Wrong Interpretation reveals hidden agenda of Muslims
Posted on April 3rd, 2018

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The news appearing in the Island News of Tuesday 3rd April under the heading ‘OIC pledges support for boosting racial amity in Sri Lanka’, again reveals the hidden agenda of Muslims.

In it an organization called the Organization of Islamic Conference in Riyadh has in a letter to the foreign ministry here in this country expressed its immense concern over the recent violence unleashed against some Muslims in Kandy and Ampara. This is totally wrong interpretation of the recent violence. It says recent violence unleashed against some Muslims. No, it is not. It is totally wrong. Who attacked who. It is none other than four Muslims who beastly attacked a Sinhala person, having Failed provoking him to attack them.

The news also says that during the three-day violence mosques, Muslim shops and Muslim houses were attacked, and intentionally says nothing about temples attacked by Muslims. It then goes on to say that OIC like to promote peaceful co-existence with other communities for peaceful living and cooperate with Sri Lanka to conduct interfaith dialogue. But that is not in fact what the Muslims are doing. They are always on aggression and increasing their lot and expanding their land on property hold. If they are so interested in peaceful co-existence, what they should do is to integrate into the Nation and its culture. But that is exactly what they abhor and desist, and for that they have first ensured total support from the government of the country and that gang of International Rogues calling themselves International Community.

The Swarna Hansa Foundation established several decades back to protect Sinhale, the country of Sinhalese, has been able by now to take the message across, and the Sinhala Nation is fast awakening itself to the threat faced by them and is fast realizing the fact, the created impossibility is in reality possible indeed.

Gallege Punyawardana,

Head, Swarna Hansa Foundation.



2 Responses to “Wrong Interpretation reveals hidden agenda of Muslims”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    Rauf Hakeem announced that the SLMC Exec Committee has decided to VOTE AGAINST the NCM tomorrow!

    This is ENTIRELY AS EXPECTED. I wonder what CONCESSIONS they EXTRACTED from the PAL-HORA PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI and the UNPatritic party for this support!


  2. Christie Says:

    Attach on Muslims is part of the Indian imperialism and colonialism.

    It is sad to hear how quickly we forget what Indian Parasites are doing.

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