eelam blooming after the election is over. The reason he gave was that there was a new Constitution being framed which might result in that happening. Sir, ever since the Thirteenth Amendment was enacted in 1987 – 1988, there had been continued efforts on the part of different Presidents and different Governments to improve the Thirteenth Amendment in such a manner as to bring about a political resolution acceptable to all the citizens in this country. During President Premadasa’s time, there was the Mangala Moonesinghe Parliamentary Select Committee Proposals which made recommendations which went far beyond the Thirteenth Amendment. During President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga’s time, there were the 2,000 Constitutional Proposals brought to Parliament by no less a person than Prof. G. L. Peiris which went far beyond the 13th Amendment and contained various new features. That proposed Constitution had been brought as a Bill to Parliament.

    Thereafter President Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed office. If he will recall his speech that he made at the initial meeting, the inaugural meeting of the All Party Representatives Committee (APRC) and the Experts Committee, he talked of maximum possible devolution. He appointed an Experts Committee that came up with the reports. There was the Prof. Tissa Vitharana Committee which came up with their own report which took the Constitutional proposals much beyond the Thirteenth Amendment and that was the position. After the assumption of office of this Parliament, this Parliament was evolved into a Constitutional Assembly to frame a new Constitution. As per a Resolution adopted unanimously in this Parliament with all the Joint Opposition Members being supportive of that Resolution, – none of you opposed it – there was a Steering Committee appointed. You participated in the proceedings of the Steering Committee. None of you opposed it. None of you talked of Eelam in this Parliament. None of you talked of Eelam at the Steering Committee. You accepted it; you went along with the process. Suddenly, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa says, “There Eelam is likely to bloom after the Local Authority Elections if the people are not careful.”

    I have information, Sir, that this message was propagated amongst the innocent Sinhala people in this country. They were told, “This is a referendum for an Eelam. If you vote for the Government or if you vote for the UNP, it will result in an Eelam being created. So, do not vote for them. Vote for the ‘Lotus Bud’ “. I am told, Sir, that particularly this propaganda was very virulently carried out in all the temples, in all the villages in the Sinhala South. This, I think, is unfortunate, Sir. I want to put on record that my Party at this Election, in our manifesto, talked of a political solution within the framework of an undivided, indivisible, single country.

    There was no campaign carried on, anywhere, in the North and East which talked of division of the country. We only talked of a solution that is acceptable to our people, that is reasonable, with substantial power-sharing within the framework of a united, undivided, indivisible single country. That was the propaganda we carried out in all our areas and when we did that, how dare President Rajapaksa say that Eelam could bloom after the election. This is not merely deception of the people in the South, innocent Sinhala people in the South, but it is the deception of everyone including himself.

    I would like to put this on record because I want everybody in this country to know that it was a malicious, vicious, fallacious, false propaganda on the part of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna and if you proceed with this agenda, I want to tell you, Eelam will bloom, not on account of us, but on account of your “Lotus Bud”. Your “Lotus Bud” will bloom into an Eelam. That is what will happen. Therefore, please resist your temptation to achieve cheap political gain by carrying on such false propaganda.

  5. Charles Says:

    Sudath nice to see you !!

    I think you should send this article to the respective Embassies. It is time that the West and USA stop interfering into, internal affairs of developing countries. They are not human really concerned about themselves than those countries struggling to unite the communities and develop into modernity.

    In Sri Lanka the Tamil ” problem” is accentuated by the quite unnecessary biased intentional interference of the West to divide the country and dispel any hope of developing the country and build a nation out of divided communities. TNA and Wigneswaran always appeal to the west instead of trying to understand the necessity to atleast now unite with the Sinhala majority community. It was the Tamils who suffered most through terrorism, and if there is to be abnother it will be still the Tamils who will suffer more. The power craze of these TNA politicos and Wigneswaran seems to have no limit.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Dr Sudath for showing up the larger truths of matters, both past & present.


    The world systems in place for Monetary matters especially, is favourable to the larger powers.
    Human Values have been cast aside for enhanced Power & Money matters, inimical to Lanka.

    After nearly 500 yrs of Colonisation, the Cold War/s, and Tamil CASTE WARS, and other aspects negative to Lanka, the country is in a sorry state.

    It appears that various sections of society are not loyal to the People of the Country, but loyal to various other big powers abroad. This aspect even permeates the leadership today.
    Where will all this lead to, if not corrected before irreparable damage is done to the People and the Country ?

    Shame on the present day govt in Lanka !
    We cannot recognise the UNP of our younger years …. a seasoned UNP person told me that “Ranil has ruined the UNP”. I might add that he does so quite effortlessly.

    It’s “Low & Odour” in Lanka, not “Law & Order”, led by the UNP.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    The present day UNP under RW, ruined itself.
    Others did not have to do ANYTHING !
    The UNP ruined itself with RW leading.
    RW’s past history as a politician in Lanka speaks volumes of negative actions.

    Qeustion to ask : Who really TRUSTS RW and his Motives ?? !!

  8. Christie Says:

    let us see things as they are .

    The biggest looser in LG polls is Sirisena.

    Ranil became second and polled well 32.6% is not that bad.

    Sudath we are not a Colony of US, UK or Europe.

    I only see Indian Colonists around me.

    It is the Indian in the West who control us.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is more than a question of percentages at elections.
    What is at stake here is the division of Lanka via the New Constitution.

    What happens when the New Constitution comes to the national forefront, with RW as Exec PM ??

    Sampanthan has said that by the end of this year, Lanka has to decide what to do with the New Cosntitution.

    Is Lanka up for grabs with RW as Exec PM ?

    Lankans have to think far and think wide.
    Petty politics must be trashed.

  10. Charles Says:

    Sampanthan is a stupid Racist: he wants to make little of the SLPP victory. He plays with percentages for his own purpose. The vote is definitely against the UNP. Without forgetting bothe UPFA and SLFP of President Maithripala Sirisena campained against UNP to form a government of their own. Hence instead of adding up votes of political parties against SLPP. let us see the percentage of votes against UNP.

    SLPP- 44.69 per cent votes, UPFA 8.90 per cent,SLFP 4.48 per cent , JVP 6,26 per cent a total of 64,33 per cent votes

    Votes for UNP
    UNP – 32,61 per cent votes + ITAK 3,06 per cent votes a total of 35,67 per cent votes.

    Who is Sampanthan trying to fool ? If he wants JVP votes of 6,26 percent on to UNP side they will still have only a total of 41,93 percent of votes against 58,07 per cent of votes against UNP.

  11. SA Kumar Says:


    SLPP + UPFA +SLFP = SLFP main party 64% than why Modayas are not able forming a Government !!!

    Now you know why We-Demila Sakkiliyas call you Sinhela Modayas ( USA-Ananda ,How is this ??? I trying my best to put word but no one is taking My sakodaraya).

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Almost all the People of Lanka do NOT want the division of Lanka via the New Constitution.

    So, why the move by the RW (Exec PM) led Parliament, through the 19-A & the New Constitution, toward the division of Lanka ?
    To please whom ?

    Whither Democracy in Lanka ??

    Shame on the present govt !

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