Interim Government cannot solve the present Crisis
Posted on October 9th, 2018


When the need of the hour is to get this oppressive, foreigm slavish and inept government dissolved and hold elections, speculation is rife that moves are being made by certain avaricious politicians to establish an interim or probationary government and make the former President and the populist leader Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa the Prime Minister of the country and save Sirisena and allow him to continue as the President.    The real objective of these covetous politicians despite their claim that they are making these moves, the bovine moves, to save the country from an imminent economic collapse is to save Sirisena from his inevitable political demise after another few months and for them simultaneously to be the stakeholders of such a government.

There were also newspaper and social media reports that some religious leaders too (misguided or ignoramus) are going to make a proposal to the President to form such a caretaker government. Certain treacherous pro-western, and reactionary scribes have also written some articles advocating for the establishment of this so called interim government and their unexpected move to go against Ranil Wickremasinghe on this issue seem that this could be a well orchestrated move to create divisions in the Joint Opposition  and dent the immense popularity of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

What these greedy politicians and misguided religious leaders should duly understand is that the 5.8 million solid patriotic masses of this country who stoood firm with Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa on 8th January and this number that swelled to 47.7 % of the voting population plus voting population of Beruwela, Maharagama, Bandarawela and some other LG institutions (where pro-SLPP groups contestd as independents and won) on February 10th does not approve any form of rescue operation to help and save Sirisena as they remember that it was Sirisena who

  • Prevented MP DEW Guhasekera from submitting the COPE Report on the 1st Bond Scam by dissolving the UPFA majority government of Premier D.M.Jayaratne and appointed Ranil Wickrmasinghe with only 44 seats as the Prime Minister thereby naking it possible for Arjun Mahendran and his son in law Arjun Aloysiius to fleece the country with the 2nd Bond Scam in February 2016.
  • Discouraged the people from voting for UPDFA in the 2015 August General Election by declaring on the eve of the elections that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa will not be appointed as the Prime Minister even if he gets majority of the seats and issued a letter condemning Mr. Rajapaksa with concocted false allegations. Also, he dismissed the General Secretaries of the UPFA and the SLFP and appointed instead his minions to those posts on the eve of the elections with the sole purpose of disrupting elections.
  • Made his docile MPs elected under UPFA and electoral rejects appointed by him as National list MPs to join the government offering them important Ministerial portfolios and help Ranil Wickremsinghe who got only 106 seatto to establish a majority government.
  • Denied the post of the Leadert of Opposition to the majority Joint Opposition with 53cseats and gave it to separatist R.Smbandan who had only 16 MPS
  • Even denied the Chief Opposition Whip post to the JO and gave it to the 6-member JVP who played a major role in ousting Mahinda Rajapaksa regime
  • Made Rajitha Senaratne who made the country to lose the GSP+ facility, allegedly became the owner of four vessels when he was the Minister of Fisheries through corruptions and carried out other clandestine activities to topple Rajapaksa regime as official media spokesman with the objective of carrying out a malicious mudslinging campaign against Rajapakse family members.
  • Made no effort to prove the imaginary allegations made against Mr. Mahinda Rahpaksa by quisling Mangala Samaraweera and loquacious Rajitha Senaratne.
  •  Made prominent Buddhist monks such as Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero to keep imprisoned and humilited him by forcing him to disembark from an aircraft making the aircraft to return from its journey and eject the Ven. Monk from the aircraft
  • Made prominent politicians such as JO Parliamentsrians such as Wimal Weerawansa, Udaya Gamamanpila, Johnston Fernando etc. the former Minister Mr. Basil Raapaksa and some other politicians to lamguish in remand prisons for several months on concocted charges
  • Made sons and the spouse of the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa to appear for court cases on various bizarre charges
  • Made the former Defence Secretary who was mainly responsible for ending the 30ywars terrorist war and liberate the country to appear in Courts continuously to face various spinned and illusory allegations
  • Forced disabled war heroes who should be looked after graciously to stage demonstrations in Colombo Fort several occasions under tiring conditions and harassments from the Police to demand relief for their grievances.
  • Has forced several prominent war heroes who had served with commendable dedication and self sacrifices during the war to languish in prisons on the behest of Tamil separatists and Tamil diaspora.
  • Firmly upholds UNP’s privatization and foreignization policies and facilitated handing over of Hambantota Harbour to China by appointing his stooge Mahinda Samarasinghe and the Shipping Minister replacing Arjuna Ranatung.
  • Made hollow pledges against imposing VAT and reducing the price of Beer.
  • Has fully endorsed the betrayal made by quisling Mangala Samaraweera by UNHRC resolution 30/1 and reaffirme the same by resolution 34/1.
  • Has made similar pledges of using Madu Walige, a Sword and anging drug trafffickers serving death penalty.
  • Has failed to take any action against drug traffickers, and underworld operators and has made Sri Lanka to become haven for drugs and crimes
  • Has fully endorsed the despicable Sri Lanka-Singapore Pact and has not expressed any opinion againstensuing ECTA and other pacts being formulated by the UNP
  • Blindly endorsed UNP moves to stall developmemt projects including Colombo Port City Project launched by the Rajapaksa government and thereby made several thousand people unemployed.
  • Has made arrangements to release all lands occupied by armed forces in the North to its originasl owners before the end of this year obliging to the demands of the TNA.
  • In another move to oblige to the demands of thee TNA the number of army camps and the strength of the armed forces in the North has been drastically rduced.
  • Had given liberty to Tamil separatists to evict Sinhala people from the North, deny even forcibly displaced Sinhala people to resettle in the North, to impose taboo for placing Buddha statues, planting Boo trees or practising Bulddhism in the North
  • Demand reconciliation in the South while making the North an exclusive anti Sinhala Tamil terrain
  • Speaks of Tamils having grievances, having pale faces and of the need to to’tally alleviate these socalled grievances.
  • Has assured Tamil separatists to enact a new federal and secular constitution before the end of this year
  • While no action nhas being taken against MP Vijayakala for her speech on the need to revive tiger terrorist-imposed suspension of Parliament attendance on MPs Wimal Weerawansa and Prasanna Ranaweera for demanding action against Vijayakala.
  • Has taken no action against anti-Sinhala and anti-Sri Lankan sentiments being continuously expressed by Wigneswaran, Sivajilingam. Sumanthiran. Sambandan, Mavai Senadiraja etc.

These are some of the anti national acts being carried out under the sole blessings and the set agenda of the quisling Sirisena.  Is it to implement these activities unhindered that the proponents of the socalled interim or probationary government aiming for and thereby create divisions in the joint opposition?

It is heartening to find that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has a determined dedication for placing the country before all other things has stood firm against these despicable moves and emphatically renewed his demand for the dissolution of the government and hold elections.  Speakimg at a function in Beruwwela he has ssaid that he is not prepared to form governments with those who sell the country/traitors.

Now it is the turn of the masses to stockpile their needs of essential food items, come out to the streets in their thousands and demand for the immediate dissolution of this inept visionless foreign slavish government, suspend the activities of government institutions and services and demand for holding elections by forcibly occupying such institutions and paralyze the government until their demands are met.  The armed forces should also firmly stand with the people at this crucial stage displaying their allegiance to nation’s welfare similar to what they did during the war.

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