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Posted on October 30th, 2018

It has been the President’s strong conviction despite former differences between himself and Mahinda Rajapaksa now obviously settled notwithstanding what terms and agreements were involved between them towards the final choice that within his capacity as the new Prime Minister, he would be competent to restore the country to normalcy after resolving the many issues created by his predecessor. This seems fair gamut from many perspectives as Mahinda Rajapaksa has indeed proved his equitabillity beyond any reasonable doubt given the state of the country today compared to what it was when he left office.

A vast proportion of the Sri Lankan nation apart from the disgruntled opposition in support of Ranil Wickremasinghe now  has the confidence in Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa towards efficiently resolving the many burning issues created by the Wickremasinghe regime during the past years with his far-sighted patriotism and courage that brought an end to the LTTE led terrorism in the country.

The Maha Sangha  who are the virtual  guardians of the nation and the island of Sri Lanka  have unequivocally conferred blessings on President Maithripala Sirisena for taking appropriate action to replace the groups that damaged the country’s identity and democratic process by replacing in office a group that maintained democracy with patriotism in the past, something which many news sources  and political leaders within the country concurred in agreement.

There are of course those who disfavour the turn of events that have transpired including Ranil Wickremasinghe who has bitterly opposed  them with a multitude of supporters behind him probably miniscule compared to the vast majority that favours the Presidential decision believing it is the best thing that could happen to the Nation embroiled in corruption and crooked wheeling and dealing involving many politicians within the hierarchy where the former Prime Minister is said to have turned a blind eye to the goings on where perhaps his day of atonement has in all probabilities arrived.

It is also popular opinion in the country in its aftermath that the removal of the former administrators by President Sirisena has ended the attempts of a group to divide the country in the name of a sham Sanhindiyawa according to a recent media report. where the Yahapalana administration led by former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was responsible for the political chaos in the country during the past three and a half years.

It is hoped that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the New Prime Minister would be competent to restore the country to normalcy after resolving the many issues created by his predecessor towards which he has the blessings and good wishes of all peace loving and patriotic Sri Lankans while it is also hoped that the outgoing  former Prime Minister will bow out gracefully towards a peaceful transition in the best interests of Sri Lanka.


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  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Amazing how the Ranil Wickremasinghe allies are banding together to support someone who has been part of the huge problems. He has been aptly named a nation disrupter and even called treasonous in his attempt to bring in UN Troops.Then there is the joker in parliament suggesting a “bloodbath ” in the streets. The Prez should use executive powers to round these up under the terrorism prevention act and the Emergency may be needed again. It is comforting to know that Mahinda Rajapaksa is quite well versed in how to handle disruptive situations where the Nation needs to be on alert.

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