The significance of ousting the Salesman and inducting the Guardian
Posted on October 28th, 2018


The steps taken by President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday night to oust the quisling Salesman quisling Ranil Wickremasinghe from the post of Prime Minister and induct instead the populist Guardian Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has a great significance as Sri Lanka was in the danger of losing its national assets and natural resources on one hand and be coming under the rule of a federal (Orumiitta Nadu) constitution on the other hand.  This threat was looming over the heads of Sri Lankans in the midst of unceasing, exorbitant and monthly or periodical taxes on essential items, fuel price increases, hikes in cooking gas prices, increase in rail fares, bus fares, transport fares, taxi (3 wheel) fares, food prices, rice and vegetable prices, prices of cement and construction materials, electric, electronic and household items and increase in wages to be paid to construction and manual labourers.  While the poor, middle class, white- and blue-collar workers and daily wage earners were severely burdened with these hardships unable to feed their children three meals a day, educate them properly the rich enjoyed various forms of tax concessions, tax holidays and various other privileges.

Payment of compensation for people who had suffered due to natural disasters for several years and seasons due to crop failures, droughts, floods, land and mountain slides and erosion of garbage mountains had been completely neglected and denied.  The designer turned homo Finance Minister quisling Mangala Samaraweera who cannot understand the people’s distress and difficulties and who was completely ignoramus about economy and economic management was keen only on increasing the government revenue through exorbitant taxes.

If the Ranil Wickremasinghe government had continued under these conditions for at least up to next December Sri Lanka would have undergone with:


  • Sale of East Terminal of the Colombo Port to India
  • Handing over of the Kankesanthurai Port to India
  • Handing over of the Palali Port to India
  • Sale of Mattala Airport with several thousand acres of adjacent lands to India
  • Handing over of over 100 oil tanks in  Trincomalee to India
  • Indian and Japanese involvement in exploiting several thousand acres of lands in Trincomalee depriving the people access and usage of these lands.
  • Operational rights of Trincomalee harbour and the proposed Sampur coal power plant to Japan India.
  • Establishment of exclusive export processing or industrial areas by South Indian States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bemngalaru
  • Negotiations for signing the horrendous ETCA which would open the way for flooding Sri Lanka with half baked doctors, engineers, other professionals, and various categories of  technicians and barbers, beauticians, and heavy duty drivers
  • A situation in which the future generations of our country having lack of land for cultivation, to compete for jobs in their own country with low paid Indians, and with the compulsion to seek employment in foreign countries.


  • Adoption of a federal (Orumiitta Nadu) constitution designed and formulated by pro-separatists Jayqmpathi Wickremaratne and M.A.Sumanthiran dividing this nation to form at least nine fully autonomous provincial self-governing units with option to merge Northern and Eastern Provinces and this arrangement depriving  the prime place given to Buddhism enjoyed by the country from the time of King Devanampiya Tissa  to make the country a federal and secular state.

c)Making the country Indianized under the proposed ETCA which is expected to be signed next January and under this proposed agreement half baked Indian Doctors, Engineers, other professionals, health sector personnel, technicians, machine and heavy duty vehicle operators, the so-called beauticians and night queens, barbers and other personnel have flooded this country.  On the other hand all reusable products of this country would have been exported ti India as it was done during the IPKF operations in the4 North and East (they even took away scrap metals for their industries).

d)Sri Lanka’s central hills would have been made a nuclear and radio-active waste dump yard under the already signed Malik Samarawickrema’s Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement.  And under this agreement low quality Taiwanese goods and food items including rice would have been flooded this country under the manufactured in Singapore” label even though it is well known that there is no paddy cultivation in Singapore.

  • Other than ETCA Indian low standard personnel would have found avenues to come to Sri Lanka through Indian companies registered in Singapore.
  • Similar agreements detrimental to Sri Lanka would have been signed with have been signed with Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan as it was boasted by Ranil Wickunanasimghe.

e)Our gallant War heroes who sacrificed their lives  to liberate this country vanquishing 30 years of ruthless terrorism would have been mustered to international war crime tribunals under the  UNHRC resolutions co-sponsored by American puppet Mangala even without the knowledge of the President of the country and the Cabinet of Ministers on the behest of his kith and kins in Tamil diaspora.

f)The economic growth which now stands at 3+% compared to 7+% during the previous government will end up at minus percent as in the despicable Chandrika government.

  • The value of the Sri Lanka rupee will further deteriorate forcing the country into an economic crisis situation similar to what happened to Greece forcing the World Bank and the IMF to dictate their terms and conditions to help the country.

The President should be commended for taking this right move, though belated, to rescue the country from the continuous destruction that that had been caused by Ranil and his cabal with least concern for the welfare  of the people despite parroting various promises of doing this and that.  The new Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa who command the respect and devoted admiration of the people all over the country and who loves the motherland even more than his own soul and who has already proved his determined dedication in vanquishing the terrorists and making this country the emerging economic giant of Asia next to China only was the best choice the President made to rescue this country which had been gradually pushed to an abysmal status by the rogue cabal headed by Ranil Wickremasinghe.

It is heartening to learn that Mr. Rajapaksa will head a small group of talented personalities as Ministers to administer the country until the time the elections become due and would take immediate measures to redeem the people from the current economic hardships.

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