Govt. succumbs to pressure from Britain: President fails to prevent recall of military attache
Posted on February 23rd, 2018

The government has, under heavy pressure from the UK, carried out its decision to recall Sri Lanka’s military attache in London, Brig. Prinyankara Fernando, despite a presidential intervention. When the government announced its decision to recall the brigadier, following an incident where he allegedly made a throat slitting gesture in front of a group of British LTTE supporters of Sri Lankan origin, in London, on Feb. 04, President Sirisena, ordered that he be reinstated.

Sources said the UK had called for swift action again the military attache.

The LTTE supporters protested near the Sri Lankan High Commission in London while Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex were in Colombo for Sri Lanka’s 70th Independence Day celebrations.


Brig. Priyankara Fernando

Sources said that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office had informed the influential Global Tamil Forum (GTF) of immediate measures taken by the UK following the incident.

Brig. Fernando returned on Thursday (Feb. 22) hours after the GTF was informed of the specific measures taken by the British government against over the Feb. 4 incident.

Suren Surendiran, on behalf of the GTF on Feb.10, complained to Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson of the incident. The GTF urged the UK to declare the officer persona non grata.

Responding to the GTF’s plea, the South Asia Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on Feb. 22 assured Surendiran that the UK took the incident ‘very seriously’ and Minister for South Asia personally got in touch with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Tilak Marapana.

2 Responses to “Govt. succumbs to pressure from Britain: President fails to prevent recall of military attache”

  1. helaya Says:

    Spineless scum bags in SL government have no shame. I do not see Brigadier’s sign has any wrong doing. Here is US that sign is used to indicate stop it or enough. That is not considered a bad thing. we use among friends and others. Point to the Lion flag is very appropriate. Tamils knows this and they want to show their power. Spineless British politicians looking for Tamil votes. Long Live Brigadier. Sri Lankan Love you

  2. Charles Says:

    Sri Lanka under Yahapalanaya is already a failed state. It has missed its priorities and swirling in its own axis.

    Our soldiers are our treasure that gave life to this coutry. They know the struggle they went through , in rain and sunshine without food to eat and water to drink facing death all the time….the Tamils inthe Diaspora and Father Emmanuel have neither seen nor experienced what it was facing a ruthless enemy .

    It was such a soldier Brig. Priyankara Fernando who reacted against the Tamil Diaspora who lived and lives in clover and dares walk, on the National flag under which he fought, carrying a dertested blood spattered terrorist flag.

    The English Government has lost its self respect continueing to be insulted by a group of Tamils insulting the Union Jack-the British Flag hoisting the flag of a terrorist group banned by the British Government. Sri Lanka should demand the deportation of the British Military attache in its High Commission in Sri Lanka……

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