How the King Maker can put things right
Posted on October 30th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

When SWRD led somewhat national revolution against green party, my father who was an ardent DS fan who worked in the field of Irrigation has changed his western attire to a Sinhala National Dress to go to work. When things were changing after SWRDS’s demise he turned his colours again and backed JR.

People have to change their mind set to suit the political conditions and adapt.

Country was booming in development despite purported corruption allegations and yet a King Maker rise and change the path of Sri Lankan political landscape in 2015.Kingmaker noticed that the democracy and so called Yahaplanaya cannot exist .So many disruption in the country because of unions creating havoc in the society.

Starting with Three Wheeler Drivers to highly educated Doctors and even revenue collectors were disrupting the government .And yet King Maker was watching and foreseeing a disaster in few years when next election take place.

Known devil for many years who was chased away using a political voo doo could save the King Maker and the country .That may have been his opinion.

He did not hesitate .He became a Dictator to a certain extent (hopefully he will be a benevolent- one in time to come) and get the new regime takes control.

People may complain that democratic principles were violated ,but there  may be better management because the journalist will have to be careful when they report nationally sensitive aspects and unions will have  think twice before they start  any demonstrations for minor issues disrupting day to day life of the people in the country .

New King should address the country and announce that there should not be any more nonsense.

All foreign investments should be accelerated and highway constructions and other projects such as refineries, LNG plants, etc should commence.

Law and Order should to be strictly maintained, behaviour of young members of elite should be controlled.

If the people cannot see any changes in the country, in two years new King may rise and punish the incumbent one.

As we always say Let us see how new regime performs



3 Responses to “How the King Maker can put things right”

  1. Christie Says:

    Who is the King maker in our country?

    Who made Bandaranayke the King? It was India and Indians here who made King Bandaranayke.

  2. Christie Says:

    Who made JRJ the King, same mob.

    The same mob made Mahinda the King and Sirisena.

    Mahinda turned against the King and was replaced by the King Makers in our country.

    Whether Sirisena follows Mahinda, we have to wait and see.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Christie has a point. Kingmakers of the new regime are CWC politicians – all Indian Tamils. They hold the balance of power. The moment they crossover again, Mahinda loses his majority (if he already has it). It is their golden opportunity to demand anything and everything in their wildest dreams. Everything will be granted (else Mahinda loses his PM post within days).

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